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The PS2 helped but ultimately it was Sega that caused their own downfall. They splintered their own fan base by supporting the Master System, Genesis and the Sega CD at the same time, that led to many top publishers abandoning them. EA being the biggest. Then they released the Saturn out of no where surprising everyone, including developers and reatail partners. By the time the Dreamcast was released publishers and gamers had had enough. #7.1
I wonder if they do "win" the holidays if they will go back on their statement of shipped units not being important. #30
Still waiting for one with Master System. #8
That makes me feel old. #6.1
I kind of like it, the controller not so much. #25
Some of the best games I have played over the past nine years have been indies. Too many blow everything up games for mr, they bring a nice balance. #3
I have been guilty of unplugging the controller from the console while losing. Can't do that any more. #10
Those cars are made of flint and gasoline. #6
I do enjoy saving. #2
I want to buy this so bad, have never bought a collector edition but would so fast with this one. It all depends. #14
Did you sell your 360 but keep all your games? #7.1.2
Or you can just continue playing them on the 360. #7
"Lol. who cares what PS4 numbers will be?"

Developer/publishers. #2.2
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Imagine if they put together a FF7 bundle. #7
I used to love these things when I was a kid. I had like three of them. #1
The modern gamer is a terrible person with horrid taste in video games. #12
There was a Superman arcade games that was pretty fun. #5
If it's not turn based it's not FF7. #4
Looks nice but no way will I pay a buck fifty + for a controller. #17
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