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Wait... Black ops 4 has no campaign? Lol... Really? Why bother calling it black ops. Call it call of duty online. Black ops alludes to a having a story to tell.

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Meh... I'd still take Bayonetta 2 over any Sony exclusive released this generation. I rather like bloodborne though.

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I'm pretty sure a review score should reflect the opinion of the reviewer and that's it....

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Something similar to what switch is. Ability to take games on the go. Online, fully featured. Ability to dock with the TV. USB charging, memory expansion...

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Unless it's a hybrid like the switch I'm not interested.

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Wait for a sale and get both!

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No xbox fan really cares... I mean, they're playing fortnite and sea of thieves and a million other games by September... The system wars are dead. No one cares.

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I enjoyed the vita more than the ps4, so merging them together would be wonderful.

Please make no mistake however, Sony acted insanely incompetent with the way they handled the Vita. The device was brilliant, the follow through with new games and memory choice was really off putting.

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I love my switch, but yawn.... I want ip they don't bring out every cycle. How about another punch out? Or kid Icarus... FZero!! Or hell, how about an exclusive Castlevania project that reboots it for Nintendo consoles.

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How about instead of 60fps and 4k we start working on actual new and exciting gameplay experiences?

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Ahhhh there's that good ole Sony fanboy saltiness!

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Mass effect trilogy, so I can wash the taste of andromeda out of my mouth.

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Zelda breath of the wild may be the goat... All you tech junkies who play games with zero substance can pack that in your pipe and smoke it, base to tip.

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What a waste of money... Just give me the download codes.

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I think playstation fanboys are petulant children and even I can't argue the greatness and replayability of the last of us. That game is legendary and it deserves its praise from both a story telling and gameplay perspective.

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This game is so much better suited on handheld. I have the ps4 version and it's really a great challenging game in the spirit of a binding of Isaac type if you own a switch, this is a good one!

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Sad that fanboys tore xbox apart at its reveal but some defend Sony doing the exact same thing. Blind... And sad are they.

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@rawfodog I've been gaming about that long as well! Atari 2600 straight on through. I do so much research too... And honestly reading too many opinions can make you jaded because people's opinions sway.

My comment however is bases on what I played, which was a generic random boring open world with meaningless side quests... Decent gameplay mechanics, but the soulless decision was made to remove control, and thus connection with your squad mates... It went from play...

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Oh man, they're gonna eff up the last of us. I can feel it.

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