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The host can allow you to play the game, its not like youre watching a live stream. Its like a virtual couch, and you can pass the ''control'' to someone to play for an hour. Seems simple enough

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What if the next day your friend has a big fight with you and you guys break up? He'd have all your information. and Youd be up the creek without a paddle...

Share play is better, as you dont need to share any information, just invite someone to share the game, they accept, and they can stream the game. That easy. And you can do it with anyone you want.

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n4g sucks.

lol jk :) i love u guys

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I'm pretty sure only PS1-PS3 games are playable on mobile devices.

''...why do I need a PS4?''

Um, to play PS4 games.

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Which house?

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When PSN was breached in 2011, every single gaming site reported the hell out of it, even sites that aren't gaming: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, AP, Yahoo! News, etc.

You've been posting things on N4G that go along the lines of: ''N4G is pro-Sony'', yet you are still here :S

Get out if that's your opinion. Or better yet, keep posting things like that, because i'll just be the 38th person who blocks so i'm not affected by your...

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I love you Cat.

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First of all, swearing isn't allowed on this site.

Second of all, that isn't a reply, as no one disputed that.

No one on N4G comes out with articles, this is sort of a compilation site that gathers news from other websites via user submission.

Hopefully you wont become the next one-bubble troll of this site :/

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You are a liar. I know for a fact that Nintendo asked Sony to join the console industry:


''[...]Nintendo signed a deal with Sony to produce a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES''.

I have spoken.

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Then I guess then that the PS4 is only one foot ahead than the Xbox!

Badum Tss!

Um, was that lame?

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This is a patent, as in, they are just reserving this for themselves just in case(in what case, dont ask me)

Most patents don't ever get used, like the one patent two years ago that showed 2 PS Move-like controllers that can connect to each other for use as a gamepad.

That patent evolved to what is now today the DualShock4

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LOL what's a country mile?

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@notyobiz(goddamn! you have a piss poor username)

Screw you, you have no proof of whatever you are saying

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Shut your ass up, you fucking prick. You said nobody cares that his laptop can run this game, so what makes you think that everyone cares that YOU can run it?

You're a really obvious liar, how you say the title says ''...gaming PC'' when it just says in PC, in general. This includes the 250 dollar laptops found in Black Friday, which makes the title very inaccurate since not all PC can run Thief better than Xbox One or PS4.

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It's called motion blur, you ignorant fuck

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Get a life please, go to polygon or something. All you do is hate, maybe you'll find other no-lifes like yourself on that site.


LOSER!!! Haha 2 bubble peasant :P

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I have a question: If every game I buy is 50 GB, and since the Xbox One has a non-replaceable HDD, what will I do once the space runs out?

Edit: NVM, I read down further in the comments and apparently USB drives are compatible, but not at launch

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That post was unnecessary. Do you really think people are going to sit there and read all of those ''awards'' that it got?

Titanfall looks great, no doubt, but what the problem is is that Titanfall has only PC footage and that is what the critics judge it on: THE PC VERSION. The Xbox One deserves zero recognition.

Look at it this way: Two kids are working on a project separately. The project is the same for both, and ar...

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Notice how they smile after he says ''playstation'' ; O_o

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People who can't spell it right.

(we are in the internet, remember?)

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