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"There is no doubt about it DriveClub looks amazing. But after owning it on the Ps4 it got boring pretty quick. Recently i picked up forza horrizon 2, the game is amazing and completely blows driveclub out of the water. So much to do and the online is great. Its what driveclub should of been."

I agree FH2 is an overall better game. There are tons more to do and the game looks amazing especially for being open world. Storm Island is great a... #2.4
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The replays looks so dang real. I'm still amazed what they pulled off graphically with this game. I still can't imaging how good a new Motorstorm would look like. #1.3
Same as Titanfall plus a campaign, co-op, more mechs, more guns, and better performance. #2
These things should've been there at launch. You can still say the game gets better and better I suppose. All in all at least they're supporting this game very well. #1.1
The only problem with the Dualshock 4 is the rubber on the sticks and the battery life. Other than that the controller is amazing. #2.1.1
Sony couldn't fix the rubber on sticks so they just removed them. Awesome! #2
I can't wait until E3. I suspect we'll see a Gears of War and Uncharted collection. Also hope to see some big surprises. #2
They have most effects now? Didn't know that. #1.1.1
I Compared this video to Xbox One and PS4 was a little quicker. I must say great job. #1.1.2
Good for you. It's still technically a Microsoft exclusive. If not for them the game might not even exist. #2.1.2
While I agree with you Titanfall started out as a Microsoft exclusive. Tomb Raider and SF5 have been multi platform games in the past. #2.1
That's your opinion. You don't speak for everyone if they do or don't like Titanfall. #3.1
Yea they helped save Titanfall. They also let them use their dedicated servers. Maybe you should know what you're talking about before laughing. #1.1.1
I thought they would have after all they done for Titanfall. Things can change though. Guess we'll know soon enough. After all a deal could be made down the line. All I know is if they don't have dedicated servers and use P2P servers I want enjoy it or possibly even play it online. #1
"What made Titanfall strong is the fact that Microsoft provided EA Games and Respawn Entertainment with dedicated servers."

This is pretty much true though. That's one thing I loved about Titanfall is the Azure dedicated servers. Now when I play Advanced Warfare I see just how important those are! #1.6
Nice. Pretty sweet looking car. I'm excited to see more of Fast & Furious also.

Edit: Thanks for the below responses. #1
"Yet Another Xbox One Game Isn't Working Properly"

Nice headline. They act as if lots Xbox One games aren't working properly. Smh.

Anyways Microsoft is on it and hopefully it will be fixed soon. I haven't had any issues yet and hopefully others want have this issue either.

"We have identified a conflict between 'Ori and the Blind Forest' and the Xbox One's 'instant on' feature. We are working to... #2
Sounds promising especially running at 1080p/60.

Off topic: Microsoft should buy Nvidia. They would then have the Grid to compete with Playstation Now and a huge advantage in the graphics department. They could then use Nvidia in their next console. Just a thought. If not at least invest in Azure for game streaming. #1
So many great features. Glad PS4 will finally have suspend/resume. Now maybe when they add DNLA everyone will quit complaining about the lack of features. I still wish they'd allow us to set our backgrounds with the screenshots we take. #4
Uncharted 2 had great mp. Uncharted 3 didn't. All the perks and boosters killed it. Also the level designs was worse than Uncharted 2 IMO. #1.1.2
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