Lvl Up or Die
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"The gameplay kicks off with with a landscape that is a feast on the eyes, there's no doubt about it: this is one of the prettiest racing games ever released. Driving from the cockpit view gives us a good sense of speed as we race through the dense forest area complete with impressive amounts of foliage."

It's a very pretty game. FH3 will be the best looking and most fun racing game this year.

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"Project Scorpio is set to offer a sizable leap over both the PS4 and PS4 Neo, with much better graphical and memory capabilities, and support for native 4K gaming."

"To quote Digital Foundry in their Xbox Project Scorpio spec analysis: "It's a remarkable turnabout. A good portion of PlayStation 4's success has been down to its spec advantage over Xbox One, combined with a focus on the hardcore player. Sony's technological advantage will be g...

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The Xbox One S was sent out to die thanks to Scropio next year and sales will be slow until Scorpio launches Holiday 2017. On top of that if Sony release PS4 Neo this year why would anyone want a Xbox One S? Neo would have a 4K Blu-ray player, stream 4K content, and have nearly 3.2x the power as an Xbox One S.

Scorpio on the other hand is a monster but pricing will play a very important factor.

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"5 reasons why Xbox One Project Scorpio is better than the PS4 Neo"

And then PS5 will be better than Scorpio and so on. The cycle will continue. One will always be better or equal to the other for a short period.

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"But I an thinking of getting the xbox one s just for the 4k player."

Well PS4 Neo will have a 4K Blu-ray player and supposedly release this year also. And on top of that it will be 3.5x more powerful than Xbox One S. So that's the best option IMO.

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"Just saying...incredibly hyped about Scorpio, but why would I get an S for 12 months?"

Yea they should've just rode it out until Scorpio IMO.

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I seen Alanah Pearce from IGN played Recore at E3 and she was disappointed. I'm kinda on the fence with this game myself. The gameplay reveal kind of changed my mind about the game.

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Well if this comes out this year that's one less reason to want a Xbox One S. At least for me anyways.

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I'd rather have 1080p/60 over 4K/30 since it impacts gameplay more having better framerates and graphics than just a resolution boost.

I would however take 4K/30 over 1080p/30 anyway of the week. Anyhow having 6TF on on closed platform will be serious power so either way we'll have some very good looking and performing games.

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Sounds like the truth. Mike Ybarra tweeted it himself.

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"Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Teaser was in-Engine, Running on Current PS4 Hardware"

"in-Engine" and "in-Game" are two different things.

I hate when developers say in-Engine and you think that's what it's going to look like when you play the game.

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I wish we could've seen some footage of the extreme weather. I don't know why but weather effects always interest me in games.

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"Scorpio isn't a console, its a pc"

You're likely the biggest PC fan on here so of coarse you're going to say that.

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Who contradicted who about what?

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"Instead of just attacking him for being a Sony fanboy why not refute what he said?"

Because with every Xbox article it's the same negative crap. Having a conversation with him about anything relating to Xbox would be a waste of time don't you think?

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"Development for the Neo is underway... thats now Eurogamers got hold of Sony's dev kit docs."

You think so?

"Similarly, some said that they only found out about the Playstation Neo the same way the rest of the world did—in Andrew House’s interview with the Financial Times."

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"How is this even a question. Does anyone seriously think Sony won't include HDR in the upcoming Neo? This is the same company that introduced DVD and Bluray to the masses."

And yet somehow Xbox One S will have a 4K Blu ray player and launch first.

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"Xbox's muddled messaging (Star News)"

More like media muddled messaging.

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"And you're a xbox fanboy so whats your point??"

Typical response. Like I said you bash everything Xbox related. If you actually commented without trolling and made a decent argument it would be fine.

Scalebound doesn't look amazing at the moment but saying it's going to flop really hard is just trolling. I agree they should drop the headphones and dubstep though.

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