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Honestly I think the biggest news here is IGN didn't do a stupid "review in progress" this time! #3.1.1
Very good review. This game is gonna be beyond amazing from what I'm reading. #2
Great review. Now the wait begins! Not to long now.

"In Short: A colossal achievement in technical terms, with a level of interaction with the game world and its inhabitants that is unsurpassed in modern video games." #1
This is all we need to know.

"The result is that this Polish studio's first open world is one of the greatest we've ever seen. #1
Dang another 10/10! This game is reviewing really well. #1
Yea this game is going to do very well. Great score from IGN. #3
Wow a 10/10 from Gamespot. I didn't expect that. Amazing reviews so far. #1.2
"I'm sure it will run well that's why the resolution is dynamic. If it was locked at 1080P then you might have some performance issues."

Well I'd hope it runs well with dynamic resolution but like DF stated it didn't work well at all with Rage on PS3. #1.2.1
"Now you can chat online with your friends, you choose your own profile picture, all their achievements in one place and find a new friend."

Some great stuff in there. #1
That incoming storm looks great. Love how the wind blows and all the trees and grass is swaying. #1
"Done well, it's a good effect, but there are occasions when it fails to convince - for example, Rage on PS3 could strobe between very different resolutions - even when standing still - producing a distracting effect."

Let's hope it doesn't have any problems and runs well then. Fingers crossed. It would've just been nice to lock the resolution at 1080p. Oh well. #1
Maybe they should just put the whole game up for free. Yea it's been that long. It's honestly a great game and still the best looking visuals in its genre to date IMO. I say just pick it up cheap already and enjoy the full experience. #1
"CD Projekt Red Has Been Making Late Tweaks to Witcher 3’s Performance on PS4"

You mean all platforms?

"Over the last two weeks, we’ve increased performance on all platforms,” CEO Marcin Iwinski states." #1
"The console needs to die and Nintendo should be the one to pull the trigger"

Polygon needs to die and you should pull the trigger on yourself. #1.3

I'm not a trophy collected so I'm way down there. Think I've got a little over 390 and halfway through lvl 7. I don't play many games. It's just the ones I do choose to play I play a lot. #4.1.7
"Make a new psn id."

All your digital content and trophies are locked to your account. #4.1.4
It's not easy to get a PSN ID you like. Nearly everything you think of is already taking.

I don't see what the big deal is. If Sony charged $10 to change your PSN they'd make a fortune. I want that option.

Edit: How anyone could disagree for having the option the change their PSN is beyond me. #4.1.2
This game really shocked me. It came out of nowhere and actually looks amazing. It's also going to support Morpheus which was big news also. #2
Wow. You get to experience this game with Project Morpheus! I can't imagine seeing dinosaurs up close or flying through the sky on a pterodactyl. The graphics look amazing also. #7
Congrats CD Projekt Red. You deserve great sales for all your hard work. Can't wait to play The game myself. Hopefully you'll get great reviews for The Witcher 3 which I'm sure you will. #4
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