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It got a 4.6/5 since they didn't include the rating on here. #1

"edit: Yes, and you know how that will end. We really don't need the console wars bringing into every thread ... do we?"

Well I was just curious about which performed better. You have a point though. It's sad you can't ask a question about which performs better without sparking a console war. #1.2.2
I'd just like to know how they compare if that's ok with you? #1.2.1
Yea they've had it since launch I believe. #1.1.1
How long does it take on Xbox One? Just curious in comparison. #1
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They're going by how good the developers are and the previous ICO games they created would be my guess. #1.1
This actually looks really good. Chris Columbus is the director of Pixels so expect it will be great. Can't wait to watch it. #4
I don't think the PS4 version looks washed out at all. The XBO has crushed black just like it does with some other games. #15.1
I really like Ori but I don't think I've ever died so much in a game. It's challenging that's for sure. #2
Why of coarse it's an EA game to beat it all. Mobile transaction slowly creeping their way into AAA games. I hate microtransactions. I'm smart enought to never buy them. #1
Xbox One has crushed blacks yet again. Also being 720p and a very unstable 60fps isn't that great either. #14
"Cross-gen constraints are holding back these games too. It just looks so dated."

I agree but it's also the frostbite engine holding things back. At least from what I've heard. #1.1.1
The NX announcement isn't really anything until we hear more next year. I mean we already knew they were making another console. #2.1
If we see this game at E3 everyone will go crazy. I doubt we will but you never know. This game would have to be a masterpiece with all the hype surrounding it. #1
Yea I actually like the name. It will probably change as this is a code name though. #2.1.1
Sounds like Nintendo X=cross play. #2
"It's definitely a good thing to move a game back and make sure it's the best it can be, rather than rushing it out and heaping on patches afterwards. Looking at you AC Unity."

I agree. Though some games could be pushed back indefinitely and still not be much better. I guess it just depends. #1.1.1
I doubt anyone's complaining. If anything it's reassuring to know they're putting extra time into their game. What people are complaining or worried about is having some big AAA games for the Holiday. I'm sure E3 will reveal some big games though. #1

"There is no doubt about it DriveClub looks amazing. But after owning it on the Ps4 it got boring pretty quick. Recently i picked up forza horrizon 2, the game is amazing and completely blows driveclub out of the water. So much to do and the online is great. Its what driveclub should of been."

I agree FH2 is an overall better game. There are tons more to do and the game looks amazing especially for being open world. Storm Island is great a... #2.4
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The replays looks so dang real. I'm still amazed what they pulled off graphically with this game. I still can't imaging how good a new Motorstorm would look like. #1.3
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