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Fans didn't ask for it, that's why. Square Enix, give us what we want and you all will make more money. #15
Dead Space 3 and Revengeance for me during that two month period #16
Exactly and we continue playing what we want to play! #5.1
"Could care less" indicates that you do care to some extent.
I think you meant "couldn't care less" which means you don't care. #1.2
I'm in the same boat as you with the use of "if". #11.1
Three years LOL!
Where have you been? #2.1.5
It's Dante, not "Donte". #1.1.1
The only game I want on there is Tales! Everything else Namco can keep lol

To be more specific, Tales of Hearts R. I'm not too excited for Xillia 2. #4
LOL! Same here
I like Lightning but this costume is not sitting well with me.
I actually skipped XIII-2 due to the lack of Lightning. Lightning is the only reason I'm buying this game. #29.1
I miss Lightning's costume from XIII :( #17
Nope, I'm good with my PS3. #8
The box art attracts people who haven't seen gameplay. #1
They HAVE game studios under their belt and have made plenty of AAA games this gen., there is no get. You should be saying that about Microsoft. #30.1
What's to hate on? It's the same game every year. Activision and Treyarch can fool you fanboys every year. COD fanboys are the worst. #1.3
Now helping with The Last of Us more than likely #16.2
I have never bought any of their games but every time I see them showing off one of their games, they seem to focus on graphics. There are more to games than graphics. #36
Some developers have been saying that for years yet other developers keep bringing out games that are much greater than the previous ones. Something is not adding up here. #44
A countdown that lead to a countdown lol
I must have missed those because I don't remember that at all. #20.1
I'm really just done with this company. They had a countdown... for this!? LOL! They put everything ahead of Versus because it doesn't exist - I'm a PS3 fan.
I was also one of the people expecting Star Ocean 5, fools we were for that. #18
This feud is old lol #39
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