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I think this is obviously just a way to try and keep the hype of Borderlands up when it simply is not necessary. I loved both games, played all the DLC and cannot wait to play Borderlands 3 but this just seems like a super fan kind of game like Gears of War Judgment... hopefully much better though. Plus the fact remains that if Gearbox Australia did not work on every element of Borderlands through both games, they would not have been able to pull this off. #4
Why is no one approving this story?? #3
We have a unique generation that is moving fast when it comes to media, gaming and technology. One day something is amazing the next it is not or there is simply something better available. Most of the numbers come from Japan as the years go by. If you had to take numbers from English speaking territories in the past 3 years... I think things would be very different. So much so that more articles like this would see the light of day rather then having to worry about Nintendo PR with all the l... #3.1
Nintendo used have games like Resident Evil... I even remember when a specific Resident Evil was EXCLUSIVE to the Nintendo Game Cube... now the titles they have... are there any third party publishers anymore, I know Ubisoft released a couple as well as Warner Bros. Entertainment going out on a limb with a new version of Batman which worked actually in my opinion for the Wii-U but all the games that are developed from third parties are probably exclusive to Japan or elsewhere, because that se... #4
This is. Awesome news. #12
I think this is going to be even bigger then the actual beta and it will be like Little Big Planet but WAY BIGGER... with the obvious lean on Adventure and Third Person gaming. #7
I cannot wait to find time to play this! Great review! #4
This franchise is killer... they could just keep going and going with it. #6
cool! #4
Did they make a "Frozen" game. They didn't did they... I wonder how that would be. Old School Aladdin all the way! #4
I hope they do... but they need something other then JUST a new Zelda game. #7
I wish the best for the Wii-U... just seems like it cannot keep up. #6
Good read... sounds like an awesome game IMO. #2
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I don't know how they can do a Saints Row 5. #5
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If people spend enough time on an outfit to actually make it look authentic or at least unique enough to look good, I think it's great. #6
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Good review!!!!!! #2
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Damn, glad i did not pick this up #3
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Very true! #1
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hello brittney #4
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I just can;t wait for Titanfall... if that is a hit (like Halo is). Watch out PS4. #30
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