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Sounds like Xbox is becoming more a service than a console anymore. #1
Why even go these comparisons? We know the outcome. #1
Going back to a game without a jet pack would be nice for sure. I get tired of every fps having the damn things. #1.1
Yea I've watched replays of the poor souls who just can't get a kill for nothing. I almost feel bad for some of them. Lol

I've also watched a few on Halo 5 because I wonder how you can suck so bad your score is something like 1-10. Some people need to just give up playing FPS online and play single player or a different genre of games.

Some people don't play because if they quit they'll get banned. I can't count how many times I've... #1
Wii U has done a lot better than I would've thought. I really hope they make a great console with the NX. I love their 1st party games and how Nintendo just feels different from other consoles but the Wii U isn't for me so I'll have to miss out on some great games. #1.1
"Finally Bought 'Ark: Survival Evolved' On Xbox One, And I Want A Refund"

Well you know it's in preview before you buy it. The game is incomplete and possibly a mess in its current state. The game isn't optimized worth a sh*t on any platform. The resolution is bad and the framerate is horrible. Aside from that it's fun and addicting though. #1
Including an i7-3770k. #1.2
Can someone please explain what is the objective of this game? Looks nice graphically but I just don't know what you're suppose to do. #1
Just give info on the d@mn thing Nintendo so all this speculation will quit. I'ts getting old and frankly im tired of waiting. #1
"Ark: Survival Evolved On Xbox One: Looks Awful, Runs Terribly, Still Fun"

Isn't that weird? The game is so good we somehow manage to still have fun when the game looks and runs so terrible. #1
Yea and they make billions and still want give us dedicated servers. Greedy careless company. #1
Doesn't really look that great IMO. I think they should take up more of the PS4 than just the HDD cover and put some extra effort into their designs. #2
No you're not you was on here typing that comment. #1.1
"But this is the end for Nathan Drake"

That part hurt a little. I can't wait to see what's next though. #1
"just got my X1 so the reason I'm a little behind with the times"

Hope you enjoy. Some great games coming and the regular updates are great and packed with features. #3.1
I've never seen so much support, updates, and features on a console. Great job Microsoft. #1
Your avatar is on your profile page. It also shows up in various places like activity feed and such. #16.1
"Once again, we’re sat at our desks writing another article about another online service having a wobble."

Then stop reporting it. If it's a major outage fine but if it's minor don't worry about it. You will see some minor downtime from time to time. #1
What an update. Say more than I thought would come. Awesome job MS. #11
Looking CGI. We have another ROTTR release on our hands though. Releasing very close to Uncharted 4 which isn't a good idea. #1
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