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As mentioned in my intro, I LOVE the original on Xbox 360. The performance here drops to single digits almost regularly once you reach more than couple of hours of gameplay. As a big State of Decay fan, this was incredibly disappointing. #2.1
I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. When Unity released, gamers waited a long time for patches to make the game playable. Even after all the patches, Unity remained a mess, so I'm calling Rogue a "recovery" from all the wait and frustration. :) #1.2
What exactly is wrong with it? #1.1
I know what you mean. Fortunately, Rebellion has frequent sales that oftentimes offer 80%-90% off discounts, so keep an eye out. Sniper Elite III in particular will give you a lot of bang for your buck if you're into the series. :) #1.2
It's a "guilty pleasure' kinda game. It's stupendously fun. And Sniper Elite III is an amazing title, so definitely worth checking out. :) #1.1
Wow, this is really a super deal!!! :) #1300
That's precisely my point! If you read my review you'd see that I actually didn't like the PC version. As a matter of fact,I never even liked Diablo. The whole point was that the console version was a tremendous improvement. I make that statement in the very first paragraph. Have you read a single sentence in the review? How can you possibly even comment without having read a single word I said? #1.2
While I agree that Dragon's Crown is an equally excellent game, they can't really be compared as they're entirely different experiences. I also think you misunderstood my review. I never said I only spent a day on the game...I said my immediate session ended up lasting an entire day because the game turned out to be immersive. I've clocked in an absurd amount of hours and will be revisiting it for a second playthrough. You also haven't played the console version of Diablo... #1.1
Yea, it's certainly an incredible title. I was only comparing it to Mario Galaxy in terms of innovation since they're both of the platformer genre. They're definitely very, very different games. :) #5.1
Graphics are the sum of artistic style and technical performance. Therefore, they're used to describe not only the aesthetics, but how the visuals are executed. You also seem to be very confused as to what a review is. It's a formal assessment of a product with the possibility of instituting change. You can't be effectively and honestly critical unless you examine things from your own personal perspective and experience. The whole idea that reviews are entirely objective is a mis... #1.2.2
I never said I liked the graphics so much that I didn't care about gameplay. I pretty much clarified that three sentences in. #1.1
I too thought it would be nothing but a 3.5 version...but as you can see in my review, I was very surprised by the result. #3.1
If you read in my review, I actually really, really didn't like SR 3....and I was a HUGE fan of SR 2. However, this one made massive improvements over the predecessor. It's definitely a much fuller, more complete game over the last one. #1.2.1
My embargo sheet says August 14th. It is 7:23 am on August 14th right now. #2.2
hahaha, well said! :) #1.1
what do you mean? #2.1
I understand everyone's confusion about the score, but this game can't by judged by traditional scoring standards. It's like saying Picasso's paintings were ugly..therefore they are unworthy of praise and appreciation. That's simply not the case and you guys just have to check it out to truly appreciate its bizarre and unique nature. :) #5
This is supposed to be a parody, a satirical response to EA's poor service preventing our reviewers to properly play the game. Please unmark the report if possible. #1
That's true....I suppose it's even funnier then if they take it seriously, right?! :) hahahahaha!!! #6.1.1
like I's a """SATIRE" """ #7.1
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