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"Are you more closer to GameStop than Best Buy?"

Yes. Best Buy are usually in the bigger areas. Gamestop is right around the corner.

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Hope they bring them to Gamestop soon. I want to try it out.

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They'll be no Neo, NX, and probably no Scorpio. But that's ok well get to see a lot of games that still want be out by the next E3. I'm still excited though.

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Already been debunked.

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"Xbox to unveil either Scorpio or Xbox Slim at E3"

Wow. Where did you hear this from? I'd never thought this would happen in a million years. Jokes aside I'm really excited for E3.

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They better rethink things if this is true. It needs to be $300 to $350 unless it has upgraded internals.

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I like this character way better than that Aiden fool. People need to accept diversity and grow up already.

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Gamingbolt sure knows how to reel them in.

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These are some great high quality gamerpics. I like the Gears 4 best.

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"The protagonist’s space hip is clearly visible in the background."

Space hip? Lol

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Good for it. Stupid Activision should've let Sony acquire the I.P. and make a real Crash game.

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Here's some GIFs if anyone's interested.

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Can't wait to see gameplay. One of my favorite shooters.

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That intro music was cringe worthy. The game doesn't look that impressive visually either. At least IMO. Can't believe they're still using mouse pointers for menu navigation in 2016. We still haven't seen any weather, night racing, or damage model either.

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Looks really good. Journey was a great experience and this looks to be the next journey.

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I managed to get the game also. According to customer support you'll get to keep the game. Awesome if true. It is there faults after all.

If all else fails download the game and take your Xbox One offline and enjoy the game:)

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Honestly you're not missing much. I tried the game and it's just boring and not my thing. Some may enjoy the game but not me.

"Sony’s been a great partner, as well, and has been really open to things like cross-play, cross-progression"

Isn't Microsoft fully open to this concept also?

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Looks like the level was slapped together in a couple of days. Still looks great though. I like the play forming much more than all boss fights so I'm glad they decided to add play forming to the game.

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Yea I'm not setting myself up for disappointment but I'm still excited for the show.

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Oh we're ready alright! I can't wait.

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