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I just end up walking around to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I can't count how many times I've stopped to pick my jaw off the floor.

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"Maybe I sit too close to my TV, or something, but when I first started playing this game it was making my eyes hurt, I was starting to feel a little dizzy"

When a game is so beautiful you become dizzy you know it's a PS4 game.

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Game is getting better every time I play it. I just can't believe how beautiful this game is and the combat is top notch. I'm going to take my time so I can truly enjoy everything this game has to offer.

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"It’s probably the weakest launch line-up of games for any console ever released."
How old is he? 10? There have been way weaker launches... Didn't the N64 only launch with 2 titles? The PS2 had what was in my opinion the worst launch title selection with the exception of 3 titles."

I believe they're currently 7 games on the eShop in the US at least and only 1 AAA game available. You don't call that one of the weakest lineups ever? I sure...

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I did and regretted it in the end. I played Zelda quite a bit and as much as I liked it I just couldn't justify spending $299 for the console, $59 for Zelda, and $69 for the Pro controller. All that came to $469 after tax. So I ended up returning it.

I have a PS4 Pro, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and great 3rd party support so in the end the Nintendo Switch just wasn't worth the price to me.

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How is it 23.42ms? Wouldn't that mean the game is running around 60fps? If it was 30fps it would be 33.33ms wouldn't it?

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That's a big difference.

How about some incredibly good optimization?

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Once the hype from Zelda wears off then what?

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"Sorry infected, but I put Crackdown 3 above all those games combined."

Enjoy waiting. We're playing Horizon: Zero Dawn right now. What are you playing? Because it sure isn't Scalebound.

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"It's significantly more powerful than the Pro."

With significantly less exclusives. Believe it or not they actually matter regardless of what Microsoft tells you.

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"Thank you for speaking for most. I guess MS should just cancel it. I mean if the infected says so must be true."

You're welcome. Thanks for understanding:)

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Nier looks great and the soundtrack is amazing. The gameplay also looks very good.

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After the Zelda hype dies down there's really nothing major to look forward to. I honestly don't think Switch will do that great. I got one but I'm just not feeling it at all. Think I'll return it and stick my PS4 Pro.

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PS4 is killing it. This is what happens when you have great hardware backed by amazing exclusives.

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Going on 4 years and still nothing.

"Xbox One Will Use Cloud to Add Features, Performance Increases Over Time"

***Posted By Ravi Sinha | On 15th, Oct. 2013 Under News***

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"MS you gotta expect the hate"

They get hate for a reason. Most people don't forgive and forget. To this day we've seen nothing revolutionary from DX12 or power of the cloud. Then they promise new IP and cancel Scalebound and then claim it's best for Xbox gamers. Smh...

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"Zelda: Breath of the Wild."

"Gameplay is king."

I've played both and I have no idea how Zelda: BOTW got a 98 Metascore unless it's nostalgia.

From what I played the art style is great and gameplay is fun but the frame rate was dropping pretty bad sometimes for me. There's also way to much pop in. Even animals were popping in right in the distant. The game just wasn't a...

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"Nice..which is true by the way. He usually 1sr to comment on Xbox articles"

Well quit slacking then. You should be first;)

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"Simple solution. Don't buy them."

Obvioisly, but you also don't want a home console turning into a App Store with 95% of games being junk.

Just makes the quality of the system look bad. Take "Life of Black Tiger" for example on PS4, they should keep crap like that off consoles.

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