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You can't keep comparing Xbox One to a console that come some 10 years ago. Times are changing and so should the numbers. They're more and more people becoming gamers so of coarse a console 10 years later should outpace the previous console. You can't use that analogy all the time. #2.1.1
Isn't this the site that some including me thought should be banned from N4G? I can't remember what crazy article they had on here but if I remember correctly it was nonsense. #1
If only you said that during the launch. Good to hear that going forward though. #1
If Microsoft didn't have Halo anymore they'd fall flat on their face this gen. #2
I like MP in certain games but I feel Naughty Dog is better at single player. I just think how much more effort they could've put into the single player if not for multiplayer. I also think The Last of Us was much more suited for MP than Uncharted games.

They also went downhill with Uncharted 3 adding boosters and all that crap. Uncharted 4 looks like it's going to be just as bad. #1
I'd wait if I was you. You'll be lucky if it works great at launch.

The Edge browser is horrible. Scrolling is far less smooth than IE, Gamersyde and embedded YouTube videos stutter.

Scrolling between the dashboard areas is faster than the old but not much as you'd think.

Game DVR is still slow as molasses. Takes about 15 seconds to fully open.

My games and apps hasn't been overhauled.

Part of... #1.1.1
Yea the update broke YouTube. They fix one thing and break another. #1
That's incredible. I'd guess 35 million after the holiday with Star Wars and Black Ops 3 bundles. What's the competitors numbers? #3
True but revealing the NX sooner rather than later would surely boost stocks. #3.1.1
I played Layers of Fear on Xbox One game preview and that's a pretty scary game that messes with you. I really liked what I played. #1.1
Lol @ 4:45 they called 343 Industries 303. #1

"2 are xbox one games 2 are for xbox 360"

You do understand Xbox One will get two Xbox 360 games each month through backwards compatibility right? #1.1.4
I always wonder when that game will come that changes everything like Halo did back in 2001. That day will be exciting. #1
Aside from a the campaign being a little weak the multiplayer is the best in the Halo series hands down. It's just that good.

Also getting into a match is really fast and the dedicated servers are rock solid. I've had no lag, no disconnects, or anything so far. #1.1
They would've sold out quicker though;) #1.2.1
Really? No dedicated servers for your biggest 1st party exclusive? That just seems crazy. #2
Yea I forgot there's a box that comes with it which would likely contain something of sort.

Anyhow Driveclub in VR sounds great. With the sense of speed and great visuals I'm sure it would put you on the edge. #3.1.1
If they hit 60fps without dropping the resolution isn't it possible to make the PS4 version 60fps also? #3
Just imagine how good they would've sold for $99. Then maybe I would've got one. Unfortunately $150 is just to much for me to consider. #1
There's good and bad to that. I hate getting loaded into an already started map. I also hate when someone leaves in the middle of a map. Either way each has a downside. #2
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