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When it went from remaking classics from over a decade ago to rereleasing the same game a year later.

Mario All Stars was a worthy rerelease because it bundled all four games. It was one of the first ever rerelease collections.

Resident Evil Remake was good because it took an ugly ass ps game with terrible voice overs and fugly polygons into one of the most beautiful games ever.

OOT was one of the most beloved games ever released two/three g... #1.4
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To be fair the system is doomed a GameCube like existence. It will never catch on and sell amazing numbers. That's not a death sentence though, Nintendo def expected far more but they may still profit off of the system and software.

From a gamers perspective its a worthwhile system. There's only a handful of worthwhile games but it will end the gen with some gems like Bayanetta 2, Xenoblade, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and hopefully Metroid. There's DKC, MK8, Pikmin 3, a... #9
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I heard there would be cake. Where's the cake? #32
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If be a liar if I said I didn't read/watch reviews but they don't factor into a purchase anymore. I know if I want a game and usually read reviews after I play it to compare my thoughts and theirs. If I really love a game I like to know others loved it also. Half he games I buy score on the lower ends. #18
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Your comment didnt ruffle any feathers and i doubt anyone other than the five people who follow vita news saw it. Praise for the vita is fine, its a good system that sony banished to the depths of hardware peripheral purgatory. The past two E3's Sony didnt announce a single new game. Il look back on it fondly like the dreamcast. A good system with a couple good games that died early. I guess you can play laggy ps3 rentals for a couple bucks an hour still so its not totally dead. Just on l... #4.3
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The borderlands bundle is selling well, that's why there's no stock. Sony went from selling 10 a week to 15. The one guy in Foxconn who makes the vitas is already working 16 hr days but there's not enough demand to hire a second worker, thus the shortage.

I honestly don't think Sony has a vita division. Its prob one intern who contacts Indy devs on twitter to beg them to release their game on vita. Sony didnt talk about the vita lineup at E3 because Sony does... #28
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I would def skip it. There aren't enough games. They're all Indy games these days. Remote play is garbage as is PS Now. They're both laggy and borderline unplayable. Without any good system sellers or exclusives its a 200 dollar ps4 controller.

The system is nifty and it has some good games but there's no more coming, not even from Sony themselves. Its the biggest case of wasted potential a system has ever had. I'm the main audience for vita games (ie real... #27
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Hmmm. Do they mean more third party shovelware, third party last gen ports, or actual third party same day releases and exclusives? I'm quite sure its the former unfortunately.

The WiiU will never see third party support outside of COD and Ubisoft games. The Witcher, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Dark Souls, Battlefield, Homefront, Tomb Raider, KH, and FF will never be released on WiiU period. Best case scenario is some good exclusives like Bravely Default, SM... #12
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Nin really should realize they will never get western support and double down on Japan. Triple their own game output and do whatever it takes to get big Jrpgs on the system. SMT, Tales, Y's, FF, Kingdom Hearts, DQ, and more. Make another The Last Story, Fire Emblem, console Pokemon exc. They should also get as many classic ip's like Megaman and Sonic as exclusives. People play Nin systems for classic franchises they're nostalgic about and Japanese games (mainly on the handhelds).... #9
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Nintendo had the best showing but the worst show. They forfeited when they chose not to show up. If they had a presentation that showed Devils Third, Bayanetta 2, Xenoblade, Zelda, Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, and whatever other games like Yoshi and Smash all with a huge audience, the cloud would've gone flipping nuts and made the WiiU viable to the Ps360 crowd.

As it is only Nin fans saw it or people like us who prob own all systems anyways (or will eventually). The only... #13
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I can't think of a single big game. Sure I'm hyped for Tales, Danganronpa 2, and possibly One Piece if its closer to the Ps3 version and not the 3ds version. Those are all niche games. I love niche games, Japanese games, and indies but come on. A system can't survive without system sellers. Where is FF, GOW, MGS, The Last of Us, a new AC, or the rest? Its telling that the biggest psp rpg Type 0 gets localized but not for the vita.

The psp kicked ass because it ha... #10
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Idk most those examples make a strong argument for the one trick pony thing. Kings Field, Shadow Tower, Demons, Dark, and now this are all extremely similar. Most other games they make suck balls. Tenchu used to be amazing and I did enjoy Ninja Blade but the only mind blowing games are all spin offs of Kings Field. They def have the talent to be a top tier dev and they made two of my favorite games of all time but their body of work has a whole lot of lower tier games.

This... #1.3.1
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Vita games.

Project Beast.

Ps2 classics on vita and up scaled ps2 classics on ps4.

FF12 HD on vita.

MGS vita.

Type 0 vita.

So many things could be announced. Suikoden, Jeanne D'Ark 2, Ni No Kuni 2, The Last of Us for vita, GOW for vita, Mass Effect or Dead Space for vita. Man I'm soooo hyped even though maybe 2 of these will happen. Still, its good to dream. #5
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I'm still interested. Reminds me of Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, and Ghost Trick all rolled into one. The dev seemed cool in the interview I saw and I like to support original games from good devs. Otherwise they all go bankrupt. Il def watch some gameplay but it looks right up my alley. #2
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Technically its a mess almost totally broken at points.

Artistically its beautiful and the game is fun.

It depends if screen tearing, pop in, a sub 20 framerate, and freezing issues will ruin the game for you. If you can overlook some fairly major flaws you will have a blast. It does look like a ps2 game at points, the levels are worse than ps2 with linearity and invisible walls, and the camera will cause many falls. Its def a budget game thought up and desi... #6
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Its an odd situation. The game runs horribly. It has the worst screen tearing I've ever seen, runs at 10-15 fps at times, it studders, locks up my system, and has the worst pop-in I've ever seen. The camera is abysmal. The levels are extremely linear with invisible walls everywhere, it has like one or two combos, and you don't even get to fight the best bosses in the game. The side quests are quick and boring and the main game is extremely short with the other half sold as dlc (th... #3
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Idk. I'm a pretty massive FF fan for sure but I've never played a MMO. I honestly don't like the idea of playing with hundreds of other people, I rarely if ever play mp, and despise subscriptions. That said I'm really digging FF14 on ps4. It feels like 12 with other people around. I love the graphics, lore, and world design. The combat is fun and engaging, fates are cool, the quests are pretty boring but quick enough to keep you moving forward which is great. Best of all I can... #5
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Its not a condition its a decision someone makes. Cheating on your spouse isn't a condition its a choice you made. Doesn't mean you were born a cheater or have no choice in the matter. Same way people aren't born drug addicts they choose to use and get addicted. Child molesters choose to molest kids and rapists choose rape. I'm sure there are may would be molesters who were tempted by thoughts and choose not to act on them because they knew they were wrong and recognized they... #6.3
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I think they meant AAA as in big blockbuster console game not niche Japanese games.

Vita may very well get another AC, COD, or eventually a GOW but I don't think it will get anything like Borderlands 2 or the rumored Bioshock we were supposed to get. BL2 runs like shit, looks bad, and controls poorly. Its still fun if you can't get your hands on the console or PC version but its not ideal. COD was another that was a big AAA console like game that was squandered on th... #1.4
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I miss the exploration aspect of M64. I hate how 3d Mario is now short timed levels. I want to explore, find secrets, come across odd things like someone stealing my hat and running, a penguin family you can start a fight with and other zany things. I miss the puzzles. I loved having to figure out how to get a star. It was as creative and just as brilliant as Portal IMO. Its up there's with Zelda and Metroid with the feeling you get of discovery and achievement when you solved a puzzle an... #13
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