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I'm a massive jrpg fan and I despise save points. Why would I enjoy having to fight through a four hour dungeon just to save?

You defend obtuse and outdated design decisions because its how it always was. Maybe we should keep dial up because high speed internet is too conviniant? Maybe we should still use a horse and buggy because who needs a car? That was the most idiotic defense of outdated design philosophy I've ever seen. You should work at Nintendo.

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The story was amazing IMO. The gameplay too, most fluid and fun gunplay and stealth of the series. Where they fudged up IMO was the pacing. I remember four sections each over an hour long where the only purpose is to essentially pad the game. Driving around Madagascar was terrible IMO as was the boat section. Driving the jeep through the jungle was a nice Un2 throwback but dragged on and killed momentum. The Scotland section (I think) where you go through all the sliding puzzles was terribly ...

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Too little too late. I'm a SP gamer aside from Dark Souls and the occasional Co-Op. Uncharted 2 was the only mp I really got into but I dropped it a few weeks in, same with 3. This one rocks, I played for over a month everyday. I love it to death but I'm tired of the maps and I feel like I'm just killing time without levels to unlock. Now that they're coming I'm burned out and don't want to replay the same maps for another month or two. Its my fav TPS MP but it was bar...

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Then why launch a new system? Deliver the content on wiiu.

They want to sell consoles and wiiu is dead. They can't compete with Scorpio or even launch ps4/Xbox one's so they fall back on "content".

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Their ecosystem isn't confusing. It's all about choice. Cheap launch unit, better slim with 4k, or enthusiast for real 4k gaming and VR. They all play the same games on the same network of xbox live (even with PC players now). Having Xbox games on PC won't make people skip a 200 dollar entry level xbone but it will lead to a bigger community, market share, and jump start their PC ecosystem since Xbox live is already huge. It will bring in some folks to the MS ecosystem who already...

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Aka we have to go back to the drawing board and up our specs.

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Skipping since I have a ps4. Xbox S I'm all in for though since i don't have an xbone. Maybe a Scorpio but for 300 a slim is a damn good deal and I can play quantum break and gears 4.

Its odd how each new system gets a different reaction due to me owing it or not. I'm pissed there's a better ps a few years in because I feel cheated but I'm hyped for Scorpio because I don't own an xbone. Not rational but as a consumer who wants to feel like they have...

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Looked great, combat looked new DMCish which is meh but otherwise amazing. Just wish it were a new ip. This doesn't fit GOW at all. Not the father stuff nor the lore and setting. Would be day 1 as a new ip. For now il wait for reviews and a price drop for sure. I just can't get over shoehorning an existing ip into a different setting and gameplay type. It bugs me period.

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What drakengard 3 should've been. :(

Looks amazing and I'm totally suprised out of all the games that square could fund they chose another nier. Maybe tri ace will drop resonance of fate 2 and il be in heaven again.

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NX needs to be no gimmicks 4k gaming or RIP Nintendo. BS won't fly after Scorpio and a new Ps drop.

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Personally it being 7 kills it. Otherwise I wouldn't mind them doing this. But it being the next mainline game means the classic 3rd person RE is dead. I don't want 1st person and hate pure horror games like outlast or pt. I love RE1-5 and Dead Space. Series is dead to me.

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Looks amazing and I'm a huge fan of the studio, bought all their psp and vita games. I'm just sick to death of zombies. Too similar to TLoU. I was super hyped that it was after an emp or some more plausible scenario, then I saw the zombies. Will still support Bend for sure and I'm sure it will be dope but not a fan of the WWZ zombie thing. Played out for sure.

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When listening to a vocal minority goes wrong. Do not want.

Not interested in outlast, pt, silent hill, nor this. Capcom saw people go bonkers for silent hill and figured it fuck it, why not? They can't possible hate us anymore and plus we can sell it on VR, double bouble!

I guess its the 7 in the title. If it were a VR spinoff I wouldn't care but don't reinvent one of my most beloved franchises into this. Third person or bust.

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I love his past games but he is the Kanye West of game developers. Hope this is good.

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I think it's fantastic. Buy a dirt cheap xbone launch edition for my bedroom and next year get a Scorpio for my 4k in the living room. Then you have a laptop for when on the road. It s all about consumer choice, building a thriving ecosystem, and a large base from cross play. It's the same idea of remote play and ps vita/ps4 just minus the rediculously bad lag and streaming.

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If I cared about 1080 vs 900 up scaled or 60 vs 30-60 unlocked I would buy a PC. If this is where Sony and ms go I will bow out of consoles because they just lost their advantage. Buy set hardware which devs optimize games for until the next gen. I don't want to feel like I have to buy a new system every few years. May be more backlash then they expect.

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Meh Tales games are shit these days. Vesperia was the last great one before they became cheap whored out garbage.

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Because it was utter shit period. Played two levels and it was the worst control scheme I've ever seen, it was slow, boring, and just not fun in the slightest. Fans wanted a HD star fox like 64 and instead they force fed this dual screen garbage nobody asked for ruining the game.

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Nintendo isn't even in the race. They quit giving a damn about their fans and the gaming community a long time ago. They don't have e3 shows and Zelda is the only game their showing off. Its heartbreaking to see my favorite gaming company be this shitty. After the WiiU I'm done with them. All it would've taken is a new Metroid, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, and The Last Story and I would've been a staunch defender of the WiiU. Instead its the worst system I've ever owned ha...

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