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"You won't believe how realistic this PlayStation 4 game looks"

You won't believe how blurry the images are on your site.

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"Microsoft considered giving away the original Xbox for free"

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"Sony, like any company, isn't made of money. They have to prioritize"

Didn't Driveclub sell over 2 million copies? That's pretty good for a new racing IP wouldn't you say?

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"Experience the game in 4K in-game quality with all new features"

And they upload the trailer in 1080p. Lol

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"Additional info: whatever the solution will be, the computing power it has falls far behind a PS4, let alone a PS4 Pro. Don't have high hopes for that. The selling point for it is high portability and hybrid providing rich gameplay possibilities."

Exactly what I figured would happen. Say goodbye to 3rd party support yet again. The portability seems pretty nice but that's about it.

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"Microsoft Xbox Exec Puts Sony in Crosshairs: Company Doubts 4K Credentials of PS4 Pro - WinBuzzer"

Says a Microsoft website. Lol

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Paul Rustchynsky is basically saying that if Sony would've ask them to patch Driveclub for PS4 Pro they would. Sony just don't care. They really messed up closing Evo IMO. They did a great job turning an ok racing game into one of the better racing games I've ever played.

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"but what will it be called? Forza Motorboat racing"

Forza Watersport? Haha

Can you link to where someone said they're already working on a new franchise?

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I'm sure it will be fixed very soon.

Off topic: I remember when Dan Greenawalt said in a interview there may be room for a 3rd Forza game in the franchise.

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

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Is Nintendo ever going to announce NX? It's really getting old playing the waiting game.

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You get a pretty box to look at all day?

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"but lacks polish on the Xbox One"

I played the demo and thought it looked amazing. If you call that lack of polish then your standards are pretty high.

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"Albert Penello: Yeah. We had to pick a number. Why did you choose six teraflops? Why did you choose 384Gb/s in memory bandwidth?"

384Gb/s memory bandwidth? That's crazy. When did this change?

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"MS dropped a big giant massive humongous bombshell with this ultra amazing AAAA ultimate driving game nothing else in this entire universe comes half as close as this ultra amazing AAAA Microsoft exclusive. Microsoft is killing it with their iltra amazing AAAA lineup keep up the top notch work Microsoft!!!!!"

Guys, should we get this guy some help? Serious question? Haha

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This thing will sell like hot cakes this holiday and especially Black Friday.

This would've been amazing.

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Stop with these senseless articles. I'm pretty sure the heads at Microsoft know more about what they can achieve then all these random websites

When Scorpio is in our hands we'll know for sure. The we can all judge.

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Seems nobody can stay off the walls.

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"Did anyone read this article?"

Yea some are complaining about linking twitter account issues, slower download speeds, lower quality "share button" video recordings, and some app issues.

Why you asking? Just curious.

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"By the way, you have to HAVE a PS4 in order to make a comparison with download speeds."

Nice try though.

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Dualshockers and Gamersyde both crash the PS4 internet browser quite often for me.

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