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"If VG has Halo5 at 3.5m then it's likely a lot more than that in real numbers. remember they had ROTR at 450k until MS announced that the game had sold well over 1m"

But according to N4G VGChartz under tracks PS4 and over tracks Xbox One.

Anyhow Splatoon selling over 4 million copies on a console with just 12.6 million install base is insane. #1.1.3
If the sales are so good why don't they announce them like everyone else does? #1.2.1
No and probably never will. VGChartz has it at 3.5 million. That's as close as we got to official numbers. #1.1.2
Dat attach rate. I can't believe Splatoon outsold The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne combine and Halo 5 alone. #1
No one said it was 2017. Just wait until they announce the NX first? #5.1
"with a multiplayer that dwarfs Splatoon, all while maintaining 60 fps beautiful graphics."

How exactly does Halo 5 dwarf Splatoon? Just because of Warzone and its large battles? Splatoon also runs at 60fps. #3.2.3
"Seriously this system better be able to run 60fps/1080p without any compromise."

I disagree. That's not all its about. Mario Kart is 720p/60 and I'd have more fun with it than Forza 6 at 1080p/60, I'd enjoy Splatoon which is 720p/60 over CoD at 1080p/60, and so on. #3.2
"Nintendo’s NX and smartphone games will be a test case for the videogame industry’s trend of trying to merge smart-device games and console-based games,” said Junko Yamamura, an analyst at Nomura Securities."

This doesn't seem like they're directly taking about the NX reveal but more about how it will all work together. #1.2
It in fact sold more than any PS4 exclusive that I know of. That's with over 25 million less consoles also. I'm just glad their games are doing so well. I can only imagine if the NX becomes a big success. #1.3.1
Ugh. Maybe we'll hear a bit about it tomorrow. I could care less about VR. #1
"A message from the Fine Brothers"

To late. Everyone seen how evil you greedy pricks are. The damage is done.

Enjoy:) #1.5
There's 1st party games sale amazing. The attach rate is pretty crazy.

Mario Kart 8: 7.24 million
Splatoon: 4.06 million
Super Mario Maker 3.34m
Animal Crossing HHD 2.93m
Yoshi's Woolly World: 1.31m
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes 1.08m #1
"Yes, The PSN Is Down...So Go The Fu** Outside, Please"

Real professional title there PSX. Maybe you should go outside instead of writing an article complaining about other people complaining. #2
I forgot it was for the Wii. I haven't baught a Nintendo console since the Gamecube. I just never liked the Wii consoles. I'll most likely get the NX since Nintendo says it's a new concept. #2.1.1
I'd like Super Mario Galaxy series. I never played them since I'm not interested in the Wii U. #2
Well that sucks. Hope they come out with a demo or I may have to pass. I like to try games before I buy them. #8.1.1
That's nice. If anyone has a Xbox One beta code PM me I'd like to give it a try:) #8
The video ends at the best part. #1
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