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“Hellblade on PS4 Pro Can Run at Increased Resolution or 60FPS”

Great to hear! I’ll take 60fps over 4k any day of the week.

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“Those who have a PS4 Pro will be able to choose between a higher resolution or a higher framerate of 60fps.”

Nice. Will it be a locked 60fps is the question.

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Sony #ForThePlayers

Thank you for giving us Uncharted, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, God of War, The Last of Us: Part 2, Death Stranding. Because games matter most.

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“Konami Has "High Hopes for the Game Industry;" Announces Strong Financial Results“

Too bad no one has hopes for you Konami!

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“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds already running at 30-40fps on Xbox One X on 100-player servers”

If it’s not 60fps it should be locked at 30fps.

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“Could PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Turn Things Around for Xbox?”

No one game can turn things around for Xbox.

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So many disagrees. Do you guys not think God of War looks stunning?

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“PlayStation Plus celebrates its birthday with an awesome PS4 Theme for free“

How’s this even considered a theme? It’s a static wallpaper and there’s also no new sound effects to go with it.

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“God Of War Devs Utilized The PS4 To The Max Of Its Capabilities For Physical Based Rendering”

You can sure tell. Game looks stunning.

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So much for being exclusive to Xbox.

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“Dammit MS just invest in New IP!!! Uhhh....its like their saving all their big guns for next gen. The one thing I can't stand is Sony fanboys singing that MS has no exclusives song but what I hate more than that is that their RIGHT!!”

Finally, someone who gets it.

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“Plays like a better version of the Last of us!”

You guys are reaching so hard. How can you even compare this game with The Last of Us?

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“FUN GAMEPLAY > Graphics, Animation, Sound, Story”

Neither should be chosen over the other. All are important aspects of video games.

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“Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Sells Six Million, First FPS Mode At $350K Gamescom Tournament”

I fail to see what everyone sees in this game.

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“Luckily Xbox One owners get to experience both titles”

Could care less honestly. Crackdown 3 looks plain bad.

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“Crackdown 3 may be too little too late.”

This game looks much better than Crackdown 3. How did this go under my radar? Just checked out 12 min of gameplay from E3. Loving the humor! I guess this game will also run at 60fps.

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It’s just you.

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Just checked the ratings for this game and it’s 70 Metacritic and 4.0 userscore. Guess I could care less if the game was coming to PS4 or not. The Sims have really went downhill over the years.

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“The publisher or whatever of the game clearly doesn't think so”

The money truck made the decision most likely. I mean why else wouldn’t you bring the game to PS4 with twice the user base.

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“PS was selling even without games early in the gen.“

Because gamers knew Sony was bringing the exclusives. Pretty much the opposite of Microsoft.

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