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"Come at me bro"



That's what's so Ironic and stupid about it. Its not voice acting but they hire actors to read a script that simulates voice chat, so it comes across as the characters in game are casually talking whilst murdering people. #6.1.3
...Sarcasm mate.. #6.1.1
@georgenoob is very easily pleased, Basically everygame is AAA to him. lol

Microsoft were average just like most of their game offering's, not that im expecting much more from sony either. It's still too early in next gen to see megaton reveals.

All im seeing is PC versions of PS3/360 style games on next gen. Sunset overdrive looks like the most try hard to be different but generic in every way dudebro shooter i've seen in a very long time. #1.1.13
That voice acting sounds like a bunch of trilby wearing hipsters playing a videogame. #6
Aids #7
So its going to be another 4 hour game from #8
You want to hate on Assassin's creed so much but they just capture the era's in history so well that you feel like you're playing something different everytime even though the core gameplay never changes.

But yeah, it will def get a graphical downgrade and that sequence will be scripted as hell in the real game. #8
Graphics can't save the fact this is the same game we have seen over and over. Its going to be a another boring, on rails ,linear ,scripted campaign that tries to evoke emotion for a generic dudebro soldier. It still baffles me that they show campaign footage when everyone only cares about multiplayer anyway. #1.1.2
Lol people are easily pleased. #8
Shame that she still has the same normals and walking animation of cammy. I just dont get why they didn't just use one of the 11 other dolls that dont look exactly like cammy instead. I mean at least change the hair or something.


Well they already stated they were on a budget for this update so I understand them cutting corners. But really in an anime style game every character has the same face anyway they just have to change hair, eye and ski... #1.3
Titanfall breaks new ground"

Erm... Its call of duty with mechs.... the end.

Some people are easily pleased, the game doesn't even look next gen.

If it was called Call of Duty:Titanfall. Everyone would be saying its a decent upgrade to the last cod and nothing more. That's not to say it isn't a good game or fun to play but its certainly not breaking new ground. #2.1.5
No innovation in this game but your excited for diablo and titanfall? lol al-right mate. #9.1.4

RROD is MS's fault. You not paying attention and redeeming a code on another account is yours, why should SONY have to help you? #1.1.19
PES 2014 is not bad, its just different. You like what you're familiar with but the reality is pes 2014 brings back the skill to football games. I can't stand how heavily assisted football games are this gen but pes 2014 gives you back the control fully with the new fox engine. #5.1
Konami says they will patch in over a 1000 more faces in the next few months or so. I know there's no excuse for putting an unfinished game out but man the gameplay is sooo good in this one. #3.2
Its not even about becoming violent, children shouldn't be playing this game anyway and if you are actually trying to raise your kids properly you wouldn't knowingly expose them to this.

Most parents would NEVER let their kids play this if they were actually informed about what was in it. The problem is Parents still think videogames are toys, when they are now interactive movies.

Im a gamer with a 2 year old and I will know exactly what he can and ca... #1.2
"Maybe more options in game to tone down content for example graphic sexual scenes may be the way forward"

Why should rockstar tone down a game designed for adults only to suit kids, that doesn't even make sense #2.1
Even up until san andreas I dont really think it was much of an issue because the graphics were so simple and cartoony and the cutscene and story sophistication were at a basic level.

With GTAV though, you're just a bad parent if you buy this. #5.2
You have to draw a line though. Its not just a case of avoid the dildo bat and it will be fine. The game constantly has swearing throughout. Lemar says nigga a thousand times at the beginning, tonnes of sexual references including a topless strip club and then you have trevor who pretty much does something despicable in every cutscene.

It's got nothing to do with blaming videogames, this game is completely inappropriate for a pre teen to play.

I think the... #1.3.1

Well first of all, you're putting words in my mouth, I never trashed or called anyone a white knight.

Second, who are you to say what is progress and what is right and wrong. My post which was really just pointing out that MGS as a series has always had this element within it. The MGS games are renowned for integrating social commentry, memes and satire.

MGS games are expected to have that wild flair and moments of comedy even in t... #1.1.11
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