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You guys are all dumb. #1.12
I'm super excited to get to play the first game with all of the improvements we have had over the years but the part of me that wants new ratchet games wonders where they will go from here. Do they keep remaking games or use this as a reboot and do whatever from here? #2.1
Uh it wasn't when this article first posted... Duh. #2.1.1
Holy cow! Yes please!

What a huge bite of gameplay for our first glimpse ever. And it wasnt even supposed to be seen by the general public. #2
Do it as long as you have the time. I notice the people that get eh about it cant dedicate enough time to get more than half way before they get impatient for an ending. You have to really get into the world and be there for the long haul. I think the second half of the game is very rewarding. #2.1
Being out of the two expansions this one was one third of the length of the other, I was kind of expecting to be underwhelmed by more of a tacked on dlc and it blew me away. Hearts of stone squares off with any questline from the core game and wins the vast majority. Cannot wait for the next. #1.2
I love when internet wizards seem to have all the wisdom. #28.1.1
Okay "real gamer" if you haven't realized, a lot of developers have gone way too far up their own asses with "Artsy Fartsy" games. Games that focus too much on the artistic vision lose what I would think is equally important which is design.

Coming from an artist, what I am seeing here looks completely unappealing because it is all art. There is nothing here that looks compelling as a consumer. A games unique art makes us feel like being in a world an... #24.1.1
And you do? Please... This looks like a very basic student project from an animation class. As a player of games and a lover of playstation, MM doesn't have much longer to show me something impressive until they are totally off my radar.

They claim people can just pick this, whatever it is, up and create their dreams and at this point i'm calling BS. It isn't and has never been that easy to create any sort of digital art without the process being streamlined to t... #10.1.1
What exactly is impressive? #17.1
Man, a 2 in my mind would suggest a completely unplayable game which this game obviously is not. Can't we come up with a way to keep troll sites out of here.... #1.1
Ign 78-82

Gamespot 70-90

Polygon 65-85

Game informer 80-90

Just the difference in marks between unity and syndicate from some of the bigger sites. Ubi must have just recently opened their wallets... Or maybe they just happened to make a better game... Nah that couldnt be it. #4.1.3
All of the negative reviews are coming from no name trash sites. Most of those reviews are written for clicks. Lets wait a little longer but from what I can see with these initial reviews, all the reviewers that I trust have scored it 8 or above... Good news for me because I love assassins creed.

Unity was such a disappointment after Black Flag. #4
Perhaps you have a point idk but it does depend on how much that person plays. I could see people putting 5 years of wear into a controller in that year if you compare it to an average player. I probably play more than the average player so when my ps4 controller went out on me after a year and change I didn't fault sony so much.

Unless someone proves that these companies are baking a lifespan into these controllers so we buy new ones I don't think this deserves any... #10.2.1
Isn't it natural for controllers to wear out and have issues? After a couple years I replace my controller for one reason or another if not just because it is a little loose in the stick department. Face it, if you're the type of gamer to play almost daily this shouldn't be a complaint. Nothing is new forever... #10
Lost my Wolven armor as well. But oh well i'll wait for a patch. This type of open world game has a lot going on and these kinds of things are what you have to deal with. #1.1.2
Now lets hope these numbers don't drop off too much. More Ps4s being sold in Japan mean more cool Japanese games for me :D #1.1.1
But thats my point. You don't get to choose. And not every character has that sex appeal that's why I give you the example of the last of us. I'm not even fighting your stance on a base level. I like when Devs do decide to base characters on practicality and make a grounded mature story. But once again it all starts with the design philosophy. They ask themselves "what do we want to make?" then they either answer,
"we want to make a serious mature story abou... #1.2.1
Well the thing you don't understand is games are an art form and the creators have a vision of whats cool and what forms are appealing to them. As an artist I understand this well. To call for developers to alter their design philosophies to fit a social acceptance is practically asking to censor art...

Artists make what artists want to make. It's your choice to look at it or not. Same thing happens in movies and every other visual art form. Get off your high horse.... #1.1.1
I love that Japan has no problem being so tongue and cheek. American writers and press drive me crazy almost daily it seems.

Regarding Quiet Kojima even referred to the internets reaction to her as reflecting MGS5's theme itself in that culture, language, and all the differences between countries make it impossible to ever see eye to eye.

While most of the American industry is up in arms about a bikini, Japanese gamers look at it for what it is. Another... #1
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