Lvl Up or Die
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"But I do hope they improve the game more than just making it 1080p 60fps"

Is it going to be 60fps?

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Shows you people really want a classic boots on the ground CoD game this gen.

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Let Uncharted go. It's been a great ride but we need to move on and let it end with a bang.

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Have you seen how many Nintendo pro articles they have? Hence they don't like PlayStation.

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"Give it up dude, youre just looking more and more upset. People are excited and youre mad"

Mad? I'm saying its a good thing if you'd read between the lines. Today's CoD games aren't like the old ones. Boots on the ground appeals more to me than the future wall running jet pack stuff.

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It's pretty sad when people get excited about being able to play a 5 year old game on current consoles because the new CoD games are future crap with grasshoppers all over the place.

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"It's not a Xbox site. It includes all consoles."

Then what does it stand for? It's kind of odd XO.TV and Xbox One TV are so similar don't you think?

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Good job. You guys really know how to win customers don't you? Oh wait...

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"A new gaming console has been announced and it's powered by windows 10 and intel core processors."

So basically a PC? Coming from this evil corporation they can keep it.

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7.1? Seriously a .1? These kind of incremental ratings are beyond stupid.

Most reviews complain more about the MP more than the SP. I think the SP is to much run and gun now. The previous Doom was more scary and frantic.

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This has to be one of the most over hyped games in history.

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That's crazy but it should be done. The guy that give it a 4/10 shouldn't be reviewing games anymore. This isn't his 1st crazy review either.

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Very impressive. Naughty Dog puts so much detail into their games it's crazy. I really want to see them do a new I.P. like Savage Starlight or something. If only other developers put this kind of attention to detail in their games.

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It should've never been $500 in the first place. $400 is pushing it.

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If it looks evens remotely close to the trailer I'd be happy:

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"Doom PS4 vs Xbox One Resolution, Frame-Rate Comparison – Performs Great on Both Systems but PS4 Has an Obvious Edge"

For those who disagree with you for some stupid reason.

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$250 Xbox One slim and a more powerful Xbox One would be great.

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$250 Xbox One Slim vs. PS4. There's nothing to vs. Neo unless they release a more powerful Xbox One which in reality needs it more than PlayStation.

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I love Uncharted and The Last of Us but I want to see what Naughty Dog can do outside of those games. I wouldn't mind Savage Starlight.

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Why is it always the no name sites that give these kind of reviews on a highly praised game? This proves you're just looking for clicks or shouldn't be reviewing games in general.

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