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Yes, the text background on this site is racist as sin.

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Pro tip: White doesn't actually mask semen in the long run... or so I've heard.

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To be honest the only person I've seen defend video games as not contributing to violence is Stossel, and he works for Fox Business. Then again, I don't exactly watch the news so perhaps people on Democrat networks have defended the industry as well. If so good for them but I hear plenty of "progressives" calling for game bans as well as gun bans both in an effort to "save the children."

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I'd never heard of Zynga until today.

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It's not supposed to be perfect. It simply aggregates a bunch of reviews from various outlets and tries to massage out individual biases as best as possible to give an overall single number that roughly represents how the average person will evaluate the game relative to comparable games. That said, if you hate racing games don't buy a racing game just because it achieves a high rating. Likewise, if a game in a series you love gets rated poorly there is a good chance you will still...

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Never played a MMO... too time consuming if you want to really do it right I'd assume.

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Not really...

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Hopefully BioWare rebounds with this one.

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Equality in gaming means you close that fist and don't pull.

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Historically speaking witches didn't suck and consequently were burned mercilessly at the stake. Thankfully the message spread and scientists estimate that > 95% of women no longer share the antiquated witch mentality toward oral sex.

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This franchise has excellent character designs.

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Alright, status update on the Twitter posts.

He no longer is dreaming of Olga Kurylenko, but wants Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson... and possibly Troy Baker. Thinks James Cameron is a genius.

Everything else has remained static.

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This is true, though it usually carries a bit of merit.

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Alright, this is pissing me off so I'll just ask here since one of you ought to know. The author of the article is using a picture of what at the bottom of the page? I recognize it but can't recall what it is, and I'll never let it go now.

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Not sure how he used to be, but when I checked in on his Twitter awhile back it was 66% about Western movies/music/television/people . The other 34% was about Japanese food and gaming in general.

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His statements are rather innocuous. He thinks new tech can be used for cool ideas and said that a next-gen system will allow for better graphical fidelity. Big whoop.

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People need to wise the $*#@ up about these things. Saying every Fox person is bad is like saying every song in a certain genre is automatically crap. Stossel is a muthafuggin' gangsta libertarian and has been calling out BS within both the Democrat and Republican strongholds for years now. He doesn't give a damn what political party you identify with, he'll attack idiots regardless. I mean, he's not even close to being a conservative... he wants ALL drugs legalized (inclu...

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Go watch Sex and the City.

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No offense, but how old are you if you're actually just learning how to type without looking at the keys? You're likely to be either really, really young or possibly a dinosaur.

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As a borderline AnCap I tend to go off on people when they misinterpret capitalism to be some horrendous beast that is responsible for all the world's problems. Futile? Maybe, but I'll be damned if I don't keep correcting people.

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