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"screenshot #5 looks real to you? number 4 and 5 screenshots are really the only ones that matter because they look to be directly from actual gameplay."

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"Even $450 wouldn't be overpriced for 6tflops of awesome and 12gb super fast ram. Exciting times for Xbox fans ahead this year's E3!"

The problem is that Sony is pumping out one exclusive after another with amazing visuals and mostly amazing reviews for $399 likely $350 come holiday 2017.

So yes even $450 could pose a problem. I guess we'll see come E3. I'm excited to see what they show. Always love watch Sony and Microsoft go he...

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This isn't going to end well is Sony announces a drop for PS4 Pro at E3. We're looking and PS4 Pro $350 vs. Scorpio $450-$500.

PS4 offers incredible value coming from 1st party studios with amazing visuals. Just look at Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Then coming soon is God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Sucker Punch new IP.

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Exactly. Lol

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I can't wait to see what Sucker Punch is making. I have a good feeling it's the Western game where the artwork was leaked.

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"They are two different articles. One is Xbox One and one is the Scorpio."

I see that now. Guess MaximusPrime_ didn't notice when submitting the duplicate report.

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Man this sounds so good. Wish I could get into Destiny. Maybe I'll give Destiny 2 a chance. I just really wish it was 60fps. I can't really play FPS games at anything less.

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"None of those are listed in this article?"

Sorry I was reading the duplicate. Funny it's from the same site also.

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I'd say Scorpio will be priced higher than PS4 Pro. Sony will likely announce a price drop for PS4 Pro at E3.

There won't be Scorpio exclusive as Microsoft hasn't stated many times over.

I Think they will show a Halo 6 trailer and leave it at that.

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Number 1 reason for buying PS4 is resolution."

I don't care what some online research claims. People buy PS4 for great exclusives and the PlayStation brand is just more popular worldwide than the competition.

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Reasons I think it's better than Uncharted 4.

World class Visuals.
Vast and beautiful open world filled with life.
Robotic dinosaurs.
Simple and great crafting system.
Great soundtrack.

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"The future of gaming is to play any game any time, anywhere, on any device. True exclusives will be a thing in the past."

Sony is known for amazing exclusives. That's one of the main reasons gamers choose PlayStation. Sony will likely never hand over their maga franchises.

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Except it doesn't have any exclusives or new successful IP. That's a problem.

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I still find this the worst and most frustrating UI on a console since last generation. I hope Scorpio has a completely new dashboard.

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"Nintendo Switch Took Only Four Weeks to Sell Over 500,000 Units in Japan Against Seven Weeks for PS4"

It launched with Zelda and Switch is basically a handheld which launched in a country that loves mobile. Makes sense doesn't it?

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That's was announced February 15th 2017. That's not new.

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"It's called Testfire for a reason..
Can you take a wild guess why?"

Ok but the article makes it seem like everything went perfect.

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Looks amazing. Can't wait to see the weather effects. There is going to be a weather system right?

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"Splatoon 2 Global Testfire for Nintendo Switch Shows Nintendo Can Do Online Multiplayer"

Really? I seen quite a few complaints about not being able to connect and/or being disconnected when playing.

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I hope this turns out to be real. No jet packs, wall running, future weapons, and no specials!


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