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It want happen but if it did which it want Sony would win E3 instantly. #3
The game is horrible optimized. This game should run 60fps solid. Anyways the PS4 version runs way better than Xbox One. #1

"who are the wizards here :D?"

They're both good technically but Naughty Dog don't just make a great looking game they make a great game period. #2.2.4

He's not saying it's the year of both

I'm saying what? to this:

"I think gears alone destroys that whole list so easily. I am excited for uncharted though everything else looks meh compared to Scalebound and gears."

Well in that case he's very wrong. Gears will not destroy Uncharted 4. #3.1.5
He's saying 2016 is the year for both consoles. Whereas you just said PS4. I know I can't wait to see Uncharted 4, Halo 5, and Gears 5. #3.1.2

"I don't know who is disagreeing with you."

The guy from Gamersyde said:

"We'll have the replay of tonight's live stream up in a hour os so, and in this one we switched from the X1 version to PS4, and the difference is very noticeable. It's doesn't mean the PS4 version is perfect though, it's very rarely locked at 30 fps from what I saw"

So they're disagreeing with b... #1.3.2
"This articles about how they look lol"

Tue but the performance should play a very important role in which would be more enjoyable to play. Even more than looks. #7.1.2
How about performance? How about let's wait and see how they both perform and just not how they look. #7.1
Looks pretty identical. From what I read on Gaf the framerate on Xbox One is much much worse though. I guess we'll just have to wait for Digital Foundry to know for sure. I did see constant stuttering in the video on Xbox One though. #1.3
Basically the PS4 version is PS3 version with AA. Just another way for Square Enix to make some extra cash. #1
Everything is and has been working fine for me. #6
"What's their excuse THIS TIME???"

Here's the problem. Nobody does shit about them and just lets them keep on going.

"Almost 1 year ago the FBI stated that they would arrest us. There still hasn't been a single indictment." #1.1
Let's hope it's good. #1.1.1
I could easily see the difference between low and max settings. Even on YouTube. #11.1
I hate to say this but they'll probably never be a replacement for P.T. or Silent Hills. #1
Edit: Video is working now.

I honestly can't tell any difference. Looks very identical. If you have to squint and try to nitpic the differences then it looks amazing. #7.1
The PS4 video says private. I can't watch it. #7
Don't forget gamingbolt. #2.1
Konami you ain't worth sh**! All you want to do is cash in on mobile crap. #1
Screw Konami! I can't wait until Kojima gets away from your sorry asses. He will continue to make amazing games while you step down to mobile crap to make more money. #2
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