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Didn't KZ3 have mechs in their MP? Yes I think they did...oh and Crysis 3 also had mechs in their MP as well and gameplay that is very similar to what can be found in TF. But like you said TF has totally original gameplay... totally.

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Good. It'll keep the box priced high and give Sony the edge.

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I love how I get 2 disagrees for providing a better version of the clip. lol

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I love the look of this game. I'll be picking it up without question.

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Here's the uncompressed non sh*tty youtube version of the video above.(951MB)!tZZQ2b...

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And it's not just the graphics that look amazing but the gameplay/gunplay look equally as impressive.

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There is cloaking but if you pay attention to the vid @1:28 you can see that the shield helps to detect cloaked enemies.

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And it's running at 1080p/60fps! No, my body is not ready for this, it's too much!

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If it's lacking on the PS4 then it'll look even worse on the Xbone.

And it looks like IGN is fishing for hits.

"Though the PS4 build was in a pre-release state, it provided a window into the game’s visual strengths. The environments shimmer with eye-catching details, from billo...

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Dice dev confirms the info is false.

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You got your little information from this video am I right?

I read that article and no where in that piece did DICE make the claim that the Xbone would have the "definitive version" of their game. That article has since been removed by the way did you know that?

No what it actually said was that they saw a slight perf...

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god damn the lighting looks amazing.

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Oh f**k not this sh*t again. I can't believe this dude is trying to argue this BS again...the cloud. :lol

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1mill+ in about 2 1/2 months is pretty damn impressive. And we still have several months to go. But have you noticed how MS hasn't officially announced any numbers at all yet? lol

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So now that it's been confirmed that KZ:SF MP will be running at 60fps and look visually stunning I have to ask why does Titanfall look so current gen? Is it because of the hardware? The DDR3 RAM?

KZ:SF running at 60fps

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Check the video below and you tell me if the MP visuals don't look mind blowing.

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GG has insured that KZ MP will live on for a long time to come. Yes I'm so happy! :D

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GG dev confirms that the MP is 60fps!!!!! OMFG!!!

video of MP running at 60fps

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Ban this as*hole already.

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Don't click on that link it's spam.... you spamming POS. Die! Die! DDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!

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