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Not significant but every little bit helps.

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They announced it today.

Sony's new HMZ-T3 wearable display gets 'wireless' option, easy smartphone connectivity and HD audio

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At this point it's in the beta stages not pre-alpha.

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Sony would destroy the Xbone if they came out with a VR headset or OR support. Sony is not f***ing around they're out for blood. :D

|Shuhei Yoshida
|I say Oculus, you say _ _ _ _?

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There's nothing at 1:35 but two dorks talking about halo.

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This is what people are complaining about. The animations are just god gen my @ss.

Not the same video but it's source and much, much better quality it's TDM vid, running at 1080p/30fps(950MB)!tZZQ2b...

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And the PS3 supported 7 but were there ever any games that actually supported that many players? Nope.

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"Microsoft, in contrast, is letting gamers play actual Xbox Ones"

Sure they are... lol

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Nah you can tell this dude isn't much of a gamer, just look at the Dying Light(& AC4) vids that he submitted on here...running into walls, couldn't jump properly, awful instincts and kept getting lost. It's not a big deal but to put the blame on the DS4 is really unfair.

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poor guy at least he tried. lol what's important here is the footage and I have to say the movements and visuals look a lot sharper than the IGN demo they gave a couple of weeks back.

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It was painful to watch these videos the person playing was freakin' awful. lol The game looks amazing though and the lighting is so damn good.

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Ryse looks pretty good??? Is he serious? lol

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You guys ready for some new SS gifs/shots?
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PS3 has too many games! Stupid Sony thanks a lot. :(

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I can't believe MS is forcing people buy that laggy piece of chumps got played.

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I'll just leave this here

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and yet Scott Lowe from IGN was bitching about the PS4 being nothing but PC devkits and then this blows up in his face. lol

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Everything is so shiny lookin'. ^^

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full HD video my @zz, it's recorded off screen. lol

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