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I'm a console gamer and don't want a PC so mods are out of the question.

There's millions and millions of console gamers who don't have a PC or mods that would enjoy Minecraft 2. That or maybe consoles should allow some form of mods to be avaliable. #1.3
Honestly there's so much more can be done with Minecraft 2. Things like quest, shields, more monsters, more animals, hail, sandstorms, etc. I can just keep naming things that could be done with Minecraft 2. #1
I welcome a 1TB model but I'm gonna be angry if they don't announce a slim Xbox One. I figured by now Xbox One would've lost a few pounds! #1
Well after Wander I think any game could get through QA. Lol #1
I'd say FM6 will be very good and play great. 1080p, 60fps, complete working cockpits, weather, 3d puddles, night racing, 450 cars, customization, and possibly more. Thats all I need to know. I'm very happy to hear all these features! #5
Everything I was hoping for plus more. Night racing, weather, 450 cars, Rio and Daytone, complete working cockpits! I'm so freaking excited. #1.4

Thanks for the info. I was half asleep when typing my previous comment. Lol #1.1.3
"The very next game update (v1.18) will continue Evolution Studios' move towards releasing the long overdue Playstation Plus version of the racer."

Then another patch and another patch and another patch. Just give everyone the game free as a PS+ game. #1
"E3 Surprises Spoiled? What's Left?"

If what we've see was even half the E3 announcements planned I'd be disappointed. I'd say there's a lot of surprises left. #2.2
That's not good news topping out at 35fps. #1.1
Haha 1.5/10. Priceless review score. This game looks to be one of the worst games I've ever seen. Ever. #3
I like the sound of this update. I have a feeling big changes are coming soon. #1.1

"he will. As will others because unlike you - they actually own and play it"

Nice try. I do own it and play it:) #1.1.7

"Lol Halo MCC is not a disaster. It's been fixed for many months now"

Keep telling yourself that. It was a disaster at launch and it's still not working properly. #1.1.5
They removed the multiplayer to keep from a disaster like Halo: MCC. They instead put the beta for UC4 multiplayer which should hold people over. #1.1
They can make great deals buying in bulk but they want jump straight to huge hard drive sizes. They'll gradually move up in sizes to keep giving reasons to buy their consoles. Just a typical business practice. #1.1.2
I bet you'd sure make a good profit for the company doing that. You have to make a balance between the consumer needs and business prospective.

I do think they could put a 2TB hard drive in there though. #1.1
I'm sure it will be a great game but I agree it looks far worse than The Witcher 3. #
Well this is just exciting news! #1
There is now way LEGO worlds will come close to competing with Minecraft. I have a feeling Minecraft 2 will be announced soon also. #3
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