Lvl Up or Die
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Buying this game was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a game. It's the most unoptimized game I've ever seen, the servers lag non stop, and the visuals are a downright eye sore.

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Nice to hear. The app was poorly designed and hard to navigate.

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"I actually think Nintendo Switch will sell more units than the Scorpio imo."

I wouldn't doubt that. With Zelda and a new Mario coming I'm sure it will sell very well.

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"Nintendo Switch May Not Be As Powerful As PS4 And Xbox One – And That’s Okay"

It's not ok for a next gen console. PS4 Pro is already out and Scorpio will be out this year leaving it even further behind.

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Forza is better than Gran Turismo in terms of gameplay and has been for a long time. Maybe things will change with GT Sport but I won't hold my breath. As for now I'm going to go with Forza Motorsport 7 being the better game.

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Today's girl gamers.

1. Put "Girl" in gamertag
2. Apply makeup
3. Show some cleavage
4. Broadcast on twitch
5. Get attention

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"QLED has the potential to take over OLED imo and it will be cheaper. The QLED tvs looks brighter with better black levels."

How can you possibly have better blacks than OLED when it can effectively shut off every single pixel making black levels perfect?

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"cough... rime... cough..."

Microsoft didn't steal Rime. Sony let go:)

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Title should read.

"XBL Chief Loses It After Users Repeatedly Ask For COD: Black Ops II Backwards Compatibility"

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"So if people asked you about the same thing over & over & over again wouldn't you get fed up with it"

They brought BC to Xbox One so they'll have to deal with hype surrounding certain games people want. Black Ops 2 is a much requested game.

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"What the PS4 Pro Learned Since Launch, Microsoft's Scorpio Can Steal"

They can't steal the PlayStation exclusives though.

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That was actually pretty scary and awesome at the same time.

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1. Sony
2. Microsoft
3. Nintendo

1. Sony
2. Nintendo
3. Microsoft

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"I can't wait to experience it on my 4k OLED."

What model you getting?


"LG 65" C6 :)"

Enjoy. I'm sure the picture will be jaw dropping. I can't wait until OLED becomes the standard and prices drop.

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"GT in 4K plus HDR will look astounding."

It's looking really good graphically from what I've seen lately. I have a 4K TV that supports HDR but it has an 8-bit panel. Oh well better than nothing I guess.

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Why so excited? It's using checkerboard rendering like most other PS4 Pro games.

Edit: Nothing wrong without checkerboard rendering. Rimeskeem seemed really excited that it was 4K and I thought that was known for quite a while now.

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"Gran Turismo Sport will release some time in 2017 exclusively for PS4"

Exclusively to PS4? We all learned something new today. /s

On topic: Hopefully well get some updated gameplay videos soon.

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How much more powerful are RYZEN/Vega vs. Jaguar?

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"Quality not Quantity."

Sony has both. They also have the most diverse games lineup.

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"Battle of Exclusives: Will Sony Take The 2017 Crown?

Hands down they'll take the crown.

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