Lvl Up or Die
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Will there ever be an answer to stopping DDoS attacks? Wouldn't it be nice...

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"Had been busy all week with proceedings for a close family members passing. Just wanted to dive into this game and lose myself.... Hopefully later."

Sorry for the loss. Hang in there and hopefully PSN it will be back up soon.

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PM me a link to the pic I'd like to see what you're talking about.

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This is a bunch of BS. Can't even swear on your videos now? Thats just pathetic. YouTube really needs to get their shit together. We really need a major YouTube competitor come rather soon.

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Doesn't look bad but now you have classes? I don't know how I feel about that.

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"Good, play the games yourself instead of watching others play."

I enjoy checking out some gameplay from time to time watching others play.

I wish developers would give us more demos. I hate buying a game without getting a feel of things.

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Overwatch pulled me from CoD and now I can't stop playing it. It's literally the most addicting shooter over ever played.

Also for anyone who cares PS+ isn't required to play the free weekend. Xbox Live Gold on the other hand is required.

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TLG isn't there? I have a feeling...

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"How's your PS4 doing lately?"

Doing fine why?

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In terms of power Scorpio looks to take the lead but Sony will have an entire year lead over Scorpio and it will probably be $100 cheaper on top of that. A couple of years after Scorpio Sony will likely announce PS5. It's a never ending loop.

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"The Last of Us's Ellie Actor Would Love to Return for Sequel"

I'm all for this. Ashley Johnson did a great job being Ellie. I think her personality really brought the character to life.

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I highly doubt Neo will be $399. I'm thinking $450 and the slim will be $249 to $299.

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"If you clean your fan out every 2 weeks, the original ps4 is pretty silent permanently.."

It's not a fan it's a blower and it's loud regardless.

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This thing is pretty plain and ugly. I'll likely get flamed for saying this but I think Xbox One S looks much better.

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Read this you'll understand.

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Someone's been living under a rock.

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"GT Sport Gets delayed... Well, Crap!"

A better title would've been:

"GT Sport Gets delayed... We All Knew it Was Coming, It's Polyphony After All."

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"What I am saying is this: instead of attacking one another, enjoy what you have."

That's likely not going to happen anytime soon. We all know fans or fanboys will defend their console of choice. It's also mostly Xbox fans and PlayStation fans that go at it. You do have to admit though It's actually kind of entertaining watching them go at it in the comment sections.

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