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This game has so many people cheating its not even worth playing anymore!I've been a loyal idiot since [email protected] Why should i try to build up my K/D and W/L when some dick head just gets all his stats through a cheat? Time to play Skyrim!

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No problems with mine! even before the patch it was very little trouble and i couldn't watch stuff in the theater.this article has the stench of XTARD propaganda!

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can't google porn anymore! has anyone noticed that yet? that reason enough for outrage!

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i grew up on gen one and now play and watch all things transformers with my 9 yr old! it was getting old for a bit but got to do the whole dad thing you know! this game is great though.

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well put!

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the 360 cont. sucks! its half the reason i chose a ps3.

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Just played through uncharted 3 myself in 3D and it was insanely fun! and i never want to play it in 2D again,mabye it depends on the tv you get but i was a huge skeptic until i found an LG 3D plasma for 300 bucks off figured why not?

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the throwing knife is one of the few ways to show any form of skill in cod! its the mindless quikscopers and spawn campers that make me wish for great game to knock off cod.

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yeah its with all the gt5 dlc in the store. i was so pissed cuz i had my wife download the car and track pack,she had money in her wallet and i figured who cares whos profile its under as long as i can use it.

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they also fixed the locked content on gt5 with a simple family share download after people went off about this kind of pure greed.

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carbon and outpost are the worst!

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Can someone tell me what those white torso emblems with a cross that are next to certiain players in the lobby are for. I never have one by my name and i always have a solid connection with an open nat type.

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prob. vita related or minor patch to allow for a smoother transition of money from my wallet.

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more rumors that change into disapointments and let downs! the only ones that come true are the games that pull another 60 bucks out of my wallet and over priced dlc. would be nice to have a browser that can browse more the 10% of the internet but i've all but given up on that.

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thats not true! i bought 3 new games and they all came with a pass that covered every account on my ps3. did you buy a pass for all your accounts without even checking?

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I like it the way things are! when i get too loaded to be effective in multiplayer i switch to single player and its like an interactive action movie.

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lol thats a good one!

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GT5 is a great game! everything from go karts to pure race cars and rain drops pounding windshields at 190 mph,the details are so dead on you can see all the cracks and pebbles on the road. And the game is getting improved on even now. i can't say anything bad about forza cuz i never played it, but i did see someone playing it at best buy and it looks more need4speed than gt5! just my opinion and i do enjoy need4speed also.

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wow! a disagree cuz i'd like a better web browser, this site is crazy!

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