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I get stuck a lot. Is this a game trial and error? Anther words you mess up you have to restart the game? #1
Same games as before I guess. Was hoping to see some new ones. #1
Finally. I'm surprised the PS4 version is done before the Xbox One version. Anyone know how long the certification process will take with Sony before they put it up? #1
Simple. Move to #2
Much respect. Both conferences was great although I liked Sony's conference better because the games interest me more. Microsoft did great getting Tomb Raider though. #2

I'm not outraged. Sony has their exclusives and Microsoft has theirs. There's no reason to argue about it. I like Sony games myself and some like Microsoft's. Just a matter of which side you're a fan of and which games you enjoy more. Either way everyone will enjoy what they like. #1.4
This is one amazing feature. So many times I've been stuck in a game and needed some help. #1
This and Rime both look amazing. Rime is beautiful and relaxing while this game looks very unique and fun. #4
This game looks very interesting and the art and graphics are amazing. Can't wait to see more or better yet get my hands on it. #1
Ok this trailer have me high hopes again for this game. Looks amazing! #4
That snow area looks amazing! Also I'm liking that power at the end of the trailer. #3
Why does it look worrying? What did you expect a racing game? People want change then they call it copying Titanfall even though Advanced Warfare was in Development longer than Titanfall. You can only change a game so much without screwing the formula up. #2
This is one pretty area. The art style is amazing. #1
A beta when the game release the month after? I'd call it a demo. #4
I have to say $400 for this bundle is a great deal. #1
I have to say $400 for this bundle is a great deal. #1
I have to say $400 is a great price. #1
They said exclusive in 2015. Maybe timed exclusive? Anyways hopefully it performs better than Tomb Raider: DE did. #19
Most likely not and it's pointless until 4k becomes mainstream which will probably be towards the middle or end of next gen. #1.3
Well of coarse they're going to be some surprises. #1
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