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This video is private? 😣 #2
Hee Hee! Bubble up. 🐗 #4
I can't wait for the Order 1886, but you are correct, this video certainly does not show off what it really looks like. Can't understand the disagrees.

The earlier demos looked great graphically and I was hoping for a new one. #1.3
"InFamous: Second Son is good but unmemorable — essentially the diner food of video games. It's well made, enjoyable, safe, and it has a likeable cast of characters. However, it doesn't do anything beyond the expected, it lacks variety and reach, and there are a few problems, such as the lackluster morality system. In the end, it's a very beautiful but extremely textbook sequel."

This is a particularly subjective review.

It does exactly... #1
Well written review. Just need to find somewhere that still has a copy on the shelf (UK). :( #1
Then I suspect t you are in for a rather big shock. And don't use game design to compare visuals. Watchdogs has vehicles, Infamous has flying 200 feet in the air and coming down like a mini atom bomb. Neither is relevant to the quality of a games rendering. #9.1.1
Several users reported issues? Shit the bed! #1.2.1
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Seriously's a reference to infamous.

Coal > Cole? #46.1
This cole reference may turn out to be their most infamous to date. #1.4
Resogun #1.1
I agree, though I think it's a beta. I'm waiting for the rumoured ground forces version. I just can't fly simulation style and enjoy it.

The wierd thing is, if fighter pilots are the best of the best, why would you expect millions of gamers to take to it? #6.1.2
Review? Seen more balance in half a seesaw. #4.1
The reviewer is not very bright, to be sure, to be sure. #1.2
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"Whilst it looks fantastic, the graphics and voice acting are all the short campaign has going for it. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game with such pathetic pathfinding and so many insta-deaths. The pacing is bizarre, with entire levels with nothing to actually shoot..."

It’s been a long time since I've read such an amateur review. #3
And as the company's business development manager, he can of course be trusted to offer an unbiased opinion on performance.... #1.2
Thanks for the heads up. I had ready discovered most of it, but you are right, as it's not activated by default some people wouldn't notice for a long time. And the PS button double tap was a new one on me, thanks. #11
Other than some slightly cliché script writing at times, this is a great game. The absence of auto aim makes the firefights more satisfying too. And it really does look incredible.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it. #4.2.1

From a gameplay perspective, not if the headshot multiplayer is at 2x.

It seemed reasonably random and the frame by frame comparison of the health bar showed something was obviously amiss. #1.3
1080p makes all the difference, without exception. A game like Far Cry 3 didn't need to add anything to the gameplay and is plenty big and open enough for most people. It just needed to be better visually on console. On next gen I shouldn't have to choose between the two. I demand both, but would rather compromise on a locked 30fps @ 1080p than 720p @ 60fps.

A Ferrari with it's engine removed, still looks like the dogs bollocks. #5.1
Here we go again. Can't we just concentrate on getting launched before we discuss gaming in 2018? :/ #2
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