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God damn that was quick... it went from "not showing the game in the best possible way" and "it's all MS fault" just yesterday to "it's all done now and we're moving on to bigger and brighter things" today!

MS is the biggest pimp in the industry. Keep hustling MS, keep pimping these fools. lol

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downgrade from 1080p(if it ever was running at that res)to 900p...30fps...problems coding for the hardware is all I see when I look at Ryse. Sorry MS but I'm not buying it.

Crytek Admits Microsoft Had To Rewrite Xbox One Code To Run Software

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"They had no idea that Sony was as far along as they were. They had no idea that Sony had better specs. They had no idea (nor did we) that they were also behind in RAM. The stories are second hand from third party people who talk to people at MS but they all have said the same thing... Microsoft was coasting along looking at late 13 / early 14 release and thought they had the upper hand on Sony who was only now just starting to make money on the PS3 and would be behind them, most likely ...

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Stay focused Sony! You got this!

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It's been in development for 5yrs and it still needed more time on top of that? wtf

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There's no way in hell I could wait 2-3 years(!) to get a PS4, with Killzone, infamous SS, PlanetSide 2, War Thunder, DriveClub, The Division and the rest coming out over the next weeks/months. I need to play them as soon they're released.

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Good news everyone! N4G is allowing annon rumor articles to return once again to N4G. So says our lord and savior to all my Sony ponies out there lets get to work.

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Not going to spoil it for myself, I think I'll just wait for Sony to post up an official vid.

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I love how you're trying to mislead people here and leave out the fact that Killer Instinct is sub HD and runs at 720p. lol

Every single game on the PS4 except for BF4 is 1080p. Fact!

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Hell no.

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I'm glad this bald headed moron is no longer with Sony.

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MP levels are a lot smaller compared to SP.

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Yup...SP is running at 1080p 30fps and multiplayer 1080p 60fps.

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1440p vid! nice gameplay looks like fun.

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The majority of what's talked about in the vid will not be available on current gen consoles. This along with 1080/60fps are the reason to upgrade to next-gen hardware.

Now please STHU and go away and do something else other than try and troll PS4 articles.... no reason to upgrade. heh

Building a Next-Gen Open World | Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
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No reason to buy this on next gen hardware? Are you kidding?

How about the most important reason...1080/60fps.

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for those that don't know that's the training area where users can practice before jumping into a live multiplayer match and the reason why the graphics looks kind ot toned down. This is what the MP levels will actually look like.

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Why does MS ignore the rest of the freaking insulting.

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Dude has been on Gaf for over 10yrs if his predictions where really that bad then the mods over there would have banned him long ago.

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Wow... O.O
"I can back the CBOAT up on a few of his points.

The story out of nearly every person I know in the industry, outside of Sony (as Sony employees wouldn't know this), is that the February reveal of the PS4 was a jab to the face of Microsoft.

They had no idea that Sony was as far along as they were. They had no idea that Sony had better specs. They had no idea (nor did we) that they were also behind in RAM. The stories are second han...

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