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Who gives a sh*t what the devs game on? MAKE ME A GAME THAT IS NOT A CARBON COPY OF THE PREVIOUS! #54
While yea you have a point, in the first one though is where I believe we had the most in terms of character growth / development. #1.1
No not from Detroit... even if I was what does that have to do with anything? #2.1.1
Ah great point! Unfortunately everything -with exception to Genesis- has been a major flop because of lack of proper support. Do I ever miss my Sega CD though! #14.1
Ah yes this is very true, but here is a question: If Call of Duty allowed Remote Play would it sell? #13.1
See the thing is my favorites are the original and 3, and while 2 did offer a decent story, I felt like I wanted more out of it. #6.1
Both are very promising yes, but will they captivate, that environmental horror in actual gameplay? #2.1
In my opinion yes.. maybe it was because the first gave me such high expectations? #3.1
Yea I forgot a key word in that one... #1.1
I have to agree with you on this on all aspects. Sims is a HUGE cult hit, with millions of players, that play on a consistent basis. This is different from other games, were players pickup and put down on a regular basis. It is actually kind of fascinating to watch. #1.1.1
Sadly enough, Jimmy Fallon is rather irrelevant. Now if it was Craig Ferguson :) #1.1
Microsoft is the exact same way though... If the article was about Microsoft, it would not be Sony in that quote. #8.1
I have to agree, but the ability for them to go worldwide would be better than just sending to friends #1.1
The water level in Amnesia is on EVERY list... #3
There are a couple problems with this:

1) Gamestop and every other used game store would NEVER directly network with Publishers... as this would be counter-productive to GameStop ect. Not to mention most of the suits are way too greedy for it.

2) IF publishers were able to directly network with said stores, it would not last because people would bitch and complain about prices being to high; then the industry would be in even more. #2.1
The thing here is yea, it may have a bit of faults, but still the game was fun. End of story. #3
I wish they would have included the 1st MGS with this bundle. I also understand about Splinter Cell, such a great franchise too! Conviction was epic! #2
Really? I did not experience any when playing the game. #7.1
The game itself is easily 4 out of 5... with the addition of extra content brings that up to 5... #2
Actually I have.. and they do not feel as good to me. It is a personal preference after all. #3.1
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