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"Playing Alien: Isolation, Heroes of the Storm, Mortal Kombat X, Limbo (PSV)"


If anything, I think it shows how they want to invest (not just monetarily, but also in regards to design etc.) as little as possible, rather than offer the widest AC experience possible.

As you suggested, Brotherhood was one of the pinnacles of the series, lots or new things in SP and they introduced the MP (although it had its troubles).
Moreover it introduced a unique and peculiar way to play MP, that I honestly really miss.

This isn't about be... #1.1.2
I don't really know about this person, but when you mention "simplifying the game's controls for women" it gives me the shivers.
Incidentally it's also the opposite of feminism.

I am not a female gamer, I am a person that loves and enjoys games. I want developers to put their best in their games and play on the fields they're most comfortable with.

Woman are sensual, woman can easily be sexy or seductive. I don't see it a... #5
Well, I'm not a Nintendo gamer, so to speak, I haven't played any of its franchises, didn't grow up playing Nintendo games.
I do have a 3DS (and DSXL) because I love Layton, however I never got the Wii because I wasn't too interested in most of its games.

However, WiiU has backward-compatibility.
If Nintendo were to release a new kind of bundle including a WiiU console + 2 standard controllers (not the WiiU large controller) for like 200/250$ I... #12
Also, the casual market is NOT composed of the people that allows the industry to produce game that cost tens of millions of dollars, which is still the very core of the industry, thankfully.
Beware, I don't mean indies and such are less important, but it's the big names that make the industry and can support large events and so on, if you know what I mean. #7.1
To be honest I haven't sunk my teeth in the single player yet (not enough time for both), I only just started and played for maybe half an hour.

The start isn't bad at all, it looks gorgeous and the animations are so smooth, but it's definitely much too early to make any meaningful comment!

I still remember very vividly the beginning of KZ2 (quite impressive for its time) and enjoyed both KZ2 and KZ3 campaign (probably KZ3 a little more, I really lik... #2.1
I think that the ability for the gamer/consumer to get a refund would work MUCH better than not buying a game.

For example, I'm totally pissed off with the lack of a party system in Battlefield 4, it makes it excruciating to play with friends.
Who could have imagined something like that? Lots of people buy a game certain to get something, if it's not the case they should be entitled to bring it back. Having hundreds or thousands of Battlefield returned would... #2.3
I have to say I absolutely LOVED playing this game co-op, in fact, I think it's one of my fav co-op experiences, together with Resistance 3 and Gears of War 2.

It was fun, challenging and, honestly, pretty good overall. Sure the levels needed to be cleared to count, which was quite a task at highest difficulty, but it was a pleasant one.

I think that the decision to call this Syndicate hasn't done any good to a game that was pretty good overall, had a... #4
Absolutely, in fact it's not because they are art, but because they are a mass product.
The more independent and niche the games, the lesser the constraints.

Erotic and porn ART do exist (Sorayama or Manara are prime examples), so, for example, it's certainly not because games are considered an art form that showing a boob is such a no-no :). #2.1
Spoiler alert: lame writer. #8
Apart from the graphics, the multiplayer may also be worth a ten :). #6.1
I only read the part regarding the multiplayer, because I haven't played the single player campaign and I don't want any spoilers (I am that romantic :)) but couldn't agree more.
In KZ teamplay is always at the core of it, even if you don't want to be a team player and the classes are all extremely cool and well balanced. Some abilities are more versatile than others (no problem about that) and I also like very much how you can update/change your loadouts on the fly.... #1
I wonder why Raymen Origins instead of Legends? It's basically Origins under steroids with so much more content.

Deus Ex this close to Vanquish sounds like an insult to me :P, but that's because it's probably in my top5 while Vanquish had cool combat you'd enjoy for the first few hours, but that was basically it. #1
I see your point there but I also agree that a game such as Killzone isn't primarily created or bought for the story.
I mean, when I want a good story with awesome characters I play Uncharted (I also read the books and they have the same tune and feeling).
What KZ needs to do, for me, is blowing me off and it does.
Personally I think such a game should be rated separately for the online and SP campaign. It really depends on he person though on what's important... #5
I've been a huge fan of Killzone MP, perhaps my fav of multiplayer shooters, I've played a lot KZ2 (also did the 1% thing) and also played and enjoyed KZ3.
Shadow Fall is different from the previous titles but it's still Killzone: aggressive and tactic and simply awesome.

It's hard to beat Killzone maps design and it's awesome how the different classes really play so different and how much teamplay counts even in a game that's so frantic.
I'm loving SF to bits but I agree on missing the features you list. #7.2
I agree that micro-transactions, meaningful ones I mean that have impact on the game, not just trivial, merely esthetic ones (that one can easily do without) shouldn't have a place in retail games.
I mean, in Killzone shadowfall there a pink zebra skin you can purchase for your bots, by no means it changes anything in the game, so I'm fine with that. You feinitely don't need to spend those 2$ if you don't care but when you have to actively purchase game content for a 6... #2
Well, not really. A blog should be more like a small essay.
Talk about and interesting subject with at least some depth and be the base for some discussion. #1.1
Can't wait to play Warframe as well :)!! #2
That seems to be a Dutch say but... I guess how it came to be O_O'. #7
Let's be honest though, opinions may be opinions but for a game to get a 5 score it should be basically unplayable as in: "plagued by bugs, frame-rate issues" and so on.
If something works maybe it won't shine but a 5 means "insufficient".

If you make an English essay that doesn't say anything brilliant but it's written in good English you still get a 6 or 7. You will never get a 5.

So, basically, giving 5 to a gam... #1.8
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