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I may get get slammed for saying this but this game is on Uncharted level graphics now. It looks amazing. The effects are crazy. #1.7
It requires online only for Multiplayer. The cloud computing isn't in the single player. #1.1

"Great. ...till xbl goes down."

If Xbox Live goes down so does multiplayer. Same can be said for any multiplayer game. That's why this is multiplayer only for the cloud destruction tech. Single player doesn't have it. #1.7
That would be pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind playing a 1st party game early at all. #1
Who cares lets just enjoy our choice of console and quit worrying which sales the most. #1
Still thinks it's dumb you have to pay to access zombies. Think I'll wait for Black Ops 3. This games is trash IMO. #1
I don't know about taking it to the next level but the controllers look amazing and the new Xbox One Chatpad is great. #1
"Katie Joell from Gamerscore Shores writes "but feel somewhat underwhelmed by Microsoft’s conference today at Gamescom."

Sorry but I disagree. I think Microsoft's gamescom conference was amazing. They showed lots of new gameplay from games we knew was coming and also announced some new things like Xbox One games with gold backwards compatibility, Xbox One Chatpad, two Halo 5 custom controllers, Halo Wars 2, DVR for Over-the-Air TV, new Halo 5 console, etc.... #1
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I honestly liked it better than E3. It was a great show with lots of new and great games shown. New Halo 5 custom console shown and DVR coming soon. Also backwards compatibility for games with gold on Xbox One was great to hear. Also Halo Wars 2! #1.2
This looks amazing. I really wish it was $429 instead of $499 though. A bit to high for me. Especially when the 1Tb Forza 6 console bundle is just $399. #1.2
I'm very happy to see what Microsoft's got coming but we really need to stop with these flamebait articles. #1
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"After playing the beta Gears ultimate has the best graphics and character models this gen."

"Uncharted was downgraded and we all knew that was going to happen"

I disagree. Uncharted 4 has the best character models I've ever seen.

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I will say it looks nice. Would've probably sold a ton more if revealed at the launch of Destiny and not this far out. #2
Yea tried it and they've turned it into freemium crap. Literally make you pay for lives constantly. This is the reason I'll never play mobile games. They're just a big cash grab. #2
I say that about every new CoD game I play but this is the worst CoD ever. At least IMO anyways. I hate the jet packs that you can abuse the hell out of and the maps are horrible. I hate nearly all the guns especially the direct energy weapons. The ASM1 is literally the only gun worth using.

I'll try Black Ops 3 though because I actually like Treyarch. #3.2
Great to hear. I thinks that's a great move. I love great 1st party games. #4
I agree. I love Nintendo 1st party games but with NX they need a normal controller, 3rd party support, and good graphics. Then I'd love to purchase their console. #4.1
Give us that new dashboard already! Yes I'm excited for the new UI. #1
Great to hear. Xbox One is gaining some momentum and hopefully this holiday things will really take off. #1
"Black Ops 3 Innovates on the Call of Duty Formula"

I've heard this about every CoD game. Not staying it can't happen but I doubt it will. I know I don't like the way Advanced Warfare went at all. I still want to go back in the past with CoD not the future. #1
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