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"FPS Games Should Be Reserved Only For PC, And Banned On Consoles"

This wins most ridiculous article title of the year. #5
If have to say PS4 is the toughest. I bet Xbox One wouldn't survive the beating this PS4 did. #1.1.1
Link that rumor please. I'd like to check it out. #4.1
They have the best and highest rated 1st party games linup this holiday. Almost all those great games are also 2 player+ games so everyone can play together. Believe it or not their online gameplay is more stable than Sony and Microsoft's.

Nintendo's 2015 lineup also looks great. Splatoon, Yoshi's Wooly world, Zelda, etc.

I'm also really looking to PS4 games in 2015. Uncharted: A Thief's End and many more unannounced 1st party games. #1.1
At least they're fixing things to some extent. Hopefully the frame rate will end up being a solid 30fps in the end. They should've just delayed the game in the first place. I don't know if the bundle deal with Microsoft pushed them to release the game or not. #1
It's a game you either like it or hate it. I tried it and I just didn't like the fact you always having to grind to stay alive gameplay. I like where I can stay on the ground, enjoy the scenery, and just play around. #5
There's no point in doing this when we have DF. Just saying. #1
"PS4 vs XboxOne. Who will win the holiday battle?"

Gamers. #1
Yea in with Phil and out with Mattrick. Best decision ever. To bad that decision wasn't made back when Xbox One was being designed. I think he'd done a much better job. #1.1
Wii U is just better off being a Nintendo 1st party console. Their games are really fun, have a great art style, look great, and run at 60fps. #3
Typical Activision. They can't hide the glitches when half of the people witness them themselves anyways. Lol #1
Of coarse it's boring and expected to you. You're a Playstation fanboy in a Nintendo article.

On topic: The game sold very good and it's not broke. Like half these other big AAA games released as of late. The game deserves the amazing reviews it got. #10.1
"Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One"

You like what you like. If you don't like the fact that they don't like Xbox One get over it. #1.9
I understand but things are looking up for Nintendo. Hopefully that trend will continue thru out this generation.

Nintendo Reveals Profit Turnaround as Wii U Sales Double

"The corporation has made $132 million in profit for the six months ending in September, marking a significant upw... #1.1.1
This gen is starting to look pretty weak. I was hoping we'd see better game performance this gen but looks like it's not going to happen. #1
The Wii U may not be selling well but it's still a great console and Nintendo's games are some of the highest rated games in the industry. I highly doubt Nintendo is going anywhere be it making consoles or games. #1
Well PS4 should push 31% less pixels also so the frame rate is solid. #2.2.1
Consumers aren't happy you charge $54.99 for a used game either. Get over yourself GameStop. #2
Dragon Age: Inquisition, Evolve, and AC: Unity all have better frame rates on Xbox One.

What is going on here? Where's the ~50% more power on PS4 going? I'm starting to think Developers are never going to use that extra power on PS4. I'd rather have better frame rate/performance than a prettier picture if I had to choose though. #2
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More like they rated the game the way it should be. The MP is a mess why not take that into account when rating the game? You don't rate a half working game like its a full working game. #1.1
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