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"Gaming from the Arab world. "


Quiet was a character? Seriously? She might be strong but you might as well replace her personality with a 2x4.

The Phantom Pain has its moments but they pale in comparison to the old MGS games. #2
You know it's a shame people are getting negative with the game because of poor communication and delays. Put those dramas aside and you'll see a game that's really good. As a backer I feel like I got what I pledged for. #1.2
Honestly it's my favorite Mega Man series. I can't wait to get this on my Vita. #9
I think there's a special edition that comes with everything for $60 #1.2
I highly doubt it either. It's just one of the bumps some publishers have to deal with. A few weeks early isn't worth not selling any copies. #1.2
It's been confirmed that the main villain hasn't been revealed yet so both old men are out. I'm really keen in seeing this so-called bad ass to rule them all. #1.1
Honestly COD's campaign modes have been pretty solid. #1.16
Well if it's this close to release I doubt they will be able to change must honestly. The biggest issue not knowing when to look up and when to look down. That almost breaks the game. #1.3
TGS USED to be better*. Now it's filled with mobile game announcements (shudder) #3.2
It's unconfirmed because Comcept haven't announced an official delay. In fact, they did the opposite confirming it's still on track. (source in the article). #1.2
^I agree. People who will be jumping into 3 will be confused as you'll need to know what happened in the prior games. #2.1.1
I'm assuming they'll announce it in 2016 with Dream Drop Distance bundle. #1.1
I'm pretty sure he meant remaster not remake (mainly cause he couldn't tell the difference.) #1.4
I just hope it carries the same gameplay elements/atmosphere of the RE1 and RE0 remakes. Those were perfect in my opinion. #2.1
The publisher came through midway of the campaign. It kinds shady but I could care less really. Just happy this is coming out! #1.2
His style of video games are definitely unique but at the same time I can't blame him if he left for good. Kojima was always into movies a lot and the recent pressure he's been getting might make him do the jump to movies. #2.1
Glad someone noticed it :P #13.1
Shenmue 3 might and probably will considering it will be running on Unreal Engine 4. Here's a sample: #1.1
Such an incredible game. I remember being put off at first but as I got to disc 2 it instantly become one of the best in the series. Better than 8 IMHO. #1
Couldn't have said it better myself. #6.1.2
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