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Phil Spencer On His Japan Trip “Lots Of Dev Interest In Scorpio And Xbox One”

Sure they are. Xbox is dead to Japan. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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"Walking away from the demo, I was extremely impressed with what I experienced. As I’ve already said, the game looks jaw-dropping, with a level of detailing that puts other racers into the shade."

That's what I like to hear!

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"Hideo Kojima visited Guerrilla Games to work on Decima Engine"

The engine is already one of the best in the world. I can only imagine how much better it's going to get.

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I now see why Sony is adding external HDD support. They knew we'd take countless videos and screenshots from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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Same here. I'd likely never use it either. I'd rather be playing new games myself.

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Another great addition to PS4 library. I'll be picking this one up! Demo was great.

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If it's anything like the demo I played I'll be picking it up for PS4 Pro.

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Another great review. Really hope this game continues to review well. The demo was amazing.

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"I can't stop using photo mode."

Same here. Great captures btw. Game is breathtaking.

The way the grass sways in the wind and how there's so much wildlife and robots wandering around just really brings the game to life.

There's also literally no aliasing at all making image quality sublime. The lighting engine is the best I've ever seen and the ambience and soundtrack are also amazing.

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Be sure to have a broom ready because you'll be sweeping your jaw off the floor quite often. The game looks that good.

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Just toss the fish out the window and trash the aquarium. Nintendo's answer to the problem.

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"Man you can Google search and find pictures of anything on the internet including a picture of a Nintendo switch and a receipt you're totally full of it bro."

I can also write The_Infected on a piece of paper and place it beside my receipt and take the picture bro.

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"Horizon Zero Dawn beats Zelda to No.1"

Well deserved! Best game this generation. That's coming from someone who's played both.

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I didn't know it was 30fps because EA or whoever did the Mass Effect gameplay video on PlayStation's YouTube channel useed 60fps PC footage!

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That's the case with every game. No need to single Zelda out. I do however think Zelda is being way overhyped.

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Like he doesn't ever open his mouth about competition? He doesn't prove anything.

Major Nelson On Sony Securing More Exclusive DLC: “They Just Decided To Write A Lot Of Cheques”

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"how do you play the game and then return it all?"

I didn't return the game. I'll have to sell that to someone. I only returned the system.

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You guys think I'm lying? Guess it's a good thing I took pics of the system when I got home before taking it back. Want to see them? I'll be glad to upload them and the receipt if I can find it.

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"How many consoles launch wirh a legit contender for GOTY/GOTG?"

You mean the game that should've launched on WiiU a long time ago but was delayed purposely so Switch would have a launch title.

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Can't blame him. Both Sony and Nintendo have two amazing exclusives out while you have nothing.

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