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Same here and my firends weren't even in the beta so I was either solo or with randoms and it was awesome. #16.1
Totally agree with the writer. DON'T CHANGE THE DARK ZONE! I had so much fun in there in the beta. If people don't like it I just think it's more of an "this isn't for me" issue rather than a design flaw. I wasn't even sure if it was for me at first but securing loot and extracting it really isn't as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. #1
Yeah I agree. I will say though, the matchmaking for the medical center mission worked really well every time I tried it. I played it both solo and with 3 other guys and it went from being kinda boring to some pretty great fun. I'm hoping the games community is similar to the souls series. Where there will be griefers yeah but i'm hoping you will be able to hook up with random people as allies if need be in the dark zone or in single player missions and hopefully everyone will have th... #14.1
Although I'm an almost exclusive single player guy and did get outraged many times in the dark zone. It was kind of exciting for the most part. I kind of feel like that is exactly how things would be if the world was really that fucked. It was cool to try to hide in the shadows and avoid the griefers. The one this is as a guy playing straight and not grieving people you can always see where the rogues are on the map and for the most part there is always a group of do gooders trying to mow... #1.1.3
I would count ORAS as mainline just like FRLG and HGSS but I agree with Kalebninja that those titles don't demand the same attention and hype that the new games do. Especially ORAS because Ruby and Sapphire were my least favorite Pokemon games to begin with :/ #2.2.1
Ummm. X and Y were kinda momentous imo... and ORAS were good but remakes that I didn't really want and that was 2014 so we actually already took 2015 off :/ If we don't get a new mainline game in the fall i'd be pretty sad. I feel starved already after putting hundreds of hours into X and Y in 2013/2014. #1.1.2
The fact that they have such a good relationship with from you would think this would happen. I'd take any game though. It really sucks being a Gundam fan in the US. #2.1
I share your enthusiasm. I guess the super cool Kat statue available in other regions skewed my perspective a bit. Was hoping for some kind of physical preorder throw in when I saw the title. I would love some cool GR march. But like you said a free dynamic theme is better than nothing. #2.1
Ugh kinda lame, I got my hopes up. Thanks for saving me a click! #1.1
Doubt anyone on here care for this side of stuff, but I had to sell my sony a6000 camera and would love for them to announce it's successor! #6
All I want for black friday is an xbox one. Love my ps4 to pieces but there are a few gems I need to catch up on on the xbone! #89
You guys are all dumb. #1.12
I'm super excited to get to play the first game with all of the improvements we have had over the years but the part of me that wants new ratchet games wonders where they will go from here. Do they keep remaking games or use this as a reboot and do whatever from here? #2.1
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Uh it wasn't when this article first posted... Duh. #2.1.1
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Holy cow! Yes please!

What a huge bite of gameplay for our first glimpse ever. And it wasnt even supposed to be seen by the general public. #2
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Do it as long as you have the time. I notice the people that get eh about it cant dedicate enough time to get more than half way before they get impatient for an ending. You have to really get into the world and be there for the long haul. I think the second half of the game is very rewarding. #2.1
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Being out of the two expansions this one was one third of the length of the other, I was kind of expecting to be underwhelmed by more of a tacked on dlc and it blew me away. Hearts of stone squares off with any questline from the core game and wins the vast majority. Cannot wait for the next. #1.2
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I love when internet wizards seem to have all the wisdom. #28.1.1
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Okay "real gamer" if you haven't realized, a lot of developers have gone way too far up their own asses with "Artsy Fartsy" games. Games that focus too much on the artistic vision lose what I would think is equally important which is design.

Coming from an artist, what I am seeing here looks completely unappealing because it is all art. There is nothing here that looks compelling as a consumer. A games unique art makes us feel like being in a world an... #24.1.1
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