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Apparently just because Sony has a marketing deal means no one will play the game on Xbox.

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This must be an undercover N4G fanboy. I just know it!

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Gamingbolt and Brad Wardell. Who would've guessed.

"Microsoft especially pushed for the potential of cloud gaming extremely hard at the beginning of the generation, claiming that its potential would more than compensate for the power difference that the Xbox One and PS4 have."

Microsoft pushed for cloud compute. Big difference from cloud gaming which is basically streaming the game to you.

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"We just got word in, this teaser is not about a product announcement but it merely anteaser for a Southern Europe event slash gathering. And judging from the naming, I'd say chances are fairly high that it is in collaboration with ASUS."

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"scorpio is made to play Xbox One games at better framerates and graphics."

So you are saying a true next gen Xbox want be backwards compatible?

"A new generation means new gaming experiences that can only be made for next-gen systems."

Like what for example?

"It has new CPU architechture, much faster and more RAM, much better GPU and huge upgrades or a completly new O...

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"Nonsense. It's a XboxOne Pro. Not a new gen.
People still think that?"

Just curious as to what defines a next gen console now.

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"But if its released on other consoles then everyone gets to play this great game series."

Exclusives define a console. If you really want to play PS4 exclusives then get a PS4.

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I agree. I have the KU6300 in both the living room and bedroom. They're both great. Nice picture and low input lag.

The Samsung KS8000 is even better. Still I would get the LG B6 OLED over anything if it were cheaper.

I do always do my research using but you also have a nice article and some great choices listed.

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"Overwatch Insurrection PvE Should Permanently Stay As A Campaign Mode"

Funny, I was thinking the same thing earlier.

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"Expect Call of Duty 2017 to Have Highly Detailed, Photo-Realistic 3D Models"

Expect Call of Duty 2017 to run on the same decade old engine and p2p servers.

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My opinion.

Budget: Samsung
KU6300 (2016)
MU6300 (2017)

Samsung KS8000


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"So it's paid mods... great, just what everyone loves"

Stupid it's paid mods but console users will never get mods regardless so no need to worry I guess.

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"Microsoft has announced a new storefront for selected user-made Minecraft content on mobile and Windows 10"

What about console users? Going to put them last as usual?

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"How Microsoft’s History Will Lead the Scorpio to Failure"

Scorio hasn't even been fully announced and we already have the negative media in full force.

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Nobody ask for PS4 Pro either but I'm sure glad it's here. Same for Scorpio. A more powerful console brings less compromises.

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"Digital Foundry: Hardware DX12 found in Project Scorpio is also present in Xbox One."

It did nothing for Xbox One and it will do the same for Scorpio.

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Same here. I've went digital myself. I'm to lazy to fool with physical anymore. Lol

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"Will seem pricey for some"

If Scorpio is $700+ it's DOA. It needs to be $399 to $450.

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Sure you will.

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