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F*** off best buy and Nintendo. #9
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Walking into the village in RE4 for the first time and playing raid mode with a close buddy on 3ds. Classic. #10
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Game was great and it deserves better than a scaled down port with half the resolution of the original wii game. Its great to have a portable jrpg like this but why couldn't we get a HD remaster and make a new game for the handheld? Kind of a waste IMO. #8
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Fun but mind numbingly easy. Its addictive because its so easy. You always move forward, always get more loot, and the screen is always full of enemies. No down time to be bored. Problem is its all flash and huge numbers, quantity not quality. I'm also not a fan of random dungeons. I'd prefer less enemies that require strategy not just button mashing and more well thought out dungeons and locations. Its a fun diversion but I can't get hooked.

Dungeon ing with frie... #8
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Amen brother. Cross buy and more Fire Emblem. #2
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More amiibos will be announced along with a Majoras Massk release date. If were lucky they will announce another run of OOP amiibos. #3
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Onlive was able to offer a thousand games on a subscription. A small no name company did it, what makes you think Sony couldn't? Old games don't sell anyways and if they do its used disks at gamestop so publishers may as well offer up a few dozen last gen games for a small percentage or lump sum. Couple that with every first party Sony title and there's your library.

As it grows Sony can reinvest the profits for more games and the occasional newer titles/indies a... #2.2.4
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Game looks super dope. Hopefully Namco likes money enough to localize it. I'd take subs only as long as it gets a physical release. #7
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Whatever. At least were getting Devil Survivor 2 on 3ds finally. Sega is better than a lot of publishers. #9
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It was severely lacking due to not having any bosses or multiple objectives. It was literally an hour long while bigger than the area in the first two games. Extremely dissapointing IMO. The graphics and mechanics were polished but it felt way too much like a run and gun splinter cell minus the usual Kojima storytelling.

It was the FF13 of the MGS series. Lacking the defining traits that made the series so beloved. #2
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I'd rather wait a month and buy physical for 40 dollars than have a game I can't sell, borrow, put in my game collection and all of that. Plus on consoles digital games stay priced highly for a very long time since there's no compition. With physical games you can get every game brand new for 40 right now due to GCU and all the various retailers price wars.

The day I have to buy digital is the day I stop gaming or pirate every title. I'm a gamer and a collect... #5.1
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It has some amazing games, just not very many like the wii, GameCube, and n64 before it. I only have Ninja Gaiden, Bayanetta 2, Wonderful 101, and Hyrule Warriors. There's only Xenoblade, Zelda, Fire Emblem that I want down the road. They haven't announced a Metroid and it has zero third party support and zero RPGs. No Tales, FF, Dragon Quest, Pokemon, Paper Mario, or any others. Nintendo has amazing games that release once every five to ten years which is far to long apart. I buy the... #22
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Yea I was going to collect all of these but now I plan to cancel all my orders. No point if I can't have the whole collection. I would be fine not having all if they're blind boxed or convention exclusives but when they only make enough of certain figures for 5 percent of the people to buy I won't bother. 95% of the amiibos are bought by scalper scum. F*** amiibos. #14
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WiiU has been on a roll lately. This from someone who hasn't touched it for more than a couple hours since I bought it. There's a handful of good games but Bayanetta 2 is one of the defining games of the gen and Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda fans dream come true. Can't wait for Xenoblade and Fire Emblem.

And hopefully Bayanetta 3 and Hyrule Warriors 2. #5
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I love the vita but Sony dropped the ball hard with it and the ps tv. From lack of support to launching the ps tv which doesn't even play YouTube, Netflix, amazon prime, and the best games don't even work on it. I loved the GBA tv player so this was something I was super hyped for but il skip it indefinitely. #15
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Lack of good games? Ar Nosurge, Tears to Tiara 2, The Evil Within, TLoU Remastered, Alien Isolation, Senran Kagura, SSB, and Persona Q? Lots of good games recently. You made the mistake of assuming people only judge a game by what's on the system.

Xenoblade isn't considered one of the best RPGs of all time only on the wii, it's compared to every rpg out there. Same way TWEWY is one of the best games ever even when compared to console games and how Journey is mast... #5.7
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I'd rather have him making character designs NOT making the game. KH games are great but convoluted and far to action based for FF. They need to bring back Sakaguchi and Uematsu for FF to be what it once was. Enough time has passed. Pull an Apple and bring back the guy who was the soul of the company. He would right the ship and restore faith in the company. It would cause massive hype and people would forget the post FFX square instantly.

I did love 14 and Lightning Retu... #1.1.5
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Idk why Sony thinks people would rather play their ps4 games on a small screen with less controller input options than on a big HDTV. Handhelds sell to people who either want portable gaming (usually no internet around) or people like me who want more original unique exclusives. I buy handhelds because they have games not on consoles, not to play console games through the web with a crap resolution and tons of choppy lag.

Give me stuff like GOW, MGS, FF, Persona, Jeanne D'... #5.4
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Its coming and its not going to be a passing gimmick. Gaming is great but VR will be a revolution like the PC was back when it launched or the smartphone was. Everyone will eventually use it for movies, games, social networking, porn, and the Internet itself will be reinvented as something you can explore and be in.

It will steal some people's lives away like tv, Internet, and gaming has done before it but imagine the possibilities. Those people who let their life get su... #1.1.8
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I'm extremely happy if we were to get a sequel to the first but honestly I'd prefer it on the 3ds or WiiU. I think the three best RE games were Nin exclusives, the REmake, RE4, and Revelations. It sold well on the 3ds and is a much needed genre on the go. #1.1.5
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