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Lol. Very good! Bubble up. #7.1
I agree. Personally, The Last of Us is without doubt the best game I've ever played. The balance beween scavenging and crafting, and the frequency of items left for you within the environment (bottles, bricks etc.) was very good. But I did feel weapon upgrade tables to be pretty uninspiring. Probably (as you say) because they were so few and far between.

UC4 can't come soon enough for me. #10.1
Weird..... #1
Does anybody actually check these articles before approving them? Jeez. #1
Still, at least you're alright..... #9.1
"It is quite unfortunate that AMD's GPU driver support is lacking in the necessary and consistent support needed to uphold high visual fidelity at ultra resolutions.

Better? "

Yes, much better thank you.

But you've already shown your hand, by talking about "sucking ass" rather than discussing the new, and unequivocally innovative hardware that is about to be made available.

Excuse me if I take a ra... #5
There's always one, so congratulations. Now can we discuss it like adults? #2.1
Somebody needs to teach this guy about motor racing. :/

The wider the field of view (circuit racing) the lower the sensation of speed....until you reach a corner lol!

Notice how DriveClub tends to have closed in track perimeters, embankments, trees etc. That's why it feels faster. Just like rallying. Project cars is predominately circuit based, which feels slower, but quite obviously isn't.

I had to laugh at the comment about having... #4.3
"...way to prove you have no clue what you are talking about. "

Oh, the irony! #13.1.2
"Sort of, but whatever hit it hit it much harder than a mere car. It took maximum damage to all areas of the car within a single instant. Nothing, realistically should be able to do that, aside getting hitting into a wall and at the same time being slammed from behind perhaps.

Seems like it may not have even collided with anything (invisible or otherwise). It looks like the game just randomly registers 'maximum damage' and the video shows those effects."

I love this game, but it was really infuriating at the time and I was ready to set the T300 on fire, then bury it in the back garden!

After watching the replays though I had to laugh about it. :) #1.2.5
What, the OP or my vid?

On my vid you can clearly see the wheel is still going bonkers even after the car has come to a standstill.

Mental.... #1.4.1
After taking my wheel set up to a friends house and it working fine, I upgraded the firmware for my T300RS on my laptop, uninstalled Project Cars and reinstalled it. Then I even tried starting my PS4 in safe mode and rebuilding the data base, all to no avail. It was only when I realised that uninstalling the game hadn't uninstalled the save data that I finally managed to cure it. It has done it once or twice since, but only fleetingly, so it's definitely a software glitch of some sort. #1.2.2
It's a steering wheel calibration problem and I've had it far far worse than that, believe me.

Watch it here from replay and also in car viewpoints. The wheel just started flipping left to right repeatedly on its own. After trying virtually everything, eventually I had to delete my saved data on the PS4 to correct it. #1.2
"It is a bit misleading when game devs do that though. It would be like advertising Star Wars 4k IMAX 3D only to find out it's in 1080i and old fashioned red and blue 3D."

I'm sorry, but no, it really isn't. This a prime example of the over exaggeration that is being made, regarding the quality of the visuals. #2.1.2
He's laying the vocabulary on a bit thick and it does come across a little pretentiously, but it's a well written and honest review I feel.

I'm not an RPG guy normally (no patience) but echoes of Read Dead make me want to mount that steed! His insinuation that missions can be tackled one at a time without getting to embroiled in the grand narrative, might just tempt me to pick this up next week. #1.1
To be fair, I would expect a good rally simulation to have weaker force feedback over the majority of a stage, unless it is asphalt. There is less grip, so less side wall pressure on the tyres. The topography of the racing surface then, should be more likely to reflect the feedback you experience (IMO) rather than cornering/turn speed. #1.2.2
Decent review, thank you. #1
Can I just ask why you didn't get a T300RS? As you probably know, they're cheaper and have wheel mounted shifters instead of fixed like the T500.

I've played with the G27 and as nice as it is, the T300's force feedback is far more engaging in my opinion. #1.2
There is simply no comparison. Learn how to drive properly with it, then go back and try your controller... #1.1
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