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"Let's get started"


I agree it takes time, I even recall the PS2 took a while until it got MGS 2 and FFX out the door. But what I'm worried is how Sony keeps promoting third party games as though they're exclusives (recall E3 2014 press conference). I want to see games, even if they take a while, that can only be played and experienced on the PS4 and are worth it. The Last Guardian is a good start, I suppose. #1.1
Exactly. The problem I see is that some devs and writers cave in for the sake of diversity. It needs to come naturally. #1.1
Hoping for a speedy recovery as well. The guy and his team have been through a lot. #2.1
Sadly it's politics with game publishers. We honestly get the short end of the budget stick so all those great ads that pay wages never make it here. #1.1
I think this was recorded from Egypt. Don't think their upload rate is that high. #1.1
Love the tracks played in the eShop. I hope someone out there is keeping a record of them. #4
I agree that while they can stomp this project but at the very least it can show how dedicated fans are. Maybe that can change their minds? (I know I'm being extremely positive) #1.2
Thank you. I appreciate the support and seeing the message I'm trying to point out. Unlike some users here... #4.1
You don't know that for sure. You said 10 years but if I recall Shenmue came out in 1999 in Japan. #1.1.4
Well, if it's that case, I still feel that it's up in the air (I changed it to an opinion piece). Don't forget that Sony and Yu have had serious talks about this in the past #1.1.2
This is the closest we got to an actual announcement. I'm really hoping this is it! #2.1
I'm crossing my fingers for an E3 reveal. #1
And hopefully Final Fantasy 15. Damn, that would be an amazing year for video games. #1.1
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I hope so. I used to use him a lot in Peace Walker. #1.1
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You can but there some limitations. For example you can't use your baton on them. #23.1
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Thanks! I can vouche the game still looks very pretty especially when it rains. #2.1
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I actually mentioned in the video there are blood spots but no blood splatter. Will edit the title. #1.1
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I will address this in an upcoming video. The graphics still rocked in my opinion. #2.1
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Same here. #2.1
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Give me one copy :( #1
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