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Triggered the fanboys. Your not allowed to praise MS here on N4G nor can you say anything that may make the PS guys realize they don't have the best hardware (the x) or the best software (switch). PS is pointless.

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Zelda BOTW
Mario Kart 8
Splatoon 2
Mario Odyssey
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Best launch year for any system and best year period imo. Zelda, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade are going to be the three highest rated titles of the year. Splatoon 2 is my fav mp title of the year. Nin has 2017 on lock.

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Everyone knows you can run Windows 10 for free right? You only pay for it if you want to activate it and yes you can activate it for cheap. Not worth factoring the price into builds IMHO.

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Rather have a switch version. Don't even like Destiny and I would buy it on switch. Portable is better than 4k any day.

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Game was hot garbage. Don't waste any more time or money on it.

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The fact MK8 Delux doesn't let me invite friends or even chat with them is inexcusable. System and games rock, features would be unacceptable a decade ago. No media apps or even apps period, no streaming services, no voice chat or cross game chat, no trophies, no friend invites exc. Hope they don't expect me to pay for their service because I won't ever do it. Not until there's everything I just mentioned. Still wouldn't be happy about it but I could swallow it for trophie...

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Doing what people wants only counts if its from the bottom of your heart like Sony offering us BC through ps now for 5 dollars an hour, or offering a better psn through charging for online, or deciding not to allow you to cancel preorders, or change your id. Those are from Sony's heart unlike stingy M$ offering refunds, free BC, buy a game once and own it on all future consoles and on PC. I see through M$ who is just trying to win back gamers hearts through doing what they ask and being c...

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There's great deals out there. Got my HP Pavillion 15t for 600 with a 4gb 1050, ip's screen, skylake i5, and 8gb ddr4. Love it. I would've rather had a 17 in 1060 or 1070 but I already have a dope rig so I couldn't justify the cash. Just wanted something for DkS3 and Nier Automata on the go. The 1050 is surprisingly powerful. I love it.

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Why not? If its a free update for owners of the game and if we finally get the tank dlc I'm stoked. Despite the negativity surrounding the game I adored it. It was a third person Metroid Prime. It was fun, beautiful, had good level design, great characters, and good music. I mean it released as a 40 dollar budget title and I scooped it up for 20 a month after launch. Only gripe I have is padding the game. I'd prefer a great 6 hour game over a padded 20 hour game.

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I do a lot. I take my GPD WIN everywhere i go so I can play some Dark Souls 2 or whatever indie titles I have. Il usually play an hour at work until it gets busy then set it down, play an hour, set it down all day long. I have to carry a portable battery but its not bad. I keep a battery and wall charger in the case. The Switch has less battery life but its fairly comparable. Just bring a battery pack and wall charger in the case and there you go.

I'm just amazed we can...

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It was marketing to remind people how much fun Nintendo games are. Then they launch a new console with the same games, new games, and tons of hype. Now Nintendo is staying in the conversation where the WiiU was dead.

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Persona 5
And I also loved The Ringed City DLC for DkS3. Best year ever for gaming.

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Game was surprisingly decent but I hated that the combat was so damn slow. You couldn't customize your character and there weren't any different builds. All you get was slow as mollasses Havel with different magic. Even the fastest weapons are slower than most games great swords. Everything else was decent. One level had really good design and the first boss was super dope. I'd like another with faster combat.

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Any more than 400 and its dead. Ps Pro is 400 with a much bigger library. Right now there's Nier, Persona 5, Nioh, Horizon, Yakuza, Gravity Rush 2, and a dozen others dropping this year.

Fable, Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, Quantum Break, Recore, and a few new ips need to be announced for me to buy anything from their ass. Also where is Vesperia, Resonance of Fate, and Nier for BC?

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Love it to death. Best game on xbox one for sure.

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Weapon durability does get better but if you take on harder enemies you can break every weapon you have trying to kill them. Very annoying. Not to mention for me it removes any real rewards for exploration. Find a cool weapon? Il never use it because it will break. If i do use it then my cool reward is gone. Compare that to dragon weapons in Dark Souls or Black Knight weapons which you can use and level for the whole game. That's a reward. Korok seeds are useful since the inventory is so ...

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Every Nintendo launch your lucky to get one good game for the first year, maybe two. Zelda is it for the foreseeable future.

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Quantum Break is up there with Bloodbourne, Nioh, and Breath of the Wild for me. Best Xbox one game for sure. Also really loved Recore, Gears 4, and Forza Horizon 3 which is the most fun and addictive racer ever made IMHO. It has some killer games but lacks big new ip's that catch on and the sequels we want we don't get.

Where is Lost Odyssey 2, Alan Wake 2, Battletoads, Fable 4 or a reboot, and the other fan favorites? MS is screwed unless they change the percepti...

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Their statement said they fired him for his personal beliefs. Sounds like discrimination and a lawsuit. Hope he wins.

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Buy one with a 1050 minimum. You can get one for 600. Nothing with 720p or a 940m unless you just want to play last gen games. Even a 1050 is barely good enough but it will run Witcher 3, Tomb Raider, Gears 4 and the like medium high at 1080p.

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