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Nice. As usual though no U.S. Version. #1
Yea they are mostly all Playstation fans. I remember when they had a video choosing their favorite console and I think maybe one person chose Xbox One. Not a big deal though. That's just their opinions and there's more great sites out there to visit for news. #2.1

"So the slightly refined controllers do include improvements to the bumpers. That seems to be the primary complaint people have against the One controller, so it'll probably please them."

He said bumpers but he was pointing at the triggers. It's the bumpers that's annoying not the triggers. #1.4
While everyone's excited about the 1TB hard drive I'm more excited about the new matte finish! #1.2
The game looks pretty good. I wish it would come to consoles. #7
Yea it's the demo or "PS+ edition" as they call it I bet. #1
Idk why everyone's getting so excited about this when you can already just plug in an external hard drive. #1
The Last guardian confirmed #4.1.1
Great news! Price drops incoming. #2
Maybe Amazon will announce a real console who knows. I'm just guessing and I'm most likely wrong. Lol #3.1.1
Nintendo NX or maybe an Amazon console. #3
I can't believe Porsche is back! I bet they'll be in FM6 also. #1
The game visuals are so good. I could just imagine how good a proper Fable game could've been. I'm just not really that excited for the type of Fable game. #1.6
I'm kind of sad this will be the end but deep down I know when I see Naughty Dogs next IP I'll be super happy. #1

You're the one felt the need to call out Forza 6 for no apparent reason. If you don't like it i understand that but there was no need to laugh about it and call it a GT wannabe as you'd call it.

"Hey look you profile is Ignored by 31 and yet you have 8 bubbles. I see trolls on this site have more bubbles than normal users."

I've been on here over 5 years and posted over 6,100 comments so I'd expect to be i... #1.2.3

I see why you have 1 bubble. Smh

On topic: I'm more excited for this E3 than any before. Can't wait to the show starts. #1.2.2
I'm a console gamer and don't want a PC so mods are out of the question.

There's millions and millions of console gamers who don't have a PC or mods that would enjoy Minecraft 2. That or maybe consoles should allow some form of mods to be avaliable. #1.3
Honestly there's so much more can be done with Minecraft 2. Things like quest, shields, more monsters, more animals, hail, sandstorms, etc. I can just keep naming things that could be done with Minecraft 2. #1
I welcome a 1TB model but I'm gonna be angry if they don't announce a slim Xbox One. I figured by now Xbox One would've lost a few pounds! #1
Well after Wander I think any game could get through QA. Lol #1
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