Lvl Up or Die
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Looks pretty bland but of coarse it's all a stupid CG trailer so can't really judge.

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I hate delays more than anyone but this game looks so good.

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Looks really good so far and most importantly fun.

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They're also bringing 60fps game clip recording. But there's a catch. Only to the PC. Lol

Using Cortana with a mic is pretty nice feature. I bet the new controller at E3 will feature a built in mic.

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Pretty nice update.

"60fps game clip recording"

To bad this isn't for Xbox One.

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How about pick the exact same game and try it instead of two completely different games?

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"Dont speak to soon, heard that a beefed up xbox 1 is gonna be way better in terms of hardware than the ps4.5"

It's not just about power. PlayStation is a more popular brand worldwide. Even a weaker PS4 Neo would very likely outsell a more powerful Xbox Scorpio.

It's possible for Xbox to turn things around with Scorpio but it's not going to happen overnight.

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They give us advanced fish A.I. and amazingly detailed dogs. What more could you want? People these days!

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Yea PC gamers want it all we know. Playstation is just fine the way it is. Microsoft made a crappy console, give it a horrible image, and now that it isn't selling well they're running to PC to make up sales for their AAA games.

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That's just embarrassing. Jokes aside let's see what kind of crap they've added to the MP this time around. Maybe it will be good? I definitely have my doubts though.

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Can't wait. Titanfall was a great game. Hopefully with the added campaign and more MP content will make it more complete.

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Isn't his parents loaded? I heard he spends 4K like its nothing. Typical rich kid.

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"So you are willing to pay 400 or more for an upgraded console mid gen?"

I want pay $400. I'll trade my PS4 towards PS Neo.

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Kind of pointless if you ask me.

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Good. We have better shooters out there like Overwatch. Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 are also coming soon.

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Yes. I have interest in better performing games. Exclsuives will obviously benefit most though.

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I agree. Microsoft needs to recover their brand recondition with Xbox. The damage Xbox One and all the miss marketing they done really hurt the Xbox brand.

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"AMD made a short Ashes of Singularity demonstration at Computex 2016, that showed the world the power of a 200$ card. This is David VS Goliath."

What about games other than Ashes of Singularity? Anyhow $400 surpassing what you get for $700 with the competitors seems like a win to me.

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Well that's a little better I guess. Still I think console games are just meant for the TV. Games need to be designed solely for mobile to work the best I think.

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I seen that also. Except Sony has turned the clock speed from 1.2GHz to 911MHz. So I'm guessing that's why Neo is 4.14TF and not 5.5TF.

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