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I hear ya. To each their own.

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Pretty much. Also, the fact that some journalists are uneasy with the practice just bugs me.

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That's probably Uncharted 4...although this does have a convincing argument.

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Good point, thanks for noting! :)

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This year had a lot of great games to be sure. But there was a lot of moving and shaking around the industry, and plenty of controversy, to be sure.

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Thanks. At first I wasn't sure about renaming the likes of Last of Us and GTA V, but so much work went into the remasters that I couldn't help but nominate 'em.

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Evolution has been patching the game but the fact is it's still having functionality problems nearly three months later. And a racing game based on the idea of online social features that doesn't work completely online is definitely an issue.

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"Fixed"? People are still reporting connectivity issues with the game. It's fixed like Assassin's Creed Unity is "fixed." Getting there, but fully functional? Not yet.

And this is nearly three months after its release.

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Halo: The MCC was built with equal single player and multiplayer components. If you couldn't get into an online match, you could at least play through the remastered four campaigns.

DriveClub was built on the principle of an online social driving experience. It had single player components but was built with racing alongside friends. And when the online doesn't work for a game that thrives for online features, that's a problem. A BIG one.

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That one just barely missed the top (bottom?) 10. Some real harsh cuts here.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect just missed the cut. That was disappointing tho.

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You never know. Some people may be like, "HOWWWWWW?" lol

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Apocalypse was one of the most underrated games on the PS3. So good.

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I'd kill for another Rallisport Challenge.

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Which we'll get in, what, five years?

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Yeah, between the punishments while driving, the uneven AI, and the awful server problems, DriveClub is stuck in neutral. Meanwhile, Forza 2 just hums along.

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The thing is, there should be an adjustment system similar to Forza Horizon 2's for those who aren't ready for such a heightened challenge yet. Those who appreciate racing games may find the AI to their liking, but Evolution Studios should've included an option to make it easier for the rookies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts tho!

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Much better now.

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