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100% agreed. Bring back He being the only known survivor to the chimera virus and not some lab freak like they did in 2. No sentinels either.

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Bring Fall of man. I know plenty of friends that would enjoy going back to its multiplayer.

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Well I still got PT. I wish they would have made the game. Sony pick it up!

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He should go to FROM

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*nowhere near 6.9.

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Lol what a joke. Bloodborne may not be perfect or get 10s but it's now near 6.9.

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I don't think its the campaign the game needs. It definitely needs more multiplayer content to keep people playing it. A lot of people including myself skip the campaign in cod games.

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If you lock the camera to vicar Amelia, it becomes so much easier to dash her sweeps and attacks. It becomes much more easier.

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I've been gaming for 20 years, kid. And it is one of the best games I've ever played.

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This game deserves to sell millions. Come on ps4 owners. One of the best games I've ever played.

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Wow Mario looks really good. Sucks Nintendo can't even do that for Mario.

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I love and hate bloodborne. I hate that you are killed so easily, have to restart everything and lose your blood points. But I love it because it's so addictive, rewarding and challenging. I love the art, the character designs and the gameplay. Easily one of the best games I've ever played.

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Yes it is. I've seen a lot of comedic Facebook pages having their twitch on streaming bloodborne.

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I think the game will do 93-95 once the dust settles. Can't wait for my copy!

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Looking for hits I see.

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Sony should give him his studio. Doesn't he and Sony have great relationships? I always see him hanging around playstation.

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I think by done it again meaning the best exclusives since the ps1 to the PS3 and now coming to the ps4.

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Rip I hope ms gives the state a lawyer to put the animal in prison and never see a day again.

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Poor the order. I was really hoping RAD did good with it. Their GoW games are amazing.

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Day one for me. I love ready at dawn.

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