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If it helps developers fund their next game I'm all for it. #17
The only problem I ever had with the XMB was it could be super slow at times. Otherwise it's my favorite ui of any console I ever used. #8
Being a fan of one doesn't mean you hate the other. #6.3
I'd rather have linear packed with things to do than open and boring. Depends on the developer. #18
When it comes to social elements Xbox live, value for money goes to PSN. Though games for live makes it very close. #13
I have to re-up my live this weekend. #22
I remember er when Uncharted 3 and Gears 3 came out it was like a love fest between the two de developers. #17
For almost the first full year of the PS2 (arguably the best console ever made) was a really cheap DVD player. #17
I want a Nintoaster. #5
Crimson Skies! #8
As long as it's fun I'm fine. #19
You're the best mod in the world. #4.4
More for less always sounds good to me. #17
Not true, he has killed. #6.1.1
He killed plenty in the comics. #6
Ignore coolbeans, there is no forum. #8.1.2
The winner is me, thank you guys. #11
Since I'm a little of both, I'll take that complimant. #22
The Sega Master System was pretty underrated. #10
Did not think of that till right now. Derp. #9.2.1
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