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Totally with you on the last part! Bring it on :D #4.1.1
I bought the first two from the trilogy and I have to say, even though I only got about half way through the first one before getting bored and quitting there is a lot of good things about those games.

I think Square just needs to tweak the formula a bit. I love the presentation and feel of the world and characters they create. I'll even let the story pass. That gameplay was a nightmare for me though. Later in the first of the three some encounters took FOREVER and they t... #4
Me and my roommates bought destiny day one and played it 2-3 days straight and beat it and now I'm totally disappointed in it. I only played it as much as I did hoping it would get better towards the level cap and then it just ended abruptly.... It's totally based around waiting around for more content in the form of dlc... I feel like that's bogus. I lose interest in games if I have to shelve them for a while. Only sure what activisions 500 million was for, must have been mostly... #1.30
Even though the prices are still crazy, they aren't nearly as bad as they once were. I just got a 64 gb card for 100 dollars. Compare that to the 60 dollar sd card I bought for my 3ds and it isn't too crazy. When the 32 gb card was around 130 though......... #1.1.7
Samesies :) #7.1
@redwin I only have a ps4, and bought the remaster even after playing it a bunch on my ps3. And although it is great, I'm really wishing I could play sunset overdrive :/ being a hardcore insomniac fan from the beginning and even sticking up for Fuse(although it wasn't great), Sunset Overdrive looks like an amazing game. It's also a new next gen experience so I'd go with that. Especially if you've already played TLOU. If not, you best go with that. Probably my favorite game... #1.1.17
One of the biggest reasons to not take the jump to next gen was from software with dark souls 2... Now they will be one of the biggest reasons TO make the jump with bloodborne... Good job from haha. #1.1.5
Whoever took the videos leaked earlier today strung them together and laid the demons souls openening theme over them... The videos leaked with no audio man :P #1
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I never win stuff, but what the hell, I loooove the Last of Us :P #330
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Nice intro haha. #1
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Omg haha. Good eyes sir. Good eyes :) #20.1
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I don't see these results as worrying at all. If anything there is a lot of positive to take from this. We knew most of the games released so far wouldn't appeal to the Japanese audience and the console still sold great.

It will be exciting to see how hardware sales are when big hitting software is released.

I think the Japanese audience is very well informed as a whole in terms of software releases and a lot of the time they will wait for appealing s... #4
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Crisis Core was amazing. Don't hate :) #8.1.1
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Well if they don't want me to play it on my vita, at least put it on my 3ds.... I can't stand touch controls. They are going against the core gamers that give them their huge FF sales numbers. It just sucks... #3.1.5
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Being it's made by Sony i'm gonna bet it does arrive on our shores. I think they have heard we want some jrpgs and the likes so i'd hope they wouldn't be jerks of that caliber.... #2.1
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It is technically a psp game though, not built natively for vita from what I understand. Being able to play Psp releases on Vita is cool, but not having the crispness and the power of the vita behind these new games is a little disappointing. #2
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I see a lot of people complaining about this as if everyone loves 13 and 13-2... I thought they were alright, but a bit sterile and boring, Lightning returns actually has me suuuuuper excited. They are throwing so many options at us. The ability to explore the world freely and more control over lightning and all these customizing options with costumes and stuff. I'm loving it. You haters, just keep hating! #17
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I'm excited to see new ips from the teams that have been working on the same franchises all gen. Something new from Guerrilla sounds awesome, especially if it is a fantasy rpg like some have said. There is so much to be excited about in te next few months!! #1.1.7
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SAME! I became an instant fan after playing Disgaea 3 on vita and really wanted to play 4 but held off in hopes for this!!! Great morning news :D #1.1
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If you don't have internet connectivity, sony has the PS4 for you.... #5
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