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Arena and Daggerfall have been free for like two years now...

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The second part of my statement still stands.

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Cut off everything else.

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So...They're definitely kids that think they're being SO COOL AND EDGY then.

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I think that was Gamepro.

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"Duke is disgusted when offered a Halo-like suit of armor, asserting that his unassailable machismo is more resilient than any association with modernized entries of a genre he helped define in the mid-1990s. Yet Duke can only carry two guns at a time and has a regenerating health bar, elements popularized by the game he so readily dismisses."

For once (broken clock, etc.), IGN hit the nail on the head. Why, oh why would Duke Nukem take ANYTHING from Halo and Call o...

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"and any reviewer who is reviewing this game based off shooters in 2011 is crazy this is old style arcade fun with cheesy one liners"

If I've been reading the reviews correctly, the problem is that it ISN'T old-style arcade fun.

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Gonna need the practice.

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I remember a guy I knew in school who had Crash Bandicoot 3. He told me that he had done EVERYTHING in the game and got everything. And then he made the mistake of saying I probably wasn't good enough to do it.

Well it just so happens that my mom's boyfriend at the time HAD Crash Bandicoot 3. So, I then spent the entire 3-day weekend (I was off for something) playing Crash 3 non-stop from beginning to end. And I mean EVERYTHING; all the crystals, all the gems, all the...

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@Roper316 - You are a scholar, sir.

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(No one will realize that was a joke)

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Hey guys, did you hear? Some new game system is coming out next year called the Playstation. I doubt it'll catch on, though; It'll probably just end up like that crappy Jaguar thing that came out last year...

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Here we go again...

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Well let's see, I've already unlocked EVERYTHING in the Career in Modnation Racers, so yes I would definitely care.

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The only thing I hated about the first game:

Every single character that wasn't Cole or John was a complete and utter asshole, and I wanted to kill them all. Also, these same assholes would never shut the hell up for two seconds in the middle of a mission.

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Because then you can pretend to be an idiot and troll people who actually believe this crap.

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Why are you making another X-Com only to turn it into a Bioshock clone?

Why are you tainting the name of a once-great franchise even further than what's already been done?


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Maybe, if Modnation Racers didn't already exist.

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It gives you non-functional wings.

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Wait, hang on a minute...

Does the free month of PS+ start automatically as soon as it goes back up, or can you start it manually? My damn PS3 YLODed (thermal paste wore off probably) and I won't have the money to fix it for like two weeks.

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