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"Microsoft is making some bold claims about Scorpio such as its ability to handle 4K gaming at 60hrz"

Did they say this? 4k @60fps?

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They both should be on the list. I'm just asking if what we seen was gameplay or not.

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Was there actual gameplay of Spider-Man? Also I agree Sea of Theive's should've been in the list.

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"They think will kill their bragging rights"

They already have plan b. They now say 6TF don't matter if they have no games. Lol

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"NOBODY OWNS A 4K TV WHO GIVES A FUCK?!!?!" 60 fps is... INFINITELY more important than 4k"

I have a 4K TV and I'd take 4K/30fps over 1080p/30fps any day of the week. I do however agree that 60fps is more important since it impacts gameplay.

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"sony intended to show neo at e3 but a beast named scorpio spooked sony, xbox is back to reclaim the crown, hide sony fangirls, the most powerful console ever conceived is here to wipe out playstation from the face of the earth."

"Joined 46min ago"

Another troll account. There everywhere! We need the troll spray ASAP!

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"Several sources have indicated to me that PlayStation Neo launches this year, despite its E3 no-show."

I thought about getting the new Xbox One S but If Neo releases this year I'll definitely pick it up instead.

I want 60fps and better...

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"How many times have you wanted to buy a new piece of equipment and been short one random piece of crafting material? It’s annoying, especially if you’re not sure where to track down what you need. In Horizon Zero Dawn, the “create a job” option will generate a quest to give you the items to buy the equipment."

That's awesome. I think there's times when we all end up looking all over the place for that one last part.

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"Specifically when asked about the power gap, he tried to downplay it as much as possible."

“Is that going to be the end-all, be-all of the gaming experience? No,” he said. “I think more than anything else today, we’re seeing the power of narrative move the gaming business forward more than ever before.”

Well it's pretty obvious they'll have the weaker hardware this time around. Either way can't wait to see what both consoles offer w...

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"All that power is not going to mean much if MS is still not going to invest in quality teams to develop games."

Both companies have great games coming not just one.

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All trolls should be marked honestly. He joined a few hours ago and has done nothing but bash PS4 games in every Xbox article. That's why he's being marked.

I know it happens both ways and I agree some others should be marked also.

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"Joined 2hr ago"

Troll account guys. Nothing to see here.

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A little advice. If I was you I'd change that username to something more reasonable or you're setting yourself up as a fanboy.

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This is my kind of racing game. Forza Horzion is the most fun racing game out there IMO. I really like the Australian setting in t FH3.

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"Forza Horizon 3 is 30fps on Xbox, unlocked with 4K resolution on PC"

I think we all knew this. Amazing looking game from what I've seen. Looks really fun.

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"From start to finish, this early look at Forza Horizon 3 was damn impressive. It was rich, had lots of varied terrain (roadways, beaches, jungle, etc.) and mixed in water in realistic ways. On top of that, it was gorgeous, immersive and just downright fun. As a result, it’s easily one of my most anticipated upcoming releases and one of the most enjoyable things I’ve played thus far at E3."

Sounds amazing! I love the Australia setting. So many beautiful areas and ...

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"I've never seen people try so hard to manipulate what he says. Neogaf is ran my clowns. It USED to be a place where one could discuss, now its a place of chaos and FUD. I'm sorry but I dont visit NeoGaf anymore as it has lost it way."

Yea like the idiot on Neogaf that opened a thread saying the new $299 Xbox One S wouldn't come with a controller. Funny thing is people believed it and I still see people saying it doesn't ...

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Like the idiot on Negaf that made a thread about the $299 500GB Xbox One S not coming with a controller. Funny thing is people actually believed it.

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It's getting old. Give it a rest.

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Well no sh*t. A 4K TV paired with Scorpio which is a 4K capable console will be the best option though.

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