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I think if you're concerned about the side by side comparison of tiny visual details in a video game, you are the problem.

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Utalkin2me, you mean like the guy saying that as long as itsin 4k it'll be a better game? Sad seeing how misguided the younger gaming generation is. Like they don't crave good video games at all... Just visuals.

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Gotta beet honest, that was a poorly written review. Big buzz words, with no real context. Meh. Will wait and see.

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Uncharted 4's first few hours were mind numbing dull... Fell asleep twice with the controller in my hand. By comparison it was probably 10% of the game... But it gets 10s as if no one noticed.

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Not worrying about whether your numbers are correct. To imply the 360 was successfully in Japan is false. It was consistently murdered in head to head sales with its competitors week after week after week. In three generations, Microsoft has gained zero ground there.... Implying the contrary is spin.

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Pretty sure he said, "xbox 360 did well in Japan..." Ummm, no. Xbox has never done well in Japan.

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I feel pretty close the same way... My fear is cashing in that beautiful rich backdrop in favor of becoming simply "another shooter". I want Bioware to look at the first mass effect and augment the ideas in that game. The openness of it, the interspecies tension, the customization... Bring the mako back! It wasn't a bad idea in any way shape or for, just not perfectly implemented. I don't want another kill one or halo... I want Mass Effect.

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hey Sly, thanks for the input. Sans the last 5 minutes of Mass Effect 3 which aspect of that game didn't do the narrative and organic histories of the characters and mythos respect? It seemed to me through multiple playthroughs that ME3 was a nice balance between what ME1 and ME2 did.

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