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“just make sure you've got an able crew.”

The game looks good I just wish you could play without a crew and still have fun but I’m sure it would defeat the purpose of the game.

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“Phil Harrison on Platform Exclusives: "They don't work in as many cases as they used to."

Works great for PlayStation. Sounds like damage control to me.

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“Well if they brought Street Fighter 5 to the Switch and Xbox that would also help sales.”

Well they didn’t have to quitebtheir jobs and mortgage their houses to make their game. Big difference.

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“Cuphead Developers Quit Their Jobs And Mortgaged Their Houses To Make The Game“

Bring it to PS4 and you’ll get a lot more sales. Anyhow I hope for the best. That’s some dedication.

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“Xbox One consoles barely sell?”

Compared to the competition? Yes. 2:1 ratio isn’t that great no matter how you try to spin it.

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I’m not saying it will fail but they can barely sell Xbox One consoles now for $250. I can only imaging how bad it’s going to be at $500.

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“You can't take these commenters seriously, these guy are full of it.“


No you’re full of it. Quite riding Microsoft for one second and realize the Xbox brand has no appeal in Japan. Even if they bring Japanese games to Xbox they will still purchase the games on PS4.

Nintendo Switch will also continue to do very well their do to the mobile appeal that the Japanese favor.

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“the remake is cheap made and trashy ,not worth of buyign...not even the cover couldnt get right ...Crash is like a retarded”

How’s it cheap made and trashy? Just curious.

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So this is what happens when you have no exclusives or 1st party games to play.

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“I customized my PS4 with a bigger harddrive.“

I’m talking like a PC which I don’t want since a console is defined by dedicated hardware. Developers “especially 1st party” can squeeze ever last ounce of juice from them. That’s when games really shine.

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“Thou shalt not criticize a PS exclusive.”

“You must only have good things to say about it otherwise”

Lol. Coming from an Xbox fanboy. Don’t think that Kratos avatar is fooling anyone.

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“it wont just throw you in a lobby with a PC player“

Isn’t that the whole point of crossplay though?

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“Most gamers will lose trust in Sony if they start to release a new console every 3 years in between.”

Sony still believes in generation leaps. PS5 will launch by going from when PS4 was released and not PS4 Pro. That will be a 6 year gap which is great.

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People already complaining left and right. Are gamers ever happy with anything?

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“Bluehole wants to offer cross-play between Xbox One and PC in Playerunknown’s Battleground“

Enjoy you’re unfair advantage Xbox users. Mouse players will reign supreme.

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“He never said anything otherwise. You missed TheUndertaker85's point.“

I figured that out after I posted my comment. I read it out of context.

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“You are aware that many that worked for Naughty Dog in 1996-1999 are not there anymore correct? Sony didn't even acquire Naughty Dog until 2001.”

Naughty Dog as of today puts out some of the best games in the industry. They’re one of the best developers in the world.

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Please no. Dedicated hardware is an absolute must if you want very good optimized games.

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I think 2019 would be the sweet spot. I also hope the rumor was true of a dedicated GPU.

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If you want to experience Naughty Dog get a PS4. Uncharted 4 was a masterpiece and I’m sure Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and The Last of Us: Part 2 will also be amazing.

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