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That so freaking

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Killer Instinct 720p/60fps
BF4 720p/60fps
Forza 5 less cars than Forza 4, no real time weather or day/night even global sad
Dead Rising 3 "We're targeting 30 frames a second," lol

man please...

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If this doesn't come to PC I'm screwed since I've already sold my PS3. :'(

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for those that don't know how

' +' <----click on site name and then select WTF and No. Done.

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"You know the funny thing here though, is that it has TV in it's name, but its main focus is games not the other way around."

Oh snap! It's funny cause it's true. heh

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bu..but why would you guys want this game on the Xbone? I thought you said that the gameplay/graphics were subpar? lol

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"I realize that just because the GPU has 50% more compute units than the bone's doesn't equate into 50% better performance."

lol! This is unfreaking real. The level of denial by xbox users is off the freaking charts. xD

And read the rest of the thread to understand why Penello is being a deceitful little *****.

By the way if you have a min please go upvote this it's getting downvoted to hell by all the xbox fanboys over there. Thnx!

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they've been like that since the beginning all the way back to Steve/Apple it's not going to stop now.

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They have to release a next gen version because that's the only way that I'll be able to play it. :(

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Oh now it's 30%. -_- It's still 40%.. but nice try MS.

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We're sorry... sorry.

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sorry but this gen dragged on a little bit to long for me so I'll be gaming on my shiny new PS4 on day 1!

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hahaha +1

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the game is an absolute beast. will definitely pick it up when it drops.

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Penello has resorted to lying now I see. I've now officially lost all respect for this company.

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4 > 1

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PS4 dev posted this vid last night, it does work with win7 but I hope Sony decides to release official drivers.

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720p never looked so good. :)

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