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Here you go:



Both look nice enough to me. #13.1
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I'd like to hope so, but I'm not sure what's so difficult about it. Is there a technical or cost argument against it? I thought it was likely a deliberate decision, perhaps because of deals struck with manufacturers such as these, but who knows? #5.2

"How cliche, you don't like my points... "

On the contrary, I agree with anybody that criticises "fanboyism", but certainly don't distinguish between the two camps. You're as bad as each other.

And I make a point never to pull people up on their spelling and grammar. Everyone deserves there say, eloquently put or not.

But what drives me nuts is paragraphed sentence construction. Take a br... #5.1
"while making verifiable and logical points far above the intellect of trolls..."

And with such beautiful punctuation too... #4.1
I bought a T300RS with DriveClub, but specifically with the upcoming Project Cars in mind. The delays have been torturous, but the finish line is now finally in sight. ;) #11.1
"I actually don't dislike that the monsters look a bit plastic-y."

My thoughts exactly. As somebody mentioned below, it's that retro B movie look and combat style that the Japanese love. May be worth a punt at some point. The kids will love it even if I don't. #2.1.2
I literally long for that day my friend, seriously. #10.1
I think it's a little of that, but also the emperors new clothes springs to mind. It's either your type of game or it isn't, but if you say you don't enjoy it, you will be accused of "not getting it", when in reality many people can see the arse hanging out of the trousers. Especially working gamers that don't have hours everyday to throw at it. But the first few comments vindicate him beautifully.

"Sssshush!" Don't tell anybody you... #4.1
Please. If you've got something to share, type it. All these abbreviations mean nothing unless you've played the games. How can I value your opinion if I don't know what games you are referring to? :/ #7.1.1
Intelligent bubble up #17.1.1
It's an eloquent and well written piece, but I think the main problem (which he refers to rather casually, then wanders off on a rant) is the "system seller" label the game has acquired. Although to be fair, I"ve heard it more on various forum discussions than from review sites.

It is undoubtedly a brilliantly well devised experience and worth every bit of it's high scores, but "system seller" is an unnecessary tag line that always makes me wi... #29

I feel the same way as you currently. What is annoying me is that I found molotovs and pebbles, and over the course of my first three or four attempts I used them up. Now I have to go back and collect my blood echoes, but I never find anymore. So each attempt becomes more difficult than the one before.

Am I missing something guys? Early on I lit a lantern at the top of the first ladder. Do I need to return to Hunter's Dream to replenish anything? T... #27

TLOU was balanced when the matchmaking allowed it. The majority of the time however it wasn't. Which pisssed me off because I loved the format.

My friend has a wet string connection and is a TLOU online addict at level 140. When he comes to my house, he couldn't hit a barn door. #2.1.3
I binned it off after a couple of weeks. It was unplayable for me on a fibre connection. There was talk of tweaking the tick rate etc. but I wasn't holding my breath for more disappointment. The problem is matchmaking in general, not just this game.

The only game I have played that was even mildly playable was BLOPS 2 when selecting the "best connection" option. TLOU online was a tremendous MP in my opinion, but again, unplayable 90% of the time.

Build 'em up, knock 'em down.

The ease and affordability for almost anybody to produce a professional looking website nowadays, has allowed people worldwide to masquerade as journalists. Unfortunately, you can't buy integrity. #35
I played Dead Island and although I loved the combat and crafting, I drifted away from it quite quickly. I liked the vehicles though and hope they come to Dying Light as hinted in the video that popped up after the recent patch installed.

But it's the parkour that makes this game so much fun for me. #1.1.1
If you don't get too hung up on AA or lambast the quality of the story unnecessarily, it is an incredibly enjoyable game with very accomplished motion and a playground even more climbable than (the better polished) Infamous: Second Son. We also need more open world games where every building is enterable. Dying Light has both in spades. #1.2
DDOS is never funny. #7.1
Yawn... #19.1
Will be watching this progress enthusiastically. #1.1
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