Lvl Up or Die
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"Not if I'm playing Hanzo. There's virtually no chance of me ever hitting you"

Don't feel bad I suck with him also. Some people pull off one shot kills all the time though. Aside from genji he's the most OP character in the game. I rage quit so many times over Hanzo.

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As much as I love Uncharted 4 I have to give it to Overwatch for being a new IP. It's fun and very addicting and it's become my go to FPS. I use to be hooked on Call of Duty for years but after playing Overwatch that has finally ended.

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I can't stand Hanzo! His arrows are literally a one hit kill and his hit box is ridiculous.

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Here's the answer to your question.

"Crytek Hints Ryse 2 For PS4, says "We Can Do It With Whoever We Want, Not Happy With Xbox One Sales"

"We have a good relationship with Microsoft. We are constantly looking at what we can do together. We are not 100 per cent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current gen and next gen catches up. For Ryse 2, we aren't saying it's canceled. It's our IP. It ...

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"Console gaming needs growth, doesn't happen via existing games/markets. Old keeps core happy, new can grow market. Balance is key."

If balance is key between old games and new IP then why is PS4 selling like hot cakes without backwards compatibility?

I think new IP, great exclusives, diverse games, good marketing, and price is key. That's why PS4 is such a success.

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Forza Horizon 2? A review on December 19th 2016 for a game released on September 30th 2014. Did I step through a time machine?

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"Don't buy then ... Simple"

No that's not how it should work. This needs to stop happening with $60 AAA games. Even Blizzard Mountain is $20 and doesn't even come with the $100 unltimate edition. Then you pay for car packs, season pass, and now they add microtransactions. Forza Developers are just greedy.

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"I agree they're pricing is a little odd. I paid $100 for the ultimate edition."

"This doesn't include the expansions"

How could they not include that in the ultimate edition? It's a good game and Blizzard Mountain look fun but charging $20 and not including it in the unltimate edition is just plain greedy.

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Amazing bundle. I also think the PS4 holiday box is eye catching and looks nice. Any word if something like this will hit the U.S.?

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This game better come to the West! Dragon Quest Builders was a great game and sold well here from what I heard. This game looks to be just as good.

Dragon Quest XI looks like Zelda set in the Dragon Quest Universe. Who wouldn't want to play this game? Looks amazing.

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"Why you mad brah. What MS can't advertise the better network without you guys getting emotional."

They claim to be the best network yet people still seem to be choosing the opposite. Kind of proves people don't really care about Microsoft's claims.

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Amazing game. Now just bring Dragon Quest XI to the West please. Game looks so good.

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I don't care how big the infrastructure is. They both perform nearly identical this generation. Both have had there ups and downs.

Also please define Xbox Live being faster? In what way?

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I disagree. I get more scared and feel more immersed in first person mode. It just makes the game more intense imo.

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"Sony doesn't do the same thing like passing a game disk to show how you play games when the xbox one was going to require an online connection?"

Microsoft did that to themselves did they not?

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Typical Microsoft trying to downplay the leader. PSN and Xbox Live are nearly on par this generation. Xbox Live isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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Typical Microsoft taking shots at competition. Xbox Live has been down nearly the same as PSN.

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"Graphics aren't everything..."

True but amazing graphics sure puts a smile on your face.

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So you would rather have f2p and be nickel and dimed every step of the way instead of a one time fee to access the entire game? This is what's wrong with the mobile gaming crowd.

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I agree but the developers of the Forza series are greedy. $20 just for Blizzard Mountain! Then they charge for car packs, season passes, and now they add Microtransactions.

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