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Did you not read the article? It stated the 512 gig ssd drive is $199 - there is your arm and a leg :)

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you are correct because a lot of the games are Locked in at a certain frame rate to avoid problems down the line so unless the developer patches it which means they have to certify the game runs from beginning to end in the most intense showdown areas especially, at a higher frame rate, then you will not see a frame rate increase.

In big games where there is a lot of action, I am not so sure a dev is going to re-visit a game just to take advantage of a few more frames. Not ...

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Just in time for Project Scorpio :)

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Don't buy it and don't read about it - simple solution.

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Yes, let me go make a heading for uncharted 4 and title it "what the hell actually is this game"

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@spicelicka "Every game has a 20-50 Gb install size even if you're play off the disc" - last time I checked you never play off of the disc. The disc is purely there to verify you still own the game and didn't install it and then take the disc back / sell it and was trying to play the game for free and, not to mention, the transfer speed of the disc is not adequate enough to play a true 1080p game and probably even a 900p game - you would get stuttering effects.

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How was the xbox 'doing wrong' it was the first console to have a true hard drive built in, it had fantastic games and it had the first true online gaming - it set a precedence for consoles to come in my opinion.

Even the original larger xbox controller was good until they shrank it down.

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I believe it has HDR right away but PC owners have to wait a while.

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Yeah, did Sony tell you that themselves?!

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The fact that iit has a 4k blu ray player will be enough ammo to have people buy one - a 4k player, 4k games machine, media hub etc all in one package - why wouldn't you buy one.

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I watched the entire show and I know that it is for 1080p but supposedly so was the original PS4 so as I stated, outside of extra frame rates and a couple of touches here and there it doesn't really bring anything to the table if you have a regular HDTV to warrant spending $400 on

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And I'm guessing that 98% of the current install base probably do not have a 4k t.v and so that right there practically makes the upgrade from a regular ps4 to a pro worthless.

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The problem with these analysts is very common: The ps4 pro does not offer you anything in terms of an upgrade outside of some enhanced frame rates if you do NOT have a 4k t.v that has the correct version of HDR on it.

Without this t.v which I am guessing 98% of current playstation 4 owners do not have then the system is practically worthless unless you are buying a ps4 for the first time and intend to get the VR headset which I doubt most people are getting ready to drop a...

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Some of you are forgetting that this time next year whatever card they are planning for the 6 TF (whether its a 1070 or whatever) will have come down in price a lot, especially when it comes to purchasing in the millions / bulk - the cost of the components will not be as much as they are now which is what your all basing the price point on.

the xbox scorpio very well could be cheaper than a lot of you think.

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How do you know it cannot do HDR ???? Up until todays announcement, the Original PS4 couldnt do HDR either

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That is why it is better to follow Major Nelsons feed and just go to his site every Tuesday

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Well there's a surprise.....

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Don't get me wrong, I liked playing mirrors edge it was different colorful and it was interesting - the price to this date just baffles me though.

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I cannot believe that after 9 years mirrors edge is still commanding $14.99 - $19.99 - holy crap that seems an awful lot.

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