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"Ok here's a quick crash course on how game development actually works.

We're seeing two different things right now...

That NFS picture is not what he's talking about in the OP's tweet. They are clearly running the PC version of the game with a PS4 controller.

What the OP is talking about is PS4 games running on a devkit instead of a "retail" console.

First of all this is complete bullshit. T...

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If the Xb1 passed cert months ago then why is this being talked about today? Oh because no one cared about the xb1 and this info back then and they still don't today. heh

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When a company announces that it's going to ship to 21 countries and then turns around and lowers that number down to 13 there IS something wrong because companies don't do that kind of thing just for the f**k of it.

So MS with its billions and billions of monies can only manage 13 regions while Sony who's about to go out of business next week can manage 32? Sure...OK.. whatever. lol

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"This comment is solely in regards to detecting movement in a 3D environment and nothing else"

That's the whole point of Kinect is it not or does it have other uses that I'm not aware of? lol

because to accurately track objects in a 3D space you really should be using two cameras instead of one.

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There's nothing controversial about it's just the god's honest truth. xD

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massive in size but not in power. PS4 still reigns supreme. :P

PS4 > Xbone

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"it was interesting to hear that Sony feels they probably won’t experience manufacturing shortages with the PlayStation 4."


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Gaf breaks it down...nothing has changed it's still...

PS4 > Xbone :D xD :P :3 :O

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there's footage of bf4 running on the PS4?

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"How does the Alpha version of BF4 play on PS4?"

I f**king hate IGN.

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Holie from Playstation Acess confirmed that PS4 demo at GC was running at 1080p/60fps @3:19

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"BF4 dev...the same devs showing BF4 with 16 player death matches on the PS4?"

The hell does that have to do with DS4/touch pad? :/

Blacklight, BF4, Bungie, have all said they prefer the sticks on the DS4....what's more is that they also like the touch pad because it gives them more options and allows them to do more things in-game.

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It's not all about graphics but it is kind of in point.

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The PS4 should get a copy since it's not an Xbone exclusive.

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on the issue of recoil

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How I wish these devs would release true 1080p source video instead of this crap. Although the game looks amazing you can't really appreciate all the little details in this blurry mess.

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100 games in the first year? my wallet is not ready! :( lol

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Really? Because their pre-order numbers say different. heh

PS4-exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall pre-orders outpacing Forza 5 and Ryse - Analyst

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