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kiss? #1.1.1
one of the most retarded things i've ever seen. what does laura croft have to do with batman in any way?

BQ: what does laura croft have to do with super heroes in general? #7
Looks like 'Sesslers Soapbox' turned into 'Sesslers Rowboat'.

G4 is a sinking ship, good for Sess. #68
Say what? It entered full production in 2011. Tetsuya Nomura announced a couple weeks ago it would use both CG/Real Time graphics. #16
remember these sources so when nexgen comes you can flag their articles for being bs. #76

Cover System
Little offered from Multiplayer...

review speaks for its self. #3
*puts out 10 versions of Halo a year*

We've missed Master Shake er I mean Chief. #58
i came

to read this article and really enjoyed it. #6
i gave up on ME after ME2, it wasn't hard to see the direction it was heading in. one of the most overrated games of all time shadows over a gem like the first game. sad story. #13
i buit a gaming PC not to long ago, i do own a PS3 but after experiencing what the PC can produce i wont buy another console until it has at least 2X antialiasing, 2X anisotropic filtering, v-sync, and a resolution that doesn't look like a water painting on a full 1080p TV. #38
no one even pirated DNF. lol #12
Meh. #14
this is dumb, a FPS trying to use Batman as a selling point. pathetic. #3
hopefully it isn't a hallway shooter like ME2, and they go back towards exploration and deeper RPG mechanics. #9
brink is on their list and sold 1.5, your argument is invalid. #20.1.2
of course you would list Resistance but not Forza, bias garbage. #37
under a gig of ram? fail. #82
more like he can't wait to rip it off. #14
xbox has exclusives? #39
atleast Sony has games to hype up. #26
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