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So are these VR title coming to PSVR?

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"Just stick with your user friendly games like Uncharted and COD sony pony."

Says the Xbot.

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"Well it does alot of things better"

"Better story, gameplay mechanics, graphics, level design."

You think Quantum Break does all that better than Uncharted? The stuff you Xbox fans say sometimes kills me.

Quantum Break doesn't hold a candle to Uncharted.

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"Nothing wrong, its what seperates the kids from the adults and i bet hes just a noob lol"

I don't care for the MP so I don't really play it. Call me whatever you want though if it makes you feel better.

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Yea nothing like wall hopping. That's why I never really got into Gears multiplayer. People abuse the crap out of it.

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Gears Of War 4 Dev: "We Wanted To Push Visuals In Campaign" & "Push Responsiveness In Multiplayer"

Why not push both?

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"Wii sold 100mil"

What did PS Move sell?

The motion control fad didn't last long. Are you saying VR will be the same?

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"Dont you dare take away the Standard Controller Nintendo if you do Im not buying the NX"

Yea these gimmicks are getting old. Give us a normal controller or at least as close as you can get to one. We don't want to hold a TV in our hands again.

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It's Nintendo. They should announce the NX now or early next month and use E3 to unload all the games and stuff.

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"What else is new coming from you regarding a xbox game?"

Same goes for you. Everything Xbox puts out is gold to you.

What he's said is true. The visuals are subpar. That's why it's getting ripped apart in the forums. Admit it and move on. The rest of the game looks fine.

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Poor Shuhei. I'd love to seen that happen though. Lol

"While playing Budget Cuts in Vive, which game is awesome, I fell to the floor when I leaned over the window from 2nd floor to downstairs. [sic]” Stated Yoshida in a recent tweet, furthering the revelation humorously with: “For a split second I thought I was gonna die.”

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PS4 already has the crown. I know some people are against PS4K but Sony can't just sit there and Hope Microsoft doesn't launch a mid gen console. You got to be at the forefront and continue to lead.

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The 4K will be for media.

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Yea I signed up for the beta but haven't heard anything.

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Overwatch all the way. It's also 60fps unlike Battleborn.

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Thought this was 60fps?

Edit: Nevermind I keep getting Overwatch and Battleborn mixed up.

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Seems we have a problem here.

IGN - Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Is Not an Open World Game - Nor Should It Be"

outsidebox - "Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has an Open World and It Changes Everything"

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Has a demo for HTC Vive but puts a image of PSVR in the headline.

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Same here. I'm excited to see what happens.

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E3 is going to be very interesting this year.

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