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Well that's your choice I guess. I'm sure lots of people will enjoy it on Xbox One when it release regardless if its not the superior version that'll come later down the road on PS4. #1
It's a plug and play experience that's why. It's also dedicated hardware so everyone has an equal gaming experience. There's lots of reason really. #3
Yea it sold more on PS4 and performed better. It's odd how it even ended up as a timed exclusive on Xbox One anyways. I guess they want a Uncharted competitor. #1.1.1
Figured it being a full blown exclusive was wrong.

Off topic: I have this feeling Microsoft will get Titanfall 2 as a timed exclusive like the first one. #1
On asked how the new API will impact the Xbox One, he stated, “The problem there is the Xbone is hideously GPU bound and while multithreaded performance SHOULD be good, the CPU is operating at a painfully slow clock rate.”

I really hate the CPUs used in this gen consoles. #1
Who's we? You don't speak for everyone and neither do I. I will say those sequels are from great games. #10.1.2
I love FH2 but movie tie ins hardly ever work with games. #1
I just can't handle unlocked framerates. It either needs to be locked at 30fps or 60fps so it's smooth. The PS4 NPC looks pretty sparse. #2
This is huge news if true. I guess we'll know at E3. I know Microsoft wants their Uncharted on Xbox One. #2
According to a job listing. As usual being a gamingbolt article. #1
Maybe YouTube should update the mobile app to support 60fps also. YouTube sucks on iOS. Maximum of 720p and 30fps. #1
Thanks for the info. Maybe I should get Bloodborne and give it a go. How do you call for co-op help of you need to? #1.1.1
I really want to play Bloodborne but I feel like I'd never get anywhere. Love the setting and the gameplay but I fear it would be just to hard. #1
"Powered by Intel i7-4790K, 32GB of RAM, and two GTX Titan X’s, the game reportedly ran smoothly at roughly an average of 64 frames per second while recording, but even the hardware such as this wasn’t able to maintain solid 60fps in areas with a lot of foliage and trees."

That's only about what? $3,000+ PC? They can keep their 60fps. #2
They said it's the most powerful console in which it is. They didn't say it's a supercomputer. #1.2.1
My favorite part of the video. Beautiful. No Mans Sky is looking amazing. #1.5
Uncharted 4, Halo 5, and Horizon are when next gen begins IMO. #10.1
Nice. I wish they lasted about 2 hours though. I always feel like they try really hard to stuff everything they got to show in their 90 minute conference. #1
After seeing the trailer for Playstation E3 coming to theaters and this video my hype has skyrocketed. Can't wait until E3. It's going to be a very long month. #3
I like Xbox One also. That doesn't mean I don't think they could've done a much better job with it though. I'm afraid in a couple of years it will be struggling big time in the games department. #1.1.1
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