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Hahaha! #1.1.2
(If you'll be at SXSW, tweet us!) #1
1 for every rotating desktop wallpaper? #1.1
Gears of War?! No way!

We kid...we kid. #1.1
Ahh, a Houstonian. #6.1
Sorry if we spoiled the game for you, we were in fact talking amongst ourselves.
Thought the title, with the ever-so frowned upon exclamation mark, was a dead giveaway. #1.2
That's a SOLID haul! #1.1
Fallout was an amazing game. #1
Why are you on N4G if you're just going to moan and complain about what's on N4G in the first place?

"pretty much every morons can blog as videogame "journalists"" Last time I checked this was America, where Freedom of Speech exists.

We're blogging our minds and opinions for fun, not for money or your approval. Have a good day. #1.1.2
Can't wait to listen! #1
For Valentine! #1
A few days shy of Valentine's Day. Either someone at Sony can't count or.. #2
Very good listen! #1
Always a good listen, looking forward to this one! #1
Agreed. Especially if you're trying to ensure that no one dies. #1.1
@Belking define struggling. #8.1.2
Most intelligent N4G comment we've seen, ever. The entire industry is moving towards mobile devices, regardless of what any fanboys think, it's all in the numbers. #8.1
We're still waiting on Wii-U specs, but in previous episodes of our shows, primarily after PAX and E3 we talk about our hands-on experiences with the Wii-U and what we thought about it. #5.1
"Watch videocast"


Do we not have the right to highlight a game based on its Graphics? The article is not about shooting mechanics, it's about graphics.

While we understand that Graphics do not make the Shooter, We do live in a next-gen console cycle, and Graphics make the next-gen. #3.3
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