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remove the other story from the main page
any admins reading this could you remove other story from the main page showing how to do the ""fan test"" its dangerous and will break many ps3's #21
the PS3 has more vibrant colors
your post is wrong , i recall reading that the ps3 has more vibrant colors than the xbox 360 #74
where is the duplicate
guys I have checked the site 4 times for a duplicate, where is it??? #2
Lower Prices And Piracy Numbers Will Slowly Drop
Guys, girls the only way to combat piracy on games is to

-lower the cost of games as not everyone can afford £40 per game that you can finish in about 8hrs

-not to look at it as stealing as most people that do this only use it to sample games and if they like it enough they will buy it

-get rid of demos as this is usually early builds of the game and does not reflect the true quality of what is on offer,

-replace demos with a final buil... #2
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