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I really hope we hear something in the next few days when Nintendo has their investor meetings. Somethings got to leak or be revealed soon. #2
You're welcome. It seems no matter how good PS4 sales another division eats the profits. #1.1.1
Doesn't seem to good right now.

"PlayStation sells well (again), but mobile is hurting Sony" #1
That's good to hear. I hope they get some new talent and make better PS4 apps. The current ones are crap and the separate messeging app is dumb. You're not Facebook. #2
"Multiplatform pretty much confirmed! EA likes money."

I wonder how the game will have dedicated servers since it's going to be multiplatform? If they go p2p I want buy it. #1.2
He lies and over promises nearly everything. #2.1
I just can't believe they made that trash over Fable 4. #1.1.2
You mean Fable Legends? #1.1
He came swinging in. Literally. #1
Works well. I like the leaderboard I just hate it's hidden inside your profile under achievements. The capture section in the profile are looks cleaned up and better quality. Maybe it's just me idk. I wish they add a button press for full screen view when viewing captures in player profiles and activity feed.

I also wish they would update the video captures to 60fps and a much higher bitrate like it was for a very short period a while back. It looks so awful watching... #1
Sounds good. I just for the love of god want to know what NX is already. I hate waiting games. #1
Just release it in NA please. #2
I must have forgot the /s. I thought that was pretty obvious. Lol #1.1.1
You got to have a backup plan if you know what I mean. At least the game looks ok and being just 14.99 I'd definitely try it out. #1
Looks ok especially being 14.99. #5
I don't think the framerate will improve that much by launch. It's what just 6 weeks away? #1.1.1
"The Division Closed Beta Runs at 1080p Resolution on Xbox One - Initial Report"

I hate to link this ad infested site but here you go. #1.2
That's good but from what I've seen the framerate isn't good and it has screen tearing on top of that. #1
"Having skipped the wii u, i missed out on a few games I would have liked to play."

Same here. It sucks we skipped such great games but the Wii U just wasn't for me. I hope Nintendo brings it this year. Back to your roots Nintendo! #2.1
I hope this doesn't lead to another delay. #1
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