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I seems that the first people that try the game out suck so hard. #3.1
Chocolate milk! #1.1.22
1553d ago by TheCampfireSong | View comment | Trolling
Shuhei is awesome #2
wow that was late #3
They should be around 30 bucks. #6
I love Valve, i wish i can hug Gabe. #16
30k people on UC2 and full lobbies in kz2. #2.2.1
didn't play the first one, but pre-purchased the second one because it does look very good plus i love WW2 games. #4
i liked the way the health system was in RFOM. #4.2
Kevin Butler #1
Why do these things get approved, this site really needs a Huge overhaul. #58
No, i want to kick my xbox avatar's face so hard i can't stand looking at those "things"

At least Home's avatars are "Human Size" LMAO #6.1
I use cable 15MB connection, the reason why it's shit is because im capped at 90gb after that i get charged. #2.1.1
It will be much more successfull because their internet isn't as shit as Ours (North America). #2
Half the people on that game use aimbots. #2.1
That made me chuckle =P #7.1.1
It's fun actually, i really like chain reaction, kinda reminds me of the WAR mode in World at War. #3
Yep ,sleep creates more awareness, when you're tired you loose that and start sucking and having a good breakfast helps alot. #7
everyone makes fun of his weight. #24.2
We would need to download a shit ton of updates!! #2.1.1
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