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I agree. It's the same thing with Black Ops 3. I mute the little sh*ts soon as I have a chance. #1
So Infinity Ward now has Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics talent with them? Maybe their next game will be ok then. #1
I could definitely tell the framerate was bad in the previews recently shown. #3
It would be nice if they remove that awful screen tearing. Hopefully we'll see some new videos soon and see how much the performance has improved with the update. Also that kangaroo you can tame and have a friend ride in his pouch is awesome. #
Well ARK needs a boost on Xbox One not just PC. Will it help that? #1.1.1
I posted in the wrong article. Had a lot of The Division articles open. My bad. #2.2
Yea no sh*t. The enemies are bullet sponges. Just another grind fest it looks like. This game should've been so much more than what I'm seeing. The framerate looks bad also. #1
My god the enemies are bullet sponges. Just another grind fest like Destiny. The framerate doesn't look good either. #2
I could care less what they have to say. Brad Wardell hypes DX12 to the high heavens. #1
Xbox One gets it one day earlier than PS4. What a deal! And the beta ends the 31st. Longest beta ever. #4
Say what you will Sony has become arrogant. #4.1
Yea it's just this game giving problems for me. The obvious one server can't handle the load. #1.1.1
One day? How generous. How about investing in your sh*tty servers for once! I'm never goi g to get to play this game. #1
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I think the game itself looks great from what I've seen but I can't bring myself to get it. I would just die countless times. I don't see how dying over and over is fun to some people? Am I missing something? #3
As of now Sony still hasn't put it up on the PS store. I just recently found it on the webpage and started downloading it. Now the wait has begun.

Sony needs to do a better job of putting things up front and on time. Microsoft had the beta page up on the store before it was even available letting you know you could play it soon and the download was available on time. #1.4
Pachter predicts PSVR will be $400? Great now that $400 is out of the way who wants to guess the real price? #1.2
Replace Fable Legends with Gears of War 4 and you've got a great list. #1
I like the game but I really wish you didn't die instantly. The time to kill is way to fast. #2.1
A delay still doesn't mean a game can't still be broken. You just have to hope for the best. Talented people are working on Recore so I'd say no one has anything to worry about. #1.1
The link in the article works fine for me but when I get to the beta signup there's no link to signup. #1.1.1
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