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Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation role-playing game.

You farm
You go mining
You do quest
You fight monsters in caves
You build things

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I just got Stardew Valley when it released on Switch and haven’t put it down since. The game is super addicting.

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“the xbox x outshine the pro”

In all areas except the most important ones. Worldwide appeal and exclusives.

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Just got it on Nintendo Switch and it’s super addictive. Love having the ability to take it with me and play in handheld mode.

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“and a very limited VR experience.”

How’s Forza 7 VR going for you?

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No need arguing with Xbox fans. They’re in denial. GT Sport puts Forza 7 to shame visually.

As far as the car count goes, at least the don’t look like Forza 7 “Plastic”

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“Lets see which game does better critically”

Pretty sure GT fans won’t have to call out VIP Memberships, Microtransactions and loot boxes, to a level where the developer has to come out and apologize and reverse some of their bad practices.

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Forza no matter the iteration or how great the resolution the lighting engine looks bland and the cars still look plastic. Visually GT Sport is on another level.

Just another Gamingbolt article about another indie developers opinion.

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Nintendo is killing it. Sony isn’t far behind.

Software sales:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) – 87,261
FIFA 18 (PS4) – 55,919
Fire Emblem (Switch) – 41,491
Splatoon 2 (Switch) – 29,704
Pokken Tournament DX (Switch) – 23,543
For the console side of things, here’s the hardware sales

Hardware sales:

Switch – 73,231
PS4 – 22,822
New 3DS –...

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“They also report that vendors are on track to ship 20 million Switch consoles for 2017.”


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“Yes, supersampling and Native 4K has been confirmed by CDPR”

Where did CDPR confirm Native 4K support?

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“I am beginning to lose serious respect for the pro.”

An Xbox fan losing respect for PS4 Pro? Unbelievable.

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“They've had a lack of games for years”

Lack of 3rd party games you mean? They’ve put out some of the best exclusives ever made.

Super Mario Galaxy - 97 Metacritic
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 97 Metacritic
Super Mario 3D Word - 93 Metacritic
Super Smash Bros. - 92 Metacritic
Super Mario Maker - 88 Metacritic
Bayonetta 2 - 91 Metacritic
Zelda: BoTW - 97 Metacritic

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I love my Switch but I have to agree.

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Aren’t they finally suppose to get cloud saves when their paid service launches? They desperately need it that’s for sure.

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“It’s in Overwatch”

What’s Overwatch got to do with anything? This is about a AAA 1st party game filled with microtransactions and loot boxes. Microsoft’s gaming future is GaaS and it’s already starting to show.

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“As long as the content is there I don't understand why it's such a big deal.

Because one day the content won’t be there. Gamers need to stand their ground and fight against this crap!

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“Loot boxes in a racer, VIP upgrade, and more. It's sad that Microsoft takes a quality racer and turns it into a vehicle for greed.”

Because that’s what Microsoft does. They take something great and slowly destroy it.

Halo isn’t what it used to be, Gears is nearly dead, Scalebound was cancelled, Fable was ruined by f2p, Lionhead was shutdown, and now Forza is becoming a $60 f2p game. Great job Microsoft.

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Took Jim Sterling's words right out of his mouth. It’s the truth though. Thier GaaS plans are already taking effect.

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