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"I don't get it either, seems like people want to see it fail. Strange times we live in."

No fanboys want it to fail. #1.3
Is there a reason everything just fell apart this generation? It's been a nightmare and it don't seem like things are getting any better. #1
Well get ready to be pissed off then. It's IGN what do you expect. #1.1
Yes there was trouble with friends list and some other things. The problems were listed on the Xbox Live Status page. #2.1
Why never trust GAF? #11.4.1
It's kinda odd everyone on N4G seems impressed and everyone on GAF thinks it don't look that great. #11
I love the new Lara. The graphics look amazing. #1
I've got to agree. If the game is around 5 hours that's just not gonna cut it. It's a single player linear game with no multiplayer and most likely no replay value so I was hoping for 10 to 12 hours. #2.1.1
When they drop the F2P and go retail price then I'll be interested. #1.3
All I do I pull the trigger down and give it a few good blows and no more squeaks. #1
"Where it stands to falter, though, is in its inherent difficulty. There is nothing wrong with a challenging game, but catering only to the hardcore crowd is a mistake, especially with a title that looks as good as Ori does."

Sounds like a great game with beautiful art. Hopefully they can take the difficulty down a notch so is become more enjoyable. #2
"s anyone really looking forward to The Order:1886"

I sure hope so. RAD is a great developer and I'll definirly support them with The Order: 1886. Unlike most people I enjoy a linear game with a great story, awesome weapons, and amazing graphics. #1.2
No way. Remember the gap is "closing" according to some people. All I can say is better luck next time for Xbox. I guess without that clown Mattrick they will do far better next gen. #1.1.1
Wouldn't it be better to compare the Driveclub sounds to Forza 5 and not Horizion 2? Don't they go for more realistic sounds with the Forza Motorsport series? Anyways Driveclub sounds better than Horizon 2 but Driveclub sounds like you're aways driving through a tunnel for some reason. #1.2
I'm really looking forward to seeing gameplay of Rise of theTomb Raider. Lara looks amazing so far and the game sounds like it will be great. They're bringing back Tombs which is good to hear. Also Lara taking on animals and a dynamic weather system sounds great. #1

You're right. If it was the other way around we'd hear about it all the time. #1.1.1
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I completely agree. I'll never play tablet or phone games. I will however like Project Morpheus and Hololens. #2.1.1
"Games Predict Console Quality Tablets In 2018"

I predict next gen consoles will be out a few years after. Then tablets will play catch up again. #2

Well I guess we know why you have one bubble. How about just wait until the game release and then judge it? Also you might want to learn how to spell. #2.4
"rather pay $60 or $100 for your right to play a game?"

How about if they ever go up to $100 for a game I'll quit gaming! #1
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