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"No matter how you cut it, Phil is doing a good job."

Phil doing a great job? Not really. He can put all the games on PC he wants but most are just a mess. Then on top of that you have the horrible Windows Store to deal with.

He's not the amazing Xbox One savior everyone thought he was. In fact he's just screwing more things up even more.

Now PC gamers that would've bought an Xbox...

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"Here we go again acting like scores are based on facts"

Scores aren't facts. They're just there to help let you know how good the games are from a reviewer standpoint.

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"Better than Quantum Break."

Oh no you didn't. You're probably right though.

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Sam Lake “Very, Very Happy” About Releasing Quantum Break on PC"

Are you very, very happy about how bad it is on PC? You should've delayed it and made it right. That's probably Microsoft's fault though rushing it to release simultaneously.

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Great box art. Looks really good.

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"agreed with @Liqu1d perhaps your internet is the one fluctuating."

It's not my internet. Neogaf has an article about it that reached 10 pages and over 450 comments on this problem.

Although it hasn't been brought up lately it seems it went back to sh*t after this firmware upda...

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I hope Sony never hands Uncharted to anyone other than Naughty Dog. Let it end on a high note. It's was a great ride. I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog does next. Maybe Savage Starlight? Who knows.

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Aliens? Wizards? Mayby both. They're seriously talented people at Naughty Dog. Uncharted 4 looks beyond amazing. I can't wait to explore some other environments.

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"My download will have say 15min left.. If I use Spotify or play a game my download goes to about 7hrs."

Same here. It's so freaking annoying!

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It took me nearly 10 hours @25Mbps to download Black Ops 3 when it should've took 6. It goes fast for a while then slows down then speeds back up. Rinse repeat. And no it's not my connection.

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Great news. I'm glad they're taking it back to the dark days. With split screen in every mode, co-op, LAN, dedicated servers, and Training Grounds this is looking to be the complete experience.

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Ugh. It's back to the same fluctuating downloads after this update that they fixed in the last big update.

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"Yes, Sony fans hate it and everybody else loves it."

I'd have to play it first and see if I like it. It's got quite a few mixed reviews though.

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I didn't like it either. The worst level in the Uncharted series IMO.

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This is one of those love it or hate it type of games.

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Doesn't sound to appealing to me.

• Friend codes are still a thing (unfortunately).

• There are multiple “gimmicks” with the NX, one is optional.

EDIT 2: Apparently friend code wasn’t the correct term. You can only add people you know.

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Cheaters on consoles? How are they cheating?

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I don't really like it. Maybe I don't like MOBA in general though. Being f2p just makes things worse.

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"we can confirm that a single GTX980Ti is unable to run this game at 1080p, unless of course you lock the framerate at 30fps."

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I love the dark setting of Gears 4. Also having split screen in all modes and co-op gameplay is great news. I'm sure the MP will be great and glad to know it will be 1080p/60.

Have they mentioned anything about Horde mode at launch? I don't recall hearing anything.

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