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watch the whole thing though it's great....a bit graphic at the end so if that's not your thing then stop it at 5:18.

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Hell yeah.

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I've been playing since late last night with very little lag. I highly recommend you bypass your router and connect the cable modem straight to your PS3 instead. After I did that I was able to connect/play without problem.

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When that game finally does come out, they're going to sell a buttload of PS4s for Sony.

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And I'm sure you'd be saying the same thing if it was the PS4 that couldn't do 1080p/60fps, right? Yeah right...

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It's pretty shocking that Xb1 users are willing to pay $60 for just multiplayer.

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Xb1 users should really be pissed with MS for sacrificing performance for a stupid pointless device like Kinect.

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oh look the examiner just so happened to write up piece explaining how the PS4 would get the definitive version of WD..what a coincidence. :/ hit whore, nothing more.

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umm..because they were using the DS4 for all their demos?

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Let me know if it runs smoothly...dat feel of 30fps.

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why the best kind of course.

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we saw it running smoothly.... with no shadows and muddy textures. dat 720p goodness.

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wow 500k have already signed the petition?

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Forza 5 Gameplay video(HD)

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I want to touch one so bad. >.<

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And yet when you look at a game like The Division which is next gen only, it runs at 1080p/60fps and is open world.

MGSV which is a cross gen game will run at 1080p/ I can't understand why WD can't run at 60fps.

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Relax people damn.

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OMG did you see the lack of shadows in the XB1 version....yikes! And it's running at 720p too!

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