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They should just keep the black console and bundle a game. I don't really like special edition consoles.

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I've played both and I have to give it to Horizon: Zero Dawn. I don't care for the tedious combat in The Witcher 3. Horzion has much better and fluid combat and the visuals are the best I've seen to date.

The Witcher 3 is also overwhelming large. I never even got close to finishing the game. It's not that it's bad there's just a point in which there's too much.

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"2017" please be true!

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Please be true. I'm so sick of the future crap.

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I wish they would just do an announcement already before E3. I really want to see what it's capable of and hopefully it has the rumored new flashy UI to go along with it.

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"Phil Spencer talks about game attach rate on Xbox One, and wonders why gamers care about third party marketing deals."

We don't care about third party marketing deals! You guys are the ones that pushed them last generation and now you turn this on us gamers as if we're the ones ask for it? That's nonsense.

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Phil Spencer: Game Attach Rate on Xbox One Is "Great;" Talks Third Party Marketing Deals

Lmao coming from Xbox who pushed 3rd party deals more than anyone until they lost most of them when PS4 showed up.

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"when u can stay out of Xbox articles with your bias mumbo jumbo then us Xbox fans will try also."

I use to praise Forza and hate on GT Sport. Then I seen how much it improved in the beta. Funny how things change.

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Coming from Brad Wardell the guy who praised
DX12 to the high heavens. I don't believe a word this guy says.

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There getting some serious publicity from how messed up the game is. Lol

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"If you choose to not purchase it that to your decision and all power to you there's nothing wrong with that , but please don't make it sound as if there's only one game everyone can only play."

I'm pretty sure I was referring to me and not everyone else. I said "I'm glad I got Horzion: Zero Dawn over Mass Effect: Andromeda."

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"Meh. GG have downgraded their games too in the past like Killzone, even Horizon too.."

And somehow Horizon still ended up the best looking game this generation. It's also a great game all around. Can't say the same for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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"Mass Effect Andromeda Had A Troubled Development Cycle [Rumor]"

Shouldn't even be a rumor. It's a fact just by looking at it.

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"Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked 2016 Build Vs. 2017 Final Build Comparison Images Reveals Downgrade"

What a joke. So glad I got Horizon: Zero Dawn over this downgraded mess.

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"How Forza overtook Need for Speed to become the world's biggest racing IP"

Biggest racing IP? I'm pretty sure GT is by far the biggest.

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They're so bad they're good.


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"Remember all the trolls who were bashing GT Sport when they showed it extremely early? I remember ppl ripping the visuals and the usual suspects claiming GT Sport was going to be terrible. Funny, it's looking phenomenal now"

I was one of them. I admit GT Sport is looking much better. Just hope they add damage and a weather system.

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How about an optimization update? That's what you really should be doing.

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"Gran Turismo Sport Animated GIFs Will Blow Your Mind With Their Realism"

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