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"Gamers Will Never Die"


i know i cant for the new dragonball series #2
Can't wait to see avengers. Shit is going to be great #1
So hype that spiderman is coming to daredevil making 2 spiderman in the marvel universe at the same time #1
It should stay in the Milky Way Galaxy and should not be going at the same time as Mass Effect 3. the info that was leaked does look promising though #3
If you want to check it out download it here hit the download link #49
Wrong Vid #2
We look at it like this haters are going to hate it is what it is he has his own opinion. #3.2
Need ppl to approve not old news plz help #2
All info coming from Press release smh #1
he has the american thats all this has europe and more edition it is a more complete story #1
So y comment if you dont care. game is 60 by itself and so is nintendo land. smh #1.2.1
This Trailer Got me hype #2
thought it might of been a good thing to just do NES because it is the Nes Birthday but will be taking part. #2
Yea its always like that maybe because it was recorded in Japanese #4.1.1
try now #1.2
try it now can see it from 3 different computers #1.1
Was not even Mario was just rehased and replaced with mario worst mario game ever, worst than virtual mario clash #4.1.1
@legion21 Just because something is not broken does not mean they can not improve on it. If the graphics stayed the same the game will be stall and everyone will complain about how the graphics look nvr change . Change is not always for the bad . In Bioware we Trust #1.1.5
Ac3 as number 1 wth is this. So many games should be in front Borderlands Killzon3, MAG lol not, BF3 smh. #10
Has anyone notice that the game came out last month, for 360 and ps3. Also the system is only about a week old with most of them being bought as gifts so what do you expect. Yea i still say its a low number but COD is beloved on those systems and many will buy it there first. Give it till after christmas #12
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