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Well I'll watch their next E3 then. I'm just not a WiiU fan. I'm excited for NX though. #1.1.1
"Skyrim With Mods Looks Better Than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

If The Witcher 3 had mods it would look better than this. Best way to look at this is The Witcher 3 will be a much better game with far less bugs. There's much more to games than just a pretty picture. #1
You do understand that The Witcher 3 on PC with ultra settings still looks noticeably worse than the 2013 trailer?

They shouldn't show anything off if it's not at least close to how it will look in the first place. They should show the console and PC versions separately so everyone can see what it looks like on their preferred platform. #3.1
Hopefully it will be region free. I wish we would hear more about NX at E3 but I know deep down we want. I'd say a tease at this years E3 and a full reveal at E3 2016 with a holiday launch either 2016 or 2017. #1
Don't worry I have to deal with grass spiders all the time. Those big hideous long legged formula 1 speed spiders! Even the cat has trouble catching them.

On topic: This article was to funny. Loved it. #4
I think we can all say the reveal trailer looks far better than what it does today. Did anybody think it wouldn't though? We should all be used to this crap by now.

The best thing to do is just pay attention to gameplay and ignore visuals until it's released. That way we don't get so excited then let down. #1
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Reminds me of a mix between Ori and Everyone's Gone To The Rapture. #5
You can unroll anytime you please.

Edit: Ever who disagreed you're wrong I'm in it and I've unrolled before. #2.2.1
Driveclub looks much better IMO. The Lightning during the storm looks fake in Project Cars. It just flashes oddly fast in a weird way. Everything looks better in Driveclub. The cars, tracks, weather, and sense of speed. #1.4
I would take Titanfall 2 over any new CoD game. The time to kill was great, maps were big and designed well, and it has Titans of coarse. Can't wait to see the reveal of Titanfall 2. #1
"Driveclub has about 250,000 polygon count per car, On the other hand, Project CARS in the PC version has 300,000 polygon count per car on ultra sitting."

Did you know all Forza 4 cars have over 1 million polygon count? It's not just the polygon count that matters. Yes it great to have more but you have to take other things into account. #1.1
Even though P.T. was a teaser it had no direct relation to Silent Hills did it? If not can't Kojima still create a game similar to it and Konami not do anything about it? #12
They'll probably take the license and lock the game so you can't play it if you've already downloaded it. I wouldn't put anything past them at this point. #6.1
The team that created Xbox One wasn't the team that created the previous Xbox. It surely shows. #3.2.1
It doesn't look as good as I hoped it would. I kept my expectations pretty low in the first place. Anyways it's about the gameplay and that's where it will shine. I hope the performance is solid. #2
If they're this embarrassed of Xbox One game footage maybe they should come out with a hardware revision and give early adopters some sort of incentives. #3.1.1
"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Footage On Conan Was Not Running On Xbox One"

Should've known. When you see a game being played with a Xbox One controller it's most likely a PC behind closed doors. #3
I disagree. Forza 5 doesn't look as good as Project Cars but the performance is much better. I think I'd stick with Forza 5 for the smoother experience. #2.1
Aren't the logos there everywhere you go on the site? I don't think it's strictly linked to Assassins Creed: Victory. #3
Is this a new special edition controller? I'm curious if we can get our hands on it or if it's just a custom design for CD Projekt RED. #6.1
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