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Did the site add any new info from link I provided above? No. And blogs aren't allowed on N4G..especially ones that rehash old info.

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A proxy server is still a server this is not P2P. Somethings are done on the server and others locally on your PS4, that does not make this a P2P system! Hit detection will be fine, no lag, no host migration. The above blog spam info is old and provides no new additional info and is simply finishing for hits.

How the f*** did this blog spam get approved? o.O

COD:Ghost will use the same type of servers but you don't see these people creating videos/article...

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here's the complete set.

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Why is it infamous again? :/

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That's nothing, check out the comments for XB1 BF4 vid. lol

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^^^ This.

I'm not really feeling the gameplay at all. Looks like Sony made the right decision backing Destiny over BF4.

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'High-profile' Microsoft employees victims of Xbox Live hacks

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PS4 version no question.

"Ubisoft Explains PS4 Version of Assassin’s Creed 4, Will Have Superior Waves And Wind Simulation"

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So what do you say people, is this the absolute worst console launch in history?

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Sold out in both France and Germany? Whoa!

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Forza with it's dull lighting. lol

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DICE dev says different.

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And yet Killer Instinct runs at 720p/60fps, Ryse 900p/30fps What the hell is the point of that massive CPU if it can't help increase graphics/res/fps.

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Go to PS3 Demos > Beta > BF4

And it looks like alright..both version look meh to me. I can't wait to see what the PS4 version looks like.

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"The amount seams to increase the better you are at intimidating the store clerk on your microphone at home, so feel free to yell into it as often as you’d like. There is no direct connection here and the last sentence is mainly me just lying to you, but it’s going to sound a lot funnier for everyone else if you're yelling at a fictional character on TV. You can thank me later."

This dude is funny. xD

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More worthless click bait BS.

"They haven't forced anything.

A lot of these bundles are recent developments, and it's not so simple to just say 'we're going to allocate 50% consoles only and 50% bundles only' or some nonsense. There are only so many units that can be manufactured. Certain retailers are offering bundle options to consumers as alternatives first before some of them start offering them to all other customers. It's to...

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"Tracking lost reposition yourself in the Kinect sensor window"

lol yeah because that's what you want to concern yourself with during a firefight a kinect tracking issue.

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Oh wow I tried to update to the latest patch and it froze my PS3 in a black screen, I had to unplug the power to get it to work again. What the f_ck RS!!

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video game violence and the realistic stuff you see in BWE are very, very different...but I get what you mean. ;)

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sorry to hear that my friend but it worked for me.

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