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Actually Sony had more games than Microsoft.

Sony showed off 42 games while Microsoft showed off 39 games. #10.3.1
Don't forget about DriveClub! #2.1.1
Team Ico made the beautiful Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus games.

I want you to play them right now because it seems you have not yet played these masterpieces. Just buy the HD collection of both games for the PS3 and get going. #1.1.4
And again the Vita version is going to be crap like the 3DS version. #7
41 Platinums over here.

Far Cry 3 being the 40th. ;) #16
Another giveaway? You guys are awesome! #437
I wonder why the Vita TV is doing so bad. #10
This is such a great giveaway! Long Live N4G and may the odds be ever in your favour! #264
Fact: Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros only has 5 side missions.(

Fact: Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zero does not have Multiplayer and only has leaderboards in which you can compare scores in.

Fact: Games that offer less than 4 hours of single player and cost 60$ with multiplayer are mostly crap.... #10.1
I just hope Infamous: Second Son is the true next gen game that we are waiting for.

If not that then The Order: 1886 or The Division. #4.1.1

Then you're missing out on great games. Your loss. #5.2.2
You should really try out the games you're not intersted in. They are great and amaing games, except Deadpool, I'm not so sure about that. It has the feel of Deadpool, but the gameplay is kinda crap. #5.2
Don't forget Jak & Daxter Collection. That port was full of frame-rate problems and bugs. #3.1.1
Bioshock: Space Odyssey #6.1.1
Guys please, Middle East also wants these fun games too. #2
Not sure if sarcasm or if you're actually serious. #3.1
I am not siding with either side right now, I don't like the idea that they didn''t introduce anythign new, but I also think what else could they do? It's a FIFA game, what else do you want included?

I suppose Ultimate teams should come, but that's the only thing they could improve on. #6
EA: "We have introduced the Update as DLC! We are just looking out for you guys! It's a small price to pay to fix your game! Why not do it for 4.99$?" #2.1
And to think it's selling more than Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, what is the world coming too.

Happy to see Saints Row IV is at number 4. I thought it would drop to 10-20 after GTA V comes out, glad too see people still like some craziness in their games. :D #2.1
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