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"Any player at level one could easily walk to both sides of the continent within minutes"

Really? I'm not sure we're playing the same game here.

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DayZ will be the first game I get as soon as I get a capable PC. Can't wait!

But I'm wondering whether to wait for the Arma III one. God knows how much time it will take but it will be infinitely better

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@pulsuhundr I know right? I haven't played the game yet(thanks to my crappy PC) but watching youtube vids of this game, the zombies run really quickly and weirdly. I prefer the slower paced zombies of the Walking Dead(they seem to be more realistic, ironic I know)

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I wonder if there will be a version of DayZ with Arma III. The animations are pretty poor in Arma II from what I've seen and I think the Arma III will correct that

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There wasn't a contest in june. Probably a mistake or maybe not

*ninja face*

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THQ - "Hey Guys, you know how you hate $10 DLC, so eff that, we'll make it into a $60 game instead"

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IT's been over a month since the release of the first episode. I really want to play part 2, I don't know why they can't do it sooner though, cause it's pretty clear that the game is complete.

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I remember playing so much FIFA street on my friend's PS2. Good times.

How does it compare to previous FIFA Streets?
Is the game as polished as FIFA 12?

I don't know I might pick this up later. Can't see myself paying $60 for this

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Most if not all multiplat games show teaser images/trailers on the PC.

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The Homefront MP demo is pretty cool too. Unlimited play time on 1 map.

On a side note my Forza 4 demo never downloaded past 99%:(

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I got my copy day 1. Damn the line was long, took me about 6 hours to get the game but I got some free goodies like wheat and rice!

This game is amazing, it has beautiful vistas, an exhilarating soundtrack and an incredible world. I'm about 60 hours into the game and I can say that not even 1% of the game is complete. Talk about replay value!

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I don't get it. Why is Activision barring them from making Destiny? Why would Bungie let any of these companies make the game in the first place?

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I cant believe they own Bloodforge. That game is getting some real bad reviews

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That's a lot of copies for a game releasing on a single platform

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Is there going to be a Round 3 contest?

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Indeed. What kind of journalism is this and how did this get approved??

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I've never played a Diablo game but this review is neither informative nor well-written, just a lot of complaining

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What does GOTY have to do with anything? Do you only enjoy games that are given a 10/10? Is it necessary for everyone to enjoy a game if it's given a 10/10?

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I guess this is UK/Europe only?

Go Bayern!

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