Lvl Up or Die
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"You're here complaining whike people are trying to beat the boss with bare fists haha"

There's nerds in every game right? I'd rather have fun and enjoy a game than die 10,000 times but that's just me. As I stated above I was hoping NiOh would be similar to Onimusha especially in the difficulty level but boy was i off. Lol

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Great article. I think Sony making Neo quite powerful while also keeping the price down is exactly what they should do instead of chasing Scorpio. Price is very important believe it or not.

From PS4 out all games will be backward compatible as you stated and you'll never have to buy remastered games. Also they're not forcing you to buy Noe either. Same games except one will look and perform better than it's counterpart. The playbase will not be split so everythi...

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I tried the Beta quite a few times and although I did like it I thought it was very challenging. Not every game needs to be Dark Souls hard or even more hard for the matter. I liked Onimusha and hoped this would be similar but it's far more challenging.

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"Do you really want these indie games instead of huge franchises that helped to build Playstation history, classic series like"

"Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon
Ape Escape
Warhawk/ Starhawk
Twisted Metal

Because there's no AAA exclusives coming right? Think again.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
God of War PS4
Days Gone ...

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Exactly and now Microsoft are trying to act like it's all them and Sony are the bad guys. Hilarious if you ask me.

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PlayStation 4 has a massive user base compared to Xbox One so this wouldn't benefit them as much as it would Xbox. Likely most of our friends are on the console we chose anyways. I don't really see any need for Sony to fall through with this. It would be cool yes but needed not so much.

This to me just seems like a hell of a marketing tactic to make Microsoft out be the good guys in the situation.

Edit: Nice title change. Now most of our comments ...

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"I'm thinking about trading i my ps4 for for one just so i can hook this baby up to my 4k TV."

Except Neo will be out in less than two months. That would be the best option. At least IMO.

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"Aaron Greenberg Optimistic for August Sales After Xbox One Tops July"

You should be optimistic when you win more than one country.

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All I use to play is CoD then I tried Overwatch and I've been addicted ever since. I'll probably never return to CoD. Screw grasshoppers, instant deaths, and all the future crap.

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Honsestly the more I think about it I believe you're spot on. They put Xbox in the grave basically. Phil Spencer is a PC nut anyways so I'm not surprised what he done with Xbox. It's like every time I see him online he's on the Xbox app on PC.

Also do app developers not give a crap about Xbox or what? The YouTube app just got updated yesterday 3 months after PS4 had it and it still doesn't support 60fps! Netflix takes nearly twice as long to load as it d...

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"I suspect they may even buff the specs before the official console reveal just to be sure they can have a stable 4k experience"

You're probably looking at $499 as it is. You can't just throw in more powerful hardware without raising cost. If the price is too high then you're in trouble. Sony got lucky with PS3 and they learned from it.

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"Microsoft has obviously turned a corner where they are doing right by gamers."

They wouldn't have to do right for gamers if they wouldn't have screwed everything up in the first place.

"Scorpio will be the best console ever made."

As for being the best console ever made? I highly doubt that. PlayStation is a very strong brand and they're doing great with PS4. I expect Neo ...

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Now let me finish your sentence for you, and yet manages to be one of the best gameplay experiences "in my opinion."

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"but seeing that xbl costs the same, I'd say both don't add up"

They're both too expensive IMO. At least you have access to cloud saves without a Gold subscription though. You have to have a PS Plus subscription or else you can't access cloud saves which is stupid.

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"I would like to add that I am expecting higher quality content now. I mean if 10 million people give an extra 10 a year, thats $100 million and that can go towards some really decent content."

Yea as if making a billion a year before the price hike wasn't enough for high quality content.

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How many times are we going to see this same location? They need to make another race in a different biome available.

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"(Angry Rant) PlayStation 4 Slim Is Ugly!! It Looks like a Smashed Hamburger."

Smashed hamburger? Lol I think it kinda looks like a bathroom scale.

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Maybe two yes but anything more is overkill. They need to limit it.

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I wouldn't call 5 ninjas deflecting every weapon you fire back in your face fun. I also wouldn't call 4 Divas half of them using shields while the others hides behind them firing at you fun either.

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