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Same here. Not interested in the game but it’s trying to keep the game off PS4 is nonsense. Typical Phil.

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“How is that a whole number update? It's lacking...a lot.”

Honestly the worst big update since PS4 launched.

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And this give this guy a promotion. Smh.

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“Microsoft Is Trying to Keep PUBG Off PS4 for Longer”

Microsoft being Microsoft. They’re shaking in their boots as PS4 and Nintendo continue to dominate.

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“To The Point: Microtransactions Are Now Hazardous To Gaming's Future”

Greed is hazardous to gaming future. Because that’s all it is.

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Looking good. I’m going to pick this game up on Nintendo Switch and give it a go. Looks interesting.

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“He and that blonde guy with the glasses just smoked the Xbox presser that year.“

Adam Boyes was the best. I miss him being at PlayStation.

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GT Sport looks a generation ahead of Forza 7.

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“Andrew House is now chairman of SIE.”

Not for long.

“Andrew House is leaving sony at end of year”

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Honestly never really cared for Andrew House. Anyhow wish him the best. Hope John Kodera does a great job.

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I just want Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime 4, and a new Luigi’s Mansion.

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“Nintendo Switch Sales Continue To Exceed Expectations”

Well deserved. Their 1st party games are killing it this year. The console itself is also great and I really like the ability to take my games anywhere.

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No Best Buy near me. Wish they’d bring them to Walmart or GameStop also.

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Zelda is amazing so far. I also suggest splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and SteamWorld Dig 2.

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Forza 5 looks better than Forza 7 in some instances. Track side detail for example.

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“Lets be real. Gt Sport are not messing with Forza 7 Cockpits.”

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“Either way, as Phil "Mr. Contradiction" Spencer said "play the games not the resolution".


Horzon -
Sea of Thieves -

Notice the difference?


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