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I've seen people complaining about the graphics on Fallout 4 and that Doom doesn't look good etc. Is anyone every happy? I say quit nit picking every little thing and be happy we're getting some great games to play soon. #2
Been playing it for a while now. It's pretty addicting and none of that pay to enjoy crap makes it even better. This is coming from someone who hates mobile games. #1
I still think GDDR5 is much better than DDR3. Like showtimefolks said every developer says something different though.

I guess next gen consoles will use HBM memory. That stuff seem pretty crazy. #1.2
I'd like to see some TV and Call of Duty. Maybe some sports. Joking of coarse. Games, new dashboard, and some new features. That's enough for me.

Things I'd like to see that probably want happen. Xbox One slim and no more external power supply.

I know we're all going to have our eyes on Phil's shirt when he walk on stage. It's going to be an exciting E3 for sure. #1
You really feel the need to troll Xbox One articles don't you? I mean even your name screams troll.

On topic: The game will look great I'm sure. Just a few more days and we shall see. #1.5.1
They look good even being low resolution screens. #1
"60% of Last Year’s Microsoft E3 Conference was a Joke"

Haha. 100% of the article is a joke. Microsoft did a great job at last years E3 and IMO better than Sony. It sounds like Mocrosoft is going really hard at this years E3. #1.1
What will change once Windows 10 is on Xbox One? The dashboard, under the hood stuff, or what? #4
That's pretty awesome. Hopefully consoles will get the app. #1
"Dude, thats a bold statement. You dont know that."

That's a fact and everyone should know that. #1.4.1
Oculus Rift wasn't built specifically for Xbox One and it will not be anywhere as good of experience as Morpheus. Let's face it Xbox One and Oculus partnership just don't make much sense. The cinema room is pointless. There has to be more to the puzzle we haven't seen. Maybe they'll show more at E3. #1
Isn't that Vekta City from Killzone Shadowfall? #1
Its Mad Catz there's a market for anything. #1.1.1
If you don't have a TV either you don't have money to afford one and the same goes towards Oculus. And if you did have money you'd most likely get a TV. #1.10.1
If you think this looks good you are blind. I'm 100% sure no one is salty about this horrible idea. #29.1
I finally got the video to work on mobile and this was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Did someone laugh at the end of the video? What a horrible idea. Just embarrassing. #1.9.1
"This is What Forza Looks Like on Oculus"

I wouldn't know what it looks like because you're shitty IGN flash video want work on mobile! Also IGN did you seriously switch for disqus to livefyre? Wow. Stupid move. #1.7
I hope some games will be built for Oculus on Xbox One. This feature really just don't make sense to me. #1.6
"Sony vs Microsoft Who Wins E3 2015"

I'll tell you after E3:) #5
Most likely. They need a Dasboard overhaul like they use to do with Xbox 360. They need a new design that has much less sub menus and also something far more efficient and faster. #8.1
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