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Oh boo hoo games need content and features also not just graphics. /s #1.2.1
Gamer Mondays: Third-Party Exclusives "Can't" be Good

There fixed it for you:) #1
"Spencer Admits Rise of the Tomb Raider Is An Answer To Uncharted 4: A Thief's End in Holiday 2015"

I'm sorry as good as Rise of the Tomb Raider will be Crystal Dynamics is no where near ND. #3
"Its a partnership to help fund the game"

I highly doubt the game needed help funding. All this is about is pushing people who love the game to get a Xbox One. #3.1.3
I agree being flame bait but what if the image holds true? #1.1
They better have replays. If not this game is just barebones. #1
No one should've got Rise of the Tomb Raider first period. The Tomb Raider series was 3rd party with fans across multiple platforms. No all fans other than Xbox fans have to wait it out and there's no telling how long that will be. #3.1

"Phil Spencer: Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn't buy it. I don't own the franchise."

So you're basically paying to keep it off of other platforms for who knows how long. The game as a series has been around for a ages giving it a huge fanbase outside of Xbox. So now everyone will have to suffer or get a Xbox One to enjoy the game unless you want to play the waiting game. #2
I felt the same way but I held it all in. Well most of the time. When the ghost ran through me I jump every time it scares the shit out of me! I wish Sony would turn P.T. Into a full game. #1
Don't plan on it. Heavenly Sword would probably be a much better game anyways. #1
Yea fans will get to enjoy it but who knows how long of a wait it will be. Tomb Raider has a huge fan base and limiting that to Xbox One is wrong especially when the last Tomb Raider experience was better on PS4. #1.1.1
Yea it's great for gaming. All the fans outside of Xbox want get to enjoy the game. #1
External HDD support, themes, ability to pause downloads, and folders. After that any new feature is welcome. #1
More isn't always better but Forza Horizon 2 will probably be more fun and entertaining while Driveclub looks far better graphically. #8.1
On time-to-kill:

“We’re still balancing but we feel its closer to BO2 than Ghosts. That’s our target.”

Thank goodness. BO2 wasn't great buts it's miles better than Ghost. #1
Maybe the title shouldn't read as "Advanced Warfare copying Titanfall" when you clearly can't copy a game that was in development after yours with the same concept. #1.1.1
I have the twitch app on iOS but still can't find it. #1.2.1
Does anyone understand that Advanced Warfare was in development a tad before Titanfall? #1
"NVIDIA GTX 750TI has beaten the PS4 in benchmark tests on a couple of games"

You do realize the GPU in PS4 is dedicated hardware which has nearly twice the efficiency of the same hardware in a PC. #1.4.2

"@Unarmed_Civilian That is BS. There are benchmarks that prove the PS4 is not 50% more powerful. Sure its more powerful, but not that much powerful."

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