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He's laying the vocabulary on a bit thick and it does come across a little pretentiously, but it's a well written and honest review I feel.

I'm not an RPG guy normally (no patience) but echoes of Read Dead make me want to mount that steed! His insinuation that missions can be tackled one at a time without getting to embroiled in the grand narrative, might just tempt me to pick this up next week. #1.1
To be fair, I would expect a good rally simulation to have weaker force feedback over the majority of a stage, unless it is asphalt. There is less grip, so less side wall pressure on the tyres. The topography of the racing surface then, should be more likely to reflect the feedback you experience (IMO) rather than cornering/turn speed. #1.2.2
Decent review, thank you. #1
Can I just ask why you didn't get a T300RS? As you probably know, they're cheaper and have wheel mounted shifters instead of fixed like the T500.

I've played with the G27 and as nice as it is, the T300's force feedback is far more engaging in my opinion. #1.2
There is simply no comparison. Learn how to drive properly with it, then go back and try your controller... #1.1
"As for me I cancelled this pre-order an decide to stick with FM6."

Oh well, your loss then. #6.5
"I was sick and tired of driving the same car over and over again. Three seasons later, and with dozens of trophies, I’ve decided to retire, as minor league offers, which were only available to me at the time were simply an insult."

I call b******t.

And why don't you list the dozens of trophies you have won? I can't see dozens in the trophy list.

This really is a pathetic and subjective attempt to rubbish a perfectly good ga... #2.1.2
I can't comment on the PC version as a phone screen is too small to appreciate the differences. resolution particularly.

But I will say that on ps4 this games looks great (good enough for me anyway). I despair at all the negativity that's spread about console quality by DF. It's not reflective of the overall experience. If there's all this screen tearing going on, they must be simulating the races, as the driving is far too immersive to be noticing it otherwi... #4.1
That was complete bullsh*t. The game is a fantastic sim if you know how to drive cars at speed. He's looking for clicks. #10
Wrong link. #2
I give up... #5.2.1
A few points:

1. He's using a controller.
2. All assists are off.
3. You're concentrating on the car not the horizon.
4. You've obviously never driven a real Formula Ford. They handle like they are on ice to first time drivers.
5. You've obviously never been to Donnington.

Some tracks have excellent environments. Go to the Team VVV website and look at the different videos on PS4 & Xbone. The tracks look pret... #5.1
Comedy wise, it reminds me of "Calling All Cars" or even further back "Big Red Racing."
Man, did I enjoy the voice overs in Big Red Racing.

"Heyyyy! That ain't my belly button...." #1
No, you're not the only person. Can't wait to try the MK1 Escort and the Sierra Cosworth. #7.1
Here you go:



Both look nice enough to me. #13.1

I'd like to hope so, but I'm not sure what's so difficult about it. Is there a technical or cost argument against it? I thought it was likely a deliberate decision, perhaps because of deals struck with manufacturers such as these, but who knows? #5.2

"How cliche, you don't like my points... "

On the contrary, I agree with anybody that criticises "fanboyism", but certainly don't distinguish between the two camps. You're as bad as each other.

And I make a point never to pull people up on their spelling and grammar. Everyone deserves there say, eloquently put or not.

But what drives me nuts is paragraphed sentence construction. Take a br... #5.1
"while making verifiable and logical points far above the intellect of trolls..."

And with such beautiful punctuation too... #4.1
I bought a T300RS with DriveClub, but specifically with the upcoming Project Cars in mind. The delays have been torturous, but the finish line is now finally in sight. ;) #11.1
"I actually don't dislike that the monsters look a bit plastic-y."

My thoughts exactly. As somebody mentioned below, it's that retro B movie look and combat style that the Japanese love. May be worth a punt at some point. The kids will love it even if I don't. #2.1.2
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