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My biggest disappointment is that they raised the bar so high with the last of us and then brought the bar waaaay back down again with uncharted 4... Samezy bull crap we've been doing for 6 games now.

I mean, if you're really a fan of the developer, wouldn't you want them at this point to get to make new things? Actually be creative again? What are people hanging on to uncharted for? Let it pass.

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Ugh... No thanks. I don't game enough to want to pay all year for a monthly service.

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Explain... Because I want to believe you but when I watch gameplay footage it just feels like the same thing again. Premium price, for very little content. Help me believe!

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Destiny 1 Vanilla owner here!

...Never again...

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Can pretty much guarantee you've never held a vita.

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I happily purchased a 64gb for it once I realized just how incredible the lineup of indies and legacy games I had at my disposal... But here's the thing, no way in hell am I going to give Sony a pass on something that truly neutered the platforms ability to succeed. They jazzed us up on its potential then cut its legs out from underneath it with ridiculous memory and then subsequently abandoned its first party development after the ensuing reaction and sales numbers.


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My favorite handheld ever.

Sony murdered it's potential for widespread appeal out of the gate with ridiculous proprietary memory cards.... Shame.

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Lol to all the arm chair cowboys using pachters words to fit their agenda... Fanboys are literally the worst.

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Probably the worst month for me personally... Ive had second son since launch and the rest are meh.

Down vote away Sony fanboys!

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All they've done is minimize the importance of the squad in each game that's come out since the original mass effect and DAO. Andromeda, inquisition, da2 completely lost sight of the fact that it isn't the cut scenes alone that build the character relationships but the usefulness in gameplay that makes you like a character.

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Maybe we shouldn't keep trying to make so many shooters.... There are better things to do in games.

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I think it's a crappy example in games that you'd have to pay that kind of money to get a full game worth of content. I was there at the beginning, I saw the potential in the mechanics and presentation, and unfortunately saw the ugly side of releasing only a piece of a game at full price.

Generosity of the community was never a discussion point in my comment, so not sure why you're bringing it up. Good for the community.

What is a valid discus...

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How can a game thats first release asked for 60 dollars for beta content and overpriced dlc to complete the game even get a sequel? Have gamers become THIS stupid?

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Put it on easy... Boom

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Is it me or does it smell like sour grapes in here?

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I think if you're concerned about the side by side comparison of tiny visual details in a video game, you are the problem.

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Utalkin2me, you mean like the guy saying that as long as itsin 4k it'll be a better game? Sad seeing how misguided the younger gaming generation is. Like they don't crave good video games at all... Just visuals.

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Gotta beet honest, that was a poorly written review. Big buzz words, with no real context. Meh. Will wait and see.

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Uncharted 4's first few hours were mind numbing dull... Fell asleep twice with the controller in my hand. By comparison it was probably 10% of the game... But it gets 10s as if no one noticed.

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Not worrying about whether your numbers are correct. To imply the 360 was successfully in Japan is false. It was consistently murdered in head to head sales with its competitors week after week after week. In three generations, Microsoft has gained zero ground there.... Implying the contrary is spin.

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