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No I haven't played Halo 5 yet. Don't pull that you don't know because you haven't played it stuff either. I've seen enough to know what kind of game Halo 5 is. #1.2.2
Destiny is just a grind fest. Halo 5 actually has a great and long campaign, 24 player warzone, 4 player co-op campaign all running at 60fps. I'm sorry but Halo 5 is a much better game. At least IMO. #1.2
N4G developers know more and they disagree. Jokes aside there's really not much difference but that difference is still enough to make a difference. 1st party games is where both consoles will stand out anyways. #2
So unified memory could be the problem? I'd never thought that. #1
Yea it's like it skipped frames all the time. The link was from a long time ago but until now it's wasn't ever fixed.

http://www.minecraftforum.n... #1.1.1
Get back to your roots Nintendo. That's all I ask. #1
I doubt there's a bit of trouble with Uncharted 4. They chose to throw 8 months of Amy Henning's work out which made some actors upset. They did It for the best IMO. #1
Idk if it will hit that soon or not. It still has a massive list of known issues even after the recent update we got. #2.1.1
The best news here is the framerate is finally fixed. #1
Maybe this is part of where Phil Spencer said he wasn't going to focus on console wars thus leaving the numbers out and just focusing on making Xbox One a great place to play. #4
"PS4 AAA Exclusive at a locked 60fps

Uncharted 1-3
God of War 3
The Last of Us

Just saying. #18.1.3

Those half framerate animations in UC4 aren't enemies you're shooting at though. They're just a crowd of NPC that run and hide. Far less important than enemies you are aiming at to take down. #6.3.4
High hopes for Xbox Live? Do they not have high hopes for their console anymore? #1.2
Are they counting Windows users on Xbox Live also? #1.3
Someone got excited. #1.2.1
Why no headphone jack? This the old version? #1.1
Well mines 46GB so guess I got the right one. #1
I vote cancel it. It's not CoD at 30fps. No campaign even furthers that decision. #5
Any proof of that? A link from DF maybe. #6.3.1
"enemies at a distance are 30fps, did you watch the video and actually listen to them?"

Skip to 9:20 when DF is talking about that. The enemies are fairly close. #6.2.1
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