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Imagine if they just made a kick a$$, fully featured game? One that made the fans excited instead of instantly jaded... Imagine if they didn't come off as sleeze bags and instead got fans in their corner?

Games like this are one reason classic Snes and NES consoles fly off shelves... People want to play video games.

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Really tough to call video games art when EA is at the helm.

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The game is out?

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I was hoping to see some tweaks. LA noir as a concept failed in executing weight behind choices. Didn't matter what you chose it was all a means to an end.

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Good news! If you don't have side by side TVs you'll never know!

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I tend to switch back and forth each generation so I can play different franchises... Im also not a slave to a plastic box that plays 98% the same games as the other plastic box.

For me,, I went ps4 this gen so the xonex is attractive. Buying a pro would be a waste since I already own a ps4.

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Lol... What a silly comment.

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I'd like to know how much actual gameplay was shown compared to filler CGI and cutscene bull crap. If I were king I'd say every trailer has to be at last half gameplay.

Did you see that sucker punch game!? I WANT to be excited for it, but sadly it's just a game about cutscenes...?

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Lame... Most people own the standalone and wouldn't buy the definitive version.... Especially since its been free on ps+. To not support the standalone is straight up lame.

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Epic? Now I'm really laughing. Lol

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Can you play a game as good as Zelda on it?

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Rud-ro actually all those game you just listed are total hit or miss... Knack? Lol... Drive club? C'mon man... Even last guardian was panned for its gummy gameplay. From a game design perspective few franchises are more tired than Uncharted. Especially after ND dropped the far superior last of us.

You just listed a stack of games from Sony that are nowhere near masters of game design.

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People don't worry about Nintendo developed games because they retain the focus of quality gameplay over all else... With Sony and Ms ip, you're never quite sure if your getting something thrilling or something that takes advantage of your time by being hands off or focused on cut scene narratives over gameplay.

Down vote away! But it's a valid argument.

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Isn't there an expansion coming out? Usually the base game dips in price... Maybe more good sales coming post black friday!

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Lol, so much salt.... All I can do is share life experiences friends. When ten friends say, "horizon is pretty brutal to go back to after Zelda" it raises some red flags. No?

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Im tempted to get horizon, but I just played the vastly superior Zelda Breath of the wild and I'm afraid of spending money on open world games that just don't match up. I have so many friends who said it was a chore going back to horizon after Zelda.

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No gameplay? No hype. This industry could cut itself a ton of slack if it started announcing games with actual content rather than cut scenes and delays.

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I wish game trailers for 99% gameplay and 1% cutscenes.... Instead of the other way around.

I guess I'm excited?

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Have it on vita and ps3... Fun game, but pass on a res upgrade. Game already looked pretty. Doesn't need the 4k treatment.

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