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DICE dev has already stated that BF4 on PS4 is running above is it 1080? 1440? We'll find out soon enough I guess but it's definitely not 720p.

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copy/paste from user over on gaf. any game would struggle to keep fps over 60 during moments like these...even BF4 running at 720p.

"if you have 24 players all throwing nades at the same time with distractibility we have, it won't run 60fps"

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Having the fps jump around from 60-30 for those few secs is still better than having it locked at 30fps. Your eyes will not detect anything until it goes below maybe 35fps and even then if it holds and runs smoothly you won't notice a thing...the problems start once it drops below 30 that's when things get ugly.

And he's talking about it dipping slightly below 60 on occasion during the most intense gameplay which is simply amazing.

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Well I've been gaming on the PC for a number of years as well and unless you have top of the line card in your box your fps will fluctuate and drop below 60fps often during intense gameplay and that's just how it is for all hardware. PCs aren't immune to frame drops...they usually have to lower screen res, effects, lower AA and other options in order to get it to run smoothly.

I'll take the occasional dip below 60fps to what the other guys are offering no ques...

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Of course you'll be able to customize it.

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It's called desperation.



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AMD and Valve just saved PC gaming.

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Thanks man!

(stream is a bit laggy T_T)

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public demo comes out Oct 1st so don't worry if you can't get a code now.

live stream of the demo here and it looks amazing. looks like a PS4 title. :O

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Gaf breaks down the PR spin

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He's asking about resolution and you post articles that don't even touch on that issue. WTF

I've heard countless Dice devs state that the Xbone version is config to run at 720p/60fps over the past few months.

And this tweet here from a Dice dev corrects false info that BF4 on PS4 resolution will be the same as Xbone.

"To clarify: BF4 running at a higher resolution than 720p in the PS4 dev environment. Final resolution when th...

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better version here.. yt is garbage.

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Deep Down 1080p/60fps, says hello!

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Wish I could live in Japan. :(

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They're actually talking about GTA 6 not 5. RS could still port over a proper updated version of GTA5 for the PS4.

"GTA 5 is coming at the end of the console cycle. Does the advance of technology interest you? Do you think, 'Oh wow, what will GTA 6 look like on a PS4?'

Of co...

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Nah I think I'll go ahead and keep my PS4 pre-order thank you very much. I'm sick of this gen and all the amazing games Sony's been showing off lately has me beyond hyped. I aint waitin' for sshhhht.

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dat gameplay combined with dat 60fps/1080p is simply amazing!

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