Best Seats In The House!


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(...) is a teaser and not allowed.

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I remember when we were ridiculed for posting this info cause people thought we were lying!

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Dope article definitely something to think about!!!

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It will be be enabled on the PS4 remember that this feature wasn't unlocked on the PS3 til update 1.80 it will be next up to be supported as well as legacy headsets. I guarantee at least 2 of the 3 features if not all will included on the 2nd PS4 patch. I also use this feature for my home theater that's why we've been adamant about getting further information. It will be enabled on the PS4. Just know Sony is listening the more you demand a feature the more they'll try to make...

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We're just reporting the news I'm pretty sure someone though that IGN sounded crazy at one point as well. Thanks for the response though we appreciate all feed back positive and negative :)

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Adding a heart to your container isnt exactly what hes talking about by "Leveling System" and He used Skyrim as a example as having a massive open world.

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