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Capcom finally admits they don't have the talent to make a game half as good as their games from a decade ago. They will make more money rereleasing old games than putting effort into new ones. Outside of Monster Hunter they don't have a single series I care for these days. Sad. #7
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Resonance of Fate is one of the greatest games ever made, hands down. Amazing battle system and interesting world with the best characters ever. I can't praise that game enough. Go play it.

Love all RPGs. Tales and Star Ocean are great but turn based def has its place. Loved Lost Odyssey, SMT, Persona, Xenosaga, and FFX. I really loved Xenoblade and The Last Story. They did the real time rpg justice. I'd prefer FF return to its turn based roots but 12 was damn good.... #1.1.2
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Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos, Orstein and Smough, False King, Gongora last boss in Lost Odyssey, Smelter Demon, and the final boss in Infinite Undiscovery was impossible. Metroid Prime had some killer bosses as did RE4 and every old school game ever. Megaman and Megaman X were crazy hard in the wily stages.

Shadow of the Collossus had some great bosses also. Most were more puzzle orientated but very rewarding and challenging. Anything hidden and optional in FF is ridiculou... #16
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Literally just beat Ebrietas. Really good fight. Once it clicked and I repaired the broken weapon I was using I quadruped my damage output and whooped her. Really pumped though. I was wondering why my +10 was doing such shitty damage lol. Thought it was resistant.

GOAT. I want a sequel yesterday. I'm depressed now that I'm at the last boss. Prob jump in Scholar after I beat it or possibly do some chalices just to beat the last last boss. I may yet replay it as a bloo... #11
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None. Been too long with zero support. The handheld that could've been. #10
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The first was part of operation rainfall, three games two of which were by two of the most lauded jrpg makers ever at a time when the gaming media claimed jrpgs were dead. That's why the first got massive hype. I personally thought The Last Story was the better game. Xenoblade was fun though and had most annoyances removed like re spawning at landmarks, a more western aka mmo ish battle system, and beautiful environments. It came and all of us jrpg diehards loved it. I played it for 80 ho... #4.4.8
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Idk Bloodbourne just about sh**s on everything else period. I'm a huge Xenoblade, Xenosaga, and Xenogears fan but Bloodbourne is straight dope. I would inject it with a dirty needle if I could. #1.4
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Meh the time has passed. Early on when people were hyped for a new system and wanted games this would've been a quick easy thing. Now with other newer better systems with killer new titles I have no interest in replaying old Zelda titles. Too tedious and drawn out. Much rather play Bloodbourne, Bayanetta 2, MH4, or other titles. Focus on the future and make the best Zelda ever for next year.

I wouldn't be opposed to TP/SS HD remaster set. It would be a good value. I g... #9
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Yea the 3ds library is killer while the WiiU library is paper thin. Boggles the mind how Nintendo can get one system so right and another so wrong. They already have support just request console games from every good handheld franchise.

Same thing with Sony. Ps4 lineup is killer and the vita is worse than the WiiU which is extremely bad right there. They own tons of developers and have deep relationships with devs but they don't care about the vita. It could've been a... #2.2.1
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Redo all the character and enemy models. Keep the same backgrounds. Quick and easy remaster. Nobody will be hyped for another untouched ff7 rerelease. Nobody cares square. #7
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Star fox hasn't been a blockbuster for 20 years. Its not relevant outside of a few nostalgic Nintendo fans (being honest as a Starfox fan back in the day). Nobody cares about it and the genre is relegated to 10 dollar digital download games.

Nintendo has dropped the ball worse than they ever have with the WiiU. There are no games period. At least the N64 had timeless masterpieces that defined, hell created the genre with Mario 64, OOT, and Goldeneye. WiiU has more of the... #1.3
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Yarn Yoshi and Touchscreen Kirby duh!

Then there's um...

There's uh....





Zelda next year?


Splatoon? You know. The paintball Eshop game for 10 bucks. Yea that one. The Nickelodeon game. Looks totes fun. All the kids in my Pre-K are super hyped. There was a commercial that played after Dora and Sp... #1.1.3
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Another WiiU game to play. Been waiting ever since Bayanetta 2 which was the first WiiU game that I couldn't put down (or wanted to play more than an hour). System has the smallest library of any console for the type of gamer I am (ie not a Nintendo drone that drools of Yarn Yoshi and Wario mini games). Wii had a far better better library which is sad. Xenoblade makes it all worth it though.

Now if only the vita would get a game worth purchasing... #10
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Nope. Def scaled down. Far less foliage, compressed, missing textures, and lower resolution. The 3d isn't good either.

That said its still one of the best experiences out there. Its just inferior to the wii version. #2.1.1
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Not with the new 3ds. It could def run a vita version. Also the WiiU could've easily ran this. I'm happy with a vita version if its a physical release but I LOVED playing the first on the 3ds. It was magic just like RE4 on GameCube which I'd love on the new 3ds also.

One day. Capcom ports everything to everything with multiple versions. Il get it one day... :( #7.1.1
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I agree. Severely disappointed this got a scaled down blurry low res down port instead of a beautiful next gen remaster, I still love it and its impressive they crammed it onto this underpowered handheld but damn. Why do devs ever want to make a lesser version? The game was already dated and sd why not give it the treatment it deserved?

Oh well. A port of this and a sequel is fine by me. I'm actually playing this as I type. Still awesome but the wii version looks loads b... #1.4
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Xenoblade Chronicles X
Persona 5
MGS Phantom Pain

One of these will be my GOTY. Fire Emblem or SMT x Fire Emblem if they release this year also. I really REALLY love Bloodbourne though. Feels like I'm back playing Demons Souls at launch again with so much new stuff to discover. Its fresh and the faster combat is amazing. Might be my game of the gen looking back five years from now. We will see. #4
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Myamoto I love and respect you but you have been so out of touch for a while. Rehashing the same boring games with a stupid gimmick gets old. Anything modern new and innovative is dismissed by this guy. One game that's actually different than the same Nin stable gets no love. The stuff fans want the same he forces gimmicks into and the stuff that's stale and needs innovation he's insistent on rehashing. Nintendo needs some new blood.

Gamewise it looks ok I guess.... #18
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By making more DUH!!!

Make more and sell them on their store, one per customer address. Maybe club Nintendo accounts so the fans can actually buy them for less than triple the cost. Nintendo has made the worst decisions imaginable lately. Underproducing is the only way they can relevant and popular. I used to be a huge Nin fan but lately I despise the company. Its clear they only care for bubbles and creating quick trends at the expense of fans. Maybe I'm not the type of... #9
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I miss different builds with weapon variety but its also a plus. It's streamlined with nothing to worry about other than kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. The weapons are very few but surprisingly diverse and every single one is a viable option through the whole game (and all have high durability lol).

In all both games rock for similar reasons and totally different reasons. Same series different experiences. I will always love Souls (Demons is my fav one by a landslid... #8.3
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