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With all the crap that happens in the world, if there was a god I would never ever worship it.

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We never asked for a sequel in the first place. I seriously don't know what went on over there in their heads to begin with and then they give that unwarranted sequel a horrible ending. At this point I'm waiting for KH3 and FF15 with baited breath.

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Post-game secret boss?!

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Didn't they frickin say they wouldn't release anymore DLC until the game was fixed? It's nowhere near!

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I'm not very familiar with this game, unfortunately, but what does it say about Polygon where I have no intention of ever finding out.

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I doubt it in a good way. TLOU was just so awesome. The DLC would only be able to equal that awesomeness!

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Only the PC Editor's Choice games

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Saw this earlier yesterday and I about cracked up at the "Can I come with you" part.

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I know right!

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Perfectly reasonable statement that will get disagrees by trolls.

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I enjoyed it thoroughly. Just because it wasn't as good as the first game doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be played.

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Great game and easily made my GOTY list. Lost to TLOU though but certainly worth playing.

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The Last of Us is GOTY.

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Resogun for me.

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I've just abandoned Youtube until they change their ways. Hopefully some alternate site comes about.

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"I’m also well-educated enough to know that games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are also works of propaganda used to glorify the military"

Apparently not educated enough and stopped reading after that even after I gave you the benefit of the doubt using political terms you clearly don't understand.

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Shame it's Polygon or I would have actually clicked the link. Alan Wake is the only Xbox game I ever enjoyed.

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Agreed. Made a vid of it too.

Also, 500MB shouldn't take 4 minutes. Unless CoD Ghosts has some internal reason to make it that way. I'm uploading close to a GB and they're around 15 minutes.

EDIT: Just read the article and it has the same exact method (including website) as my vid >.>'

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