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TLOU was balanced when the matchmaking allowed it. The majority of the time however it wasn't. Which pisssed me off because I loved the format.

My friend has a wet string connection and is a TLOU online addict at level 140. When he comes to my house, he couldn't hit a barn door. #2.1.3
I binned it off after a couple of weeks. It was unplayable for me on a fibre connection. There was talk of tweaking the tick rate etc. but I wasn't holding my breath for more disappointment. The problem is matchmaking in general, not just this game.

The only game I have played that was even mildly playable was BLOPS 2 when selecting the "best connection" option. TLOU online was a tremendous MP in my opinion, but again, unplayable 90% of the time.

Build 'em up, knock 'em down.

The ease and affordability for almost anybody to produce a professional looking website nowadays, has allowed people worldwide to masquerade as journalists. Unfortunately, you can't buy integrity. #35
I played Dead Island and although I loved the combat and crafting, I drifted away from it quite quickly. I liked the vehicles though and hope they come to Dying Light as hinted in the video that popped up after the recent patch installed.

But it's the parkour that makes this game so much fun for me. #1.1.1
If you don't get too hung up on AA or lambast the quality of the story unnecessarily, it is an incredibly enjoyable game with very accomplished motion and a playground even more climbable than (the better polished) Infamous: Second Son. We also need more open world games where every building is enterable. Dying Light has both in spades. #1.2
DDOS is never funny. #7.1
Yawn... #19.1
Will be watching this progress enthusiastically. #1.1
I'm not defending anything. You are however talking crap. #11.1.2
You are right, but I would say that DriveClub in fact looks fantastic because it is locked at 30fps. But this isn't about DriveClub and its not comparing apples with apples.

Like orakle says, DriveClub has been good fun, but this is where real racing is at and the visuals look plenty nice enough to me. #5.1.1
They're not Indy cars and they're not mormally that loose on your couch, no.

In real life however.... #3
Yeah, I've noticed that a fair bit on replay videos. #10.1.1
Don't be a muppet. #11.1
This video shows exactly why I'm hyped for this game. No pushing to the front like arcade racers. You stand or fall by your driving ability, end of.

Been doing some rFactor 2 at our local sim driving centre. As a playstation gamer, it's been a real eye opener I can tell you. So glad PS4 is getting a real sim. #1
The physics look fine. In that view, driving with a controller as is obvious in the clip, you can't realistcally judge them anyway. Real sim enthusiast don't drive in that view. It's way too slow and easier to read the lines, so offers no realism and no real immersion.

Darren at Inside Sim Racing rates them as "proper sim" and that's more than good enough for me. #5.1
As someone who loves his karting, that looks really realistic. Can't wait!

And it will let me tailor my T300RS to 180°, the only downfall of DriveClub as far as I'm concerned. #1.1.1
Lol! Funny bubble up #5.1.1
I just want to be able to lose that glare. I have highly light sensitive eyes. It's weird driving flat out fir half the race, then virtually driving blind when the track turns toward the sun. I have to set the time to midday but can't on multiplayer.

I want it realistic, but not dehabilitating! #1.1
Gotta love Yorkie, he posts some great and REAL racing. Well worth a subscription. But I think turning off ABS and traction control was part of the problem there. I will be turning off all of the driver assists (steering/braking etc) but I can't imagine realistically turning off ABS in real life? Traction Control perhaps.

Still, looks the business physics wise. Roll on April I say. :) #8
Looking again, it was definitely a mistake going up the box instead of down. You can quite clearly see the shift up to sixth on the steering wheel a second before frantically trying to downshift but the traction was already gone.

Mishap aside, I wish I could drive my Thrustmaster T300RS like that. #12
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