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“Native 4k on xox and not native on ps4 pro..this is going to be the norm going forward.“
People will still likely choose PS4 Pro for $100 less. A little resolution bump isn’t going to change things going forward.

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“Devs are going to be showing their games running on the best version possible. Apart from PC that is.“

Wrong. What about Destiny 2, CoD: WW2, and Battlefront 2? Developers will most likely show their games where the marketing deals are.

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“Why do the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Exist?“

For people like myself? I have a PS4 Pro and I enjoy the better visuals, higher resolution, and more stable frame rates.

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“There will be vastly more Native 4K games then checkerboard overall if this list is anything to go buy.”

PS4 exclusives regardless of using checkerboard rendering will likely be much better any Xbox One X game running at Native 4K. Resolution while playing an important role doesn’t automatically make a game better.

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“Its a whole different world outside of here. People think for themselves and are actually rational.”

Exactly. That’s why there’s more than twice the install base on PS4. People prefer PlayStation over Xbox.

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“Aaron Greenberg“

And it begins.

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“Who won E3 2017? Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo”


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“More and more games are becoming service based games one way or another which is good.”

How anyone could ever say GaaS is a good thing is beyond me. Did Microsoft brainwash you guys? Single player games are fine.

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“Top 5 reasons to buy an Xbox One X over the PlayStation 4 Pro“

Lol 5 resasons? You just need one to buy a PS4 Pro over Xbox One X.


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“The Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer”

Tell me Phil, who ask for a $500 console with no exclusives?

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“Xbox boss says backwards compatibility can help with the uncertain future for single-player games“

What a bunch of crap Phil, you just said you’re pushing GaaS a while back at Bulid 2017.

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“Microsoft’s Xbox Media Briefing was the Highest Watched Moment of E3 2017 on Twitch“

Scorpio was hyped the the high heavens so I’m sure that had some effect on the views.

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These actually look really nice. Wonder how they’ll be used across the UI?

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Just couldn’t resist could you? Thanks for derailing the thread.

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“Spencer: We Have Just Signed Exclusives That Won't Be Ready for 2-3 Years, No Point in Showing Them”

So no exclusives until next generation? Too late Phil!

Microsoft needs to let Phil go. He’s as bad if not worse than Mattrick.

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“Spencer: We Have Just Signed Exclusives That Won't Be Ready for 2-3 Years, No Point in Showing Them“

Typical Phil, instead of building first party studios and making real exclusives they’re just signing them. He’s probably just talking PR bullsh*t to keep people waiting. Anyone remember he said they was investing 1 billion into exclusives in 2013? It’s now 2017 and they still don’t have any AAA games worth talking about.

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Just like Mark Cerny stated, you’d need at least 8TF and a new CPU to achieve native 4K across the board. Xbox heads are nothing more than PR masterminds and people fell for it again.

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“Xbox teams up with the PC to score a much-needed win over PlayStation at E3 2017“

Xbox didn’t win over PlayStation at E3. PlayStation brought the exclusives. Xbox didn’t.

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“Game Runs at [email protected] while PS4 Pro Is [email protected]

but yet they said this a while back:

”Framerate consistently stays above 30 frames per second (fps) and occasionally hits 60, per Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczack.”

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“Give me those type of games over games like Souls and JRPGs. Its why their are more than one console out on the market diff stroked for different folks.“

PS4 has more than just Souls and JRPGs. Otherwise I wouldn’t have one because those games aren’t for me either.

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