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Really?? I was one of the few that loved Watch Dogs but more for the gameplay and supporting cast. Everyone including me hated Aiden and most wrote the whole game off because of him.

So now we write articles sticking up for him?? Come on guys. But I could see him being the bad guy in this game honestly. I'd love to kill that dude.

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I think same could be said for God of War.

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None of those things would have helped. They screwed up as soon as they made a handheld that promised console like experiences. All of the games they made that are under that category felt terrible in comparison to actual console games. The screen size/sticks/button layout all make playing games like Uncharted or Gravity rush super cumbersome. I prayed that they would put the next Gravity Rush on ps4 and they are because it makes sense. There is a reason most 3ds games use simplified characte...

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I agree! It's also one of the few games along with Witcher 3 that gives us a developed character to role-play as instead of having to make a lifeless, generic player character like most open world rpgs. I can just never get behind that approach the same way.

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Watching the trailer and I start thinking to myself "man, I wish they had some other robo-dinos to show off that I haven't seen" then, BOOM! MOTHER-F***ING GIANT ROBOT CROCODILE!

Yes, Guerrilla, just yes.

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Will most likely be my game of the year if it is anything like Hearts of Stone

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What people don't get is you just have to learn how to play. Only way to make it easier is by basically letting you tank with your health or do more damage, but anyone who has a lot of experience with these games can tell you that it won't matter if you're careless because you will still die. There's just no way around needing to learn the level layout and enemy patterns. That is fundamentally what this game is and when you take the time to do that the games aren't really ...

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He is a sega fan. Easy explination of why he is so callused.

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FFX is so overrated... Get outta here.

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Eww... No...

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I'm in the process of replaying Dark Souls 2 in anticipation for dark souls 3. It's the only souls game I haven't plat'd and really need to :/

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I think Kojima is in love with American action stars and he wanted to meld what he does with a semi-iconic actor. I love everything Kojima makes but his humility is blinded by his ego.

It's a shame that most great minds have this issue.

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Same here. I feel like people thought it was cool to shit on it when it came out for some reason. If watch dogs 2 has a more enjoyable main character and don't kill off my favorite character i'll be super happy.

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My Resistance 2 plat is definitely the one im most proud of. I freaking love that series :'( RIP

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Yupp played it for the first time last month. Fucking awesome game. Loved Clara.

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@jb227 I can't believe I missed that trailer. Horizon is by far my most anticipated game and it really does confirm my beliefs that Killzone should have been a third person series. If you told me Horizon was the rebirth of the Killzone world thousands of years later i'd buy it from the look of the creatures and even the characters. I always loved killzone anyways but the mingling of Guerillas aesthetic mixed with a third person action/rpg is so amazing. I just hope the depth of the wo...

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Same here and my firends weren't even in the beta so I was either solo or with randoms and it was awesome.

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Totally agree with the writer. DON'T CHANGE THE DARK ZONE! I had so much fun in there in the beta. If people don't like it I just think it's more of an "this isn't for me" issue rather than a design flaw. I wasn't even sure if it was for me at first but securing loot and extracting it really isn't as hard as a lot of people make it out to be.

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Yeah I agree. I will say though, the matchmaking for the medical center mission worked really well every time I tried it. I played it both solo and with 3 other guys and it went from being kinda boring to some pretty great fun. I'm hoping the games community is similar to the souls series. Where there will be griefers yeah but i'm hoping you will be able to hook up with random people as allies if need be in the dark zone or in single player missions and hopefully everyone will have th...

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Although I'm an almost exclusive single player guy and did get outraged many times in the dark zone. It was kind of exciting for the most part. I kind of feel like that is exactly how things would be if the world was really that fucked. It was cool to try to hide in the shadows and avoid the griefers. The one this is as a guy playing straight and not grieving people you can always see where the rogues are on the map and for the most part there is always a group of do gooders trying to mow...

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