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You know Advanced Warfare was in development before Titanfall right? #1.1.1
"Advanced Warfare Fundamentally Changes Call of Duty Multiplayer"

And everyone still complains. #1
People will always complain. You just have to get use to it. I think it looks great although I'm a bit worried about the TTK. #1.2.1
I always hold them down and blow the shit out of then and they quit for a good while. #1
Your comment has nothing to do with the article. /s #13.1
Is that why 4A who make metro went from 900p to 912p after the extra 10% they got from the June SDK? Also a developer "can't remember the name right off" is working on a game using the cloud "Azure" strictly said it definitely want help with resolution or frame rate. It will help with physics and such. #9.1

Yea but who still plays Ryse? #1.1.3
Everything looks amazing. One thing that bothers me is the AI cars are driving a perfect line. #1.1
Here we go again. If they made Ryse for PS4 it would've looked much better than on Xbox One. Still then it's a bad game though.

Infamous: SS and The last of Us looks just as good and they're both much better games. #1.1
Dang I just read the title and got excited. Oh well guess this isn't happening. Lol #2.1
This is great news. The current pricing model is beyond awful. #1

"Sooooooooooooo........& quot;

"Basically what they are trying to say...."

"Is that the Xbox One is more powerful than the Ps4."

I'd say no more than a few Developers will take advantage of Azure Cloud Compute with them having to basically build 2 games. Honestly they'd be better off just making it online only and save a ton of time, work, and resources. #1.1.3
"Then here comes The Last Of Us the word MASTERPIECE is an understand when you mention the greatness that is Naughty Dog development team. This game helped to solidify the truth that GRAPHICS really matters to the point were millions of gamers would buy a game they already played just to get that much more detail and fluid gameplay in that special experience."

Yes 60fps is amazing but did you ever think many people who bought it on PS4 maybe just got the game for th... #2

Joined 12 days ago and already trolling. I bet you don't even own a PS4. #1.1.8
"People who complain about 720p this gen need to realize just how many AAA games last gen were sub- hd"

Keyword is last gen. This is next gen. #1.1.7
Thanks for the info. I can understand why anyone would disagree now. So the best thing it to just wait for NDP right? #2.1.2
Why does everyone disagree with Vgchartz? I don't know anything about them. #2.1
Both. If I had to pick I'd get Metro Redux though. I mean it's 60fps and a great looking game. Never played much of them though which I've beaten Diablo. It's really fun playing local coop. #6.1
Just checked the game out on PS4 and it says it's 28GB not 58? #3
Not for games. #1.1.1
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