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The early demo that everyone hated on was the same one I played and being a guy that was pulling for this hard I was super sad after playing that original demo thinking that all of the nightmare scenarios were going to be true. My big worry was that in that particular demo they kept pulling me out of the gameplay too quickly and didn't give much to get a feel for the gameplay.

My bet is that they simply didn't feel like making a huge demo for the public. A lot of deve... #2.3
I loved gravity rush it's probably my favorite Vita game aside from Persona 4 Golden. But it's biggest flaws were the implementation of touchscreen and gyroscope. I don't feel like those added to that game. and the camera wasn't very tight with those vita sticks. Not to mention being on a smaller screen totally took away from the beautiful art and character models. Everything was so small on screen.

I just feel like for those reasons that game would adapt an... #7.1.1
Don't want to fight with anyone cuz i truly am a playstation fanboy in most regards and although I loved gravity rush, the sequel should definitely be on PS4. I love my vita but i can't help but feel like games that focus on using the sticks too much kill it. At least for me those sticks are kinda unwieldy for camera controls. My hands are super big so that may be the problem. I just find myself always wishing sony would somehow get people to make more games that feel handheld centric... #7
I totally agree with you. If it follows the course of action that TLOU or wolfenstien took last year in that they just knew what they wanted to be and were made very solidly I'd be extremely happy.

Games like Shadows of Mordor bringing amazing new systems to the table is awesome and totally welcome but there is room for both examples and I feel like RAD is a team that is great at the former. The God of war games they made didn't invent any new systems but cinematical... #2.1.4
Not having an xbox one i'm kinda jelly of Scale Bound. That's about it from those you listed, but between that and sunset overdrive I kinda wanna get one. #1.1.18
Hey, I'm a huge killzone 2 and killzone 3 fan but didn't get my ps4 at launch. At this point for some reason I haven't picked it up but I have also heard the community is totally dead... Then these updates just keep getting churned out. Basically I'd love the opinion of someone who has been playing since launch on just what the state of the multiplayers community is. Thanks in advance :) #5.1
That is smart practice now days period. #1.5.1
You seem sour... #12.1.2
I honestly agree with him. I feel like drive club wasn't a big enough disaster on a big enough game to really hurt their reputation. When you put everything in perspective I think it is and will be looked at as just a small blip. I haven't yet had the negative ambiance surround the thought of Sony as I have with companies like EA or Ubisoft concerning their respective mishaps.

I don't know if the reason is because I think of all of sony's developers as sepera... #1.1
Well I just finished the PS4 version of unity and for me the whole game was super duper buggy compared to past entries and the last 2 hours of the game it broke like 6 times and slowed a ton. I absolutely love the assassins creed series, and don't hate Ubisoft, but from my experience this game was a big letdown. I can't wait to play rogue though. I think I want to wait and see if it will be on ps4 though. #1.5
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Someone's angry... #1.6.1
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how did you get refunded? i'd like to see some of that action come my way... #1.1.1
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Oh shut up. I'm so sick of these articles trying to make developers out as bad guys. Development teams are full of people who want to deliver awesome gaming experiences and all everyone wants to do is try and make every single semi-negative thing be a title headline. Most of these things that people are complaining about in terms of FPS and resolution are insanely insignificant to a game developer compared to the insanely intricate mechanics and art they put into these games. Hell, i'... #1
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"On screen assets" those are all that matter. If assets in terms of more on screen npc's, particle effects, texture detail, and animation were taken out for parity it is a whole other conversation. With that said though, it is unrealistic to ask for those kind of changes or even changes as small as resolution to be considered by most multi platform developers. It all has to do with the law of diminishing returns.

And to get back to the on screen assets just so p... #118.1.1
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I'm a playstation fan all the way. You guys are all whiney crybabies... the game will be fun and that's what it is all about. It's not about your copy being slightly better than what's on the opposing system. I try to bite my tongue in comment sections because it won't matter what I say to all of you but geez. It's just frustrating. #118
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Totally with you on the last part! Bring it on :D #4.1.1
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I bought the first two from the trilogy and I have to say, even though I only got about half way through the first one before getting bored and quitting there is a lot of good things about those games.

I think Square just needs to tweak the formula a bit. I love the presentation and feel of the world and characters they create. I'll even let the story pass. That gameplay was a nightmare for me though. Later in the first of the three some encounters took FOREVER and they t... #4
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Me and my roommates bought destiny day one and played it 2-3 days straight and beat it and now I'm totally disappointed in it. I only played it as much as I did hoping it would get better towards the level cap and then it just ended abruptly.... It's totally based around waiting around for more content in the form of dlc... I feel like that's bogus. I lose interest in games if I have to shelve them for a while. Only sure what activisions 500 million was for, must have been mostly... #1.30
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Even though the prices are still crazy, they aren't nearly as bad as they once were. I just got a 64 gb card for 100 dollars. Compare that to the 60 dollar sd card I bought for my 3ds and it isn't too crazy. When the 32 gb card was around 130 though......... #1.1.7
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Samesies :) #7.1
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