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Forza 6 set the benchmark for racing games on consoles. I also can't wait to see Forza Horizon 3. That game was incredibly fun. #3
It's still coming to PC so Microsoft isn't losing out completely. Microsoft should've done a better job with ease of access but back then wasn't like today. Mattrick made everything a big disaster. Now things are getting much better. Hope going forward Microsoft keeps up the good work. #1.4
This is basically what i want from a Minecraft sequel. #2

Yea Im just saying I can't opt in the NXOE until they register my new Xbox One for the preview program. Hope they hurry. #2.3.1
I'm already a preview member. Been one for almost a year. I'm just tranfereing to my new console. #2.1.1
Just traded my old Xbox One for the new Forza 6 Xbox One bundle. My console is still pending for the preview program. Ugh I hope this done effect my chances of getting in. #2
They said there's an easy mode coming I believe. #1.1
We know you listen to us gamers. I look back at what Xbox One was and what's it's fixing to become and know right off they are doing a great job. Lots of improvements and updates. The new UI or should I says completely new architecture including native backwards compatibility and DX12 coming soon is a huge deal IMO. It's like getting a new console all over again. #1
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Just got the Forza 6 Xbox One bundle and I'm in love with the game. It plays so good and just feels spot on with handling. Also looks great and the weather is amazing. Night is pitch black on some tracks and the Indy races give you a hell of a rush.

Off topic: The new controller with the diamond grip feels incredible. #1
It's great to have these. Now can we get some Minecraft mods? #1.5

"But then Sony work with Nvidia who have a better Graphics card and will be able to build a better console than AMD since AMD its no where near Nvidia"

If Sony went with Nvidia and Intel you'll be paying a lot more for PS5. Probably a lot more than most people would want. Why do you think consoles go with AMD? APU and better prices that's why. #1.2.3
I'm sure this is Konami not Kojima. Wasn't Konami complaining how expensive the game was to make? #1
Forza 6 is a much better game than Project Cars and the performance is rock solid. That proves having everything dynamic and in real time don't do as much as actually focusing on performance an gameplay. #2.1.1
Or you could just change the title to something like "Forza 6 tracks that feature rain and night racing" #1.1.1
That's pretty basic. I guess it gets the point across though. #1
I beg to differ. Forza 6 just looks to be a very solid and fun game all around. It also has the best gameplay of any console racing game IMO. #1.1
Another gem I can't wait to play. Amazing art, 10 hour campaign, platforming levels, and lots of bosses. #2
"Apple TV Doesn’t Stand a Chance Replacing Consoles"

We knew this already. The media were the ones hyping it all up to be a major console competitor. #2
It going to feel like getting a new console all over again. Can't wait. #1.1
Did anyone else hear the grunt in the beginning yell "The Arbiter is dead the war is over"

Anyhow the game looks awesome and the gameplay looks great especially at 60fps. I'm loving the art so far. #2
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