Lvl Up or Die
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I seen that also. Except Sony has turned the clock speed from 1.2GHz to 911MHz. So I'm guessing that's why Neo is 4.14TF and not 5.5TF.

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I did watch the video. Xbox One drops framerate more than PS4. He even states that in the video. Also Xbox One is only 900p while PS4 is 1080p.

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Tiny phone screens and touch controls for these kind of games are a joke.

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R.I.P. No one should have to die that young.

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Don't believe it.

They even list Half Life: 3

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I think we can all guess the outcome of this.

PS4 is 1080p and has a more solid framerate. Xbox One 900p with less solid framerate.

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Watch us get all 3 of those and a Horizon: Zero Dawn delay to top it off.

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He loves the game. Basically it's an amazing game just lacking content at launch. So I'd say it's a fair review. Their will be more content soon though.

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Agreed. Nice avatar btw. Lol

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Poor dinosaurs won't get to experience VR. If only this didn't happen.


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Yea aside from the casual gamers who don't pay a lot of attention to what's happening some of us know there's something smaller and better coming soon so holding off until we see what happens at E3 is the best bet.

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"We have like $300 to spend on an entertainment device and we do not have a dedicated room. We have a room for a screen, a couch, and controllers. We don’t have something where you stand in a big open space and hold two controllers with something on your head and, you know, not crash into the coffee table. We don’t have that. There are a number of constraints, as I said before."

I completely agree.

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What about Overwatch? I actually think it looks great and a lot of fun from what I've watched of it lately. I don't know much about the content though.

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I find it funny PlayStation is headquartered is U.S. yet we're usually last to get beta access and stuff.

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There is no reason this game couldn't have been 60fps now. I'll pass.

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Yes! Excited for some news coming into E3. Halo Wars 2 beta would be great. And the biggest news of all...a new Age of Empires. Please be true and available on Xbox.

Edit: Also heard someone on Gaf saying a trailer is coming later today. Nothing really new but maybe some sort of rebranding? Guess we'll find out later.

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Yea if it wasn't $600 for the Oculus Rift. PSVR is only $400. Price matters.

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This game sounds like a huge letdown. No offline career, no dynamic weather or day/night cycle, only 137 cars, and bad engine sounds. Did I miss anything?

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No one is forcing you to use the rewind feature. Just simply don't use it.

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I wish they'd let us that can't make it to E3 play some of these games at home. Maybe a temporary demo or something?

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