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Finally. I've been waiting forever it seems like. #3

I just took it as if you was rubbing it in that PS4 owners don't have it yet. Yes the article mentions the Xbox One version but the title is solely about the PS4 version being delayed. Anyways sorry I took it the wrong way. #5.5.3
"There is no mention of anything Xbox."

This article is about PS4 being delayed so I don't know why you feel the need to mention Xbox One. I feel as if you mentioned it to rub it in PS4 owners faces. #5.5
I'm tired of this crap! What is going on with Minecraft and PS4? #1
"Why Driveclub Means More Games Should Be Delayed"

I'd say more like don't announce a game until you know for sure when it will be completed at the quality you set it out to be. #2
"4 Reasons Why PS4 Is Crap"

Then I read this: "Four reasons why the PS4 may not exactly be giving Xbox One a run for its money."

Just a pro Xbox article. #2
Well I disagree. I like the new standard Netflix UI they released not to long ago. I thought the Xbox One Netflix was odd and not as good as the one most other devices use. #1.1.1
Is this the same UI as on PS4? If it is it works great on PS4. #1
A lot of things are BS with Minecraft you know like how mobile gets infinite worlds and PS4 and Xb1 gets worlds only 36 times larger than previous gen consoles. #6.2.2
Minecraft should be out this week. Idk what's going in with this game. It's becoming The Last Guardian on PS4. #6.2
The specs sound great but why use the same GPU? #1
Good job PS4.

"despite pushing 44 per cent more pixels on-screen, the experience on PS4 is more consistent than on the Xbox One when the engine is under stress. When all hell breaks loose we see a heavier drop in performance on Xbox One, while the PS4 usually maintains its solid 60fps lock without any fuss." #1.1.4
"Sony & Microsoft: It’s Time to Allow PS4 and Xbox One Gamers to Play Together on the Same Servers"

Why? Everything is fine the way it is. #4
Great deal. 2 controllers for the price of a PS4. /s #4
Seems a lot better especially the 3D now able to be viewed at an angle without any compromises. Sucks it want be available in the US in 2014. #1
Well you're developing a pinball game it's not like you're pushing the consoles technically like AAA developers do. #2
I think some of the advantages you speak of are just in your head. The rumble triggers are the only difference. #1
Still N4G shouldn't be flooded with 10 articles about what IGN is playing. Make one article about throwback Thursday. #1.1.2
Yea honesty getting tired of seeing IGN plays articles over and over and over. Who cares what IGN plays. #1.1
No I don't just play a game for the frame rate. I do however enjoy games especially FPS games significantly better if they run at 60fps.

Destiny overall didn't feel like all it's made out to be IMO. It's fun to explore places and looks pretty good but it still feels pretty bland and repetitive.

The enemies respawn after killed in same spot every time. Why can't they just randomly roam around? That'd be much better. Also the beacon miss... #1.1.1
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