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When I posted the video 3 days ago the view count was at 10mill. The article quotes from the time of publication at 15,213,'s now at 18,727,198. Holy cow. xD Go Sony!

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Umm...wasn't there a f2p game featured here on N4G that had over two mill players? I don't think f2p is an issue for either of the consoles.

But I still get a chance to say it....MS is DOOMED!

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Playing it on PC and although it looks freaking great, it's kind of boring. :(

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It's just as epic and gruesome as ever. It's a day one buy from me.

I kind of want a f2p GOW MMO now, running on my shiny new PS4 would be

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I have my PS3 under my desk and can't remember the last time I actually looked at it but with that said, if Sony designed a beautiful looking box I would display it proudly next to my 55" TV.

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They picked a bad time to ditch the PS platform. lol Poor, poor Insomniac.

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Who the hell still watches DVD or plays CD discs for that matter. Just transfer all your pirated material on to a fast little 8GB thumb-drive if you don't have one already. /problem

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beautiful looking game.

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Hype train is taking off...Choo Choo! >:D

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Then you need to visit other sites to see what I'm talking about; I know things look all nice and rosy here on N4G(lol)but that's not true everywhere else...checkout Totalhalibut being a **** on KZ YT channel. That's not trolling...naahhhh.


"innovates and pushes boundaries"

hahahah... thanks for that. And ...

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So it's already starting to pay off for PC users now that both Sony & MS have gone with off-the-shelf PC parts and you'd think they'd be grateful but, nope. ಠ_ಠ

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If the industry wants to curb used game sales then it needs to f'ing price older games accordingly and stop charging $60 for a game that's over a year old. People buy used games not because they're used but because they're cheaper. This model has worked for Steam on the PC and somewhat with Sony with PS+ but Sony needs to go a step further and price games more aggressively to match with what's being offered elsewhere.

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The dude needs to work on his writing skills a bit but I like how he thinks. Also, we need to tone down this self-praising nonsense as it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

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"There's going to be - and we'll talk about this at later events - a lot of player choice and things like that."

This sounds really interesting, I hope we get a better glimpse about this at GDC or E3.

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Unless they match the hardware spec for spec I just don't see it happening. The PS4 is too much of a beast at this point. But it doesn't mean that they won't be able to provide a nice assortment of quality games. It's just that the graphics won't be on par with the PS4's.

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It'll support 64 player and graphics will come close to the PC version.

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1% of gamers are only capable of playing 4K games at this point. It requires a 7970 or 680 to run and even then it's taxing on the FPS.

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But if they still have to develop for current gen systems then I guess we shouldn't expect BF2 sized maps. So more of the same but with better FPS and graphics? Good lord. I just hope their netcode is up to par.

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