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Probably but going both ways though. Some people would've bought Horizon (like me) but im too busy with Nioh and then Zelda. Others would've caved and bought a Switch for Zelda but with Horizon the 400 dollar purchase isn't as attractive. I will grab Horizon when it hits 20 if I'm still interested. Too many great games to get them all. For me the priority is Nioh, Zelda, Nier, DkS3 DLC, ME Andromeda, and then Persona 5. Horizon looks good but I have a full plate. I'm sure ...

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Milking cows with mini wii motes def sold me on the system too. Much more sophisticated and mature. Glad they put Metroid on the back burner to make more modern and adult games ; )

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It's definitely toned down. The alpha was hard as balls. Prob the most difficult game I've played since Demons Souls dropped but now its easy comparatively. They removed at least half the enemies, toned down their attack speed and aggressiveness, and made tons of balancing changes. I remember the second level from the alpha took me hours to get through. Now 15 minutes. I knew the layout sure but the big powerful enemies that were a mini boss in the alpha go down in two combos. There&#...

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I would have bought it on pc if I could. It would sell twice as much and still be a console exclusive. Team Ninja needs to bring this and Ninja Gaiden to pc.

Nioh is amazing either way but looks a bit crap on a launch Ps4. It also has crazy bad slowdown when effects go off. One boss dropped to 10 fps when the lightning effects go crazy. Still adore the game. Its everything I loved about NG Black and Souls all in one game.

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Why would gamers buy a gaming system? Does not compute...

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My uncle who works at Nintendo says its amazing. He says there's tons of games they're holding back for e3. Nintendo wants to give 3rd party games a chance to sell well ; )

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To be fair Nintendo didn't shrink the tech or produce any of it. They bought Nvidia Shield Tablets and slapped Nintendo on the side. Nothing wrong with that since they weren't selling for Nvidia and Nintendo would've never made anything as current on their own. They would've wound up buying some 1995 IBM shit from Best Buy's clearance rack and made a console out of it.

To me 300 is too high for a handheld BUT the Shield Portable was sold for 200 so a hu...

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Great now they're going to rush out games early just to say they have them. Go start 10 studios and budget 10-20 mil a piece for a game. Lost Odyssey 2, Blue Dragon 2, Alan Wake 2, Quantum Break 2, Recore 2, Ninja Blade 2, Otogi 3, and some new ip's. Maybe a new Panzer Dragoon, Blinx, or Snoopy dogfighting game. The first was awesome.

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They will definitely release a console version down the road and a handheld version. Switch Portable, Switch TV, and Switch. I'm sure we will also see upgrades with faster chips, more memory, 4k, and hdr. Look to Nvidia for what could be possible. It will eventually be a whole line of switch products. I would love it to scale to 4k like xbox one s with hdr. Why not? It's severely underpowered for a console but make the most of it. Zelda with HDR would be jaw dropping.

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Usb-c doesn't mean it supports fast charge. Gpd Win has usb-c and doesn't let you charge more than 2.5 or something same as the Switch. Super disappointing.

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My GPD WIN has a 6700 mah and drains in 2-3 hours max with demanding games. It also takes a couple hours to charge so the Switch with a 4000 mah battery will drain in 2 hours and take as long or longer to charge. They will prob have a better model with a bigger battery and fast charge down the road I hope. Fast charge is a game changer for portables IMO. I also hope they follow Nvidias play book and release a Switch Portable and Console so we could choose console/handheld only for 200 or Swit...

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We just got Gears 4, Recore, Forza Horizon 3, and Halo Wars 2 is soon. After that though its dryer than the Switch's launch. I want a new Fable, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Lost Odyssey, and some new ip's. Really isn't a single game I want coming up this year on xbox. Sad.

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Open world Mario is my jam. Didn't like any 3d Mario since Sunshine so this looks amazing. I really hope they have puzzles and I really like the unexpectedness of everything. Still Nintendo is doing everything to ensure I never buy a Switch. Can't believe their arrogance. I think they believe that the Switch is the hottest item since the iPhone and we will bend over for them. No go until games release and the online is free without having to use an app. I'm happy to wait since I c...

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Paid MP on a freaking handheld? If so I will never buy a MP game on this thing. I really thought this was their moment to shine. This just pissed on everyone's parade. Everything was all hype and now I don't want to buy on principal. I don't pay for Live or Ps Plus (used to on ps3 when it wasn't mandatory) and I won't pay for this. I can at least understand a console but slapping a subscription to play games on a handheld? That's outdoing MS right there.

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If MS was to blame this guy would've flipped the F out. Him apologizing tells me its their fault. I wanted it to come since I love some of their games but Scalebound looked terrible point blank. It sounded like Xenoblade X with Bayanetta's combat in my head but looked like a bizarre mishmash of bad ideas, unexciting slow combat, and forced mp. The whole thing was a disaster waiting to happen. Sucks but they prob should've made a smaller more focused game and MS should have let the...

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Lonnie what backlog is there on PS4? Bloodbourne and Uncharted? The only two ps games worth a heck thus far?

What about on WiiU? Bayanetta and Xenoblade X? Maybe Tropical Freeze and Wonderful 101?

Both Xbox and PS rely on indies and third parties. Nintendo relies on only Nintendo. PS finally is getting rolling next year (And its a doozy) but as of right now Xbone has it beat with great exclusives. Not sure how Gears 4, Fora Horizon 3, Recore, Quantum Bea...

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It will be comparable to Nvidia Shield. Same chip and they have a Tablet version. Its dope for a cheap little 200 dollar device but not comparable to a ps4 at all. They ported some older games like Borderlands 2 and Tomb Raider I believe but def not going to run The Witcher 3 at all. It will be fine for Nintendo games and cheap Japanese handheld games, will prob sell very well also. I love handhelds so I'm stoked but I realize anyone expecting this to be a console is delusional. Maybe las...

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Not alt all he turned Xbox around. Fable was a terrible corporate decision as was the other cancellations. Its unthinkable MS would tell Lionhead they couldn't make Fable 4, one of the Xbox's premier exclusives and my personal favorite. They failed to green light Alan Wake 2, Lost Odyssey 2, Blue Dragon 2, Quantum Break 2 and Recore 2 prob won't happen, Phantom Dust and Scaleboud seemed like train wrecks maybe due to MS maybe the developers themselves, we have no new Banjo, Battle...

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Game looked terrible tbh. Sucks for the fans though. Should've finished it after all this time and money. What a dumb decision. Might regret my Xbox s purchase if there's no new games. At least I didn't invest in Scorpio. That's a plus.

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MS kills more games than Sony and Nintendo release. Looked good and it would've sold well also. Oh well.

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