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I stopped at "Now with Halo 5: Guardians, I have been waiting for he game to truly win me over. Waiting for the defining moment that would see the game and the console to me once and for all."

I hate having to re-read sentences multiple times to try and figure out what the person meant. #1.3
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All I can say is when playing halo and blackflag etc, I am very impressed with how it looks and how well it works. #7
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Maybe the reviewer should have mentioned what platforms the game is available for then, instead of assuming everyone knows.

By doing this the statement 'if your playing the windows version I recommend you use an xbox controller' could have been made to clarify things a little. #2.1.1
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Sorry but I have to disagree - never would I have thought that one of my personal choices for the backwards compatibility list would be a past Tiger Woods game.

This game completely sucks compared to past Tiger games. The pop in's are just dammed awful, there is no reason that the draw distance should be this bad on close up objects.

The fact that the music stutters between score card changes etc is inexcusable, graphics vanish during screen transitions,... #2.1.2
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" I Highly recommend a controller whether Xbox or Playstation as Keyboard and mouse are just harder to use."

Pretty sure the reviewer meant Windows or Playstation.... #2
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I call B.S on the graphics - they are nothing like what is shown on #5.2
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I pretty much agree with this review - so far I feel it's pretty disappointing. #1
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Yeah I played it on the 360 and briefly on the Xbox One before sending it back to gamefly, for $9.90 its a steal, already downloading now. #1.1
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Totally agree. The demo from the vault sucked in my opinion - the graphics are fully capable on the Xbox 360 - those screen shots on look amazing, well so far I've not see anything like that in the demo and I haven't had a chance to play the full game yet (pre-downloaded it) - So far the game is nice as in, it's nice to have an EA golf game on the XB1 but I am not impressed yet. #5.1
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I pre-ordered and don't see the extra course so it's either there and hidden or it hasn't downloaded yet even though I got it 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Not totally sold on what I have played in EA Access Vault - still doesn't look remotely close the the graphics on #1.2
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How is that a review?! Rory information just tells us what we already know about the game, limited courses limited golfers and supposedly it looks nicer using frostbite which i think is garbage because my 1080p t.v last night running the ea access trial looked nothing like this screen shot: #2
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I'm sorta pissed off about this. I per-ordered it and after playing the first 5 or 6 holes last night that game doesn't look a dammed bit like the screen shots for the Xbox one on - it had better pick up once I'm further into the game or I'm not going to be amused and will gamefly any other version in the future and just buy it from them at a cheaper price if I like it.

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Pre-loaded also - was wondering when it was hitting EA Access #1.2.1
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Yeah it has 9 but 13 if you count the 4 fantasy courses. Still does seem pretty skimpy for a next gen golf game.

I'm sure they will claim it's down to licensing. #8.1
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You don't turn down the graphical settings on the XB1 ELE_Victim, you turn it down on the windows 10 preview machine that your using to connect to your Xbox one with. you have low medium and high settings when it comes to streaming. #1.2.3
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@BK2X.... on Halo it was flawless for me but then again I have a wired 1 gigabit network in place.

On grand theft auto it was laggy until I turned down the graphics setting then it seemed ok.

They just release a new update this weekend for streaming and I have not had a chance to try it since. #1.2
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yeah I have to admit I was playing halo mcc upstairs and it was absolutely flawless, very very cool.

Backwards compatibility works great too. #1.1
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Kinect games do not work with backwards compatibility.

I would doubt the windows kinect works with streaming the games over the local network to the p.c #1.4.2
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Yeah they are.
I can say that it works great, I have only played viva pinata for a few minutes but it was flawless and even though I have a 360 still, pressing the two buttons and popping up the old menu was kinda cool :)

I have to say also, using the Xbox preview program along with my windows 10 preview, the game streaming blew my freaking mind. I was playing Halo Master Chief Edition on my computer on high graphics and it was absolutely lag free, just plugged the co... #1.4
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I was about to ask if any of the games for Sony were coming this year and you answered it - thanks.

I was busy bailing out a neighbors basement as it was flooding.

Yeah MS delivered - always the same with Sony it seams - "Look at these great games" you can enjoy them, a year later. #30.3
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