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I'm in the US and i have Charter. Thankfully they don't push data caps.

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"Where i live, they just started giving us data caps (250gigs/mo)."

That's crazy. Where do you live?

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How's it only videos and movies? What if we buy a digital game that's 4K?

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"Imagine picking up a third party game like Titanfall 2 – with the game playable across both your PC and Xbox console."

Yea nothing like controller vs. mouse. That sounds so fun. How they plan to ever keep a fair advantage between the two is beyond me.

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this just in!!!

water is wet


"Water isn't wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, 'get wet'."

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"15 reasons why the Xbox One is the best thing in the history of ever"

Said no one ever.

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It's about time. I'd like to see it in action. It better have Spotify and not just Groove music that no cares about.

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Soon they'll say visit to redeem your free Xbox One.

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"Quake Champions will be PC-only to avoid 'limitations'

Yea because everyone has a PC that can run the game at 120hz right?

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Good to here it's 1080p/60. May try the collection out after all.

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Not this guy again. Everything he says screams infomercial.

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Will the collection be 60fps on consoles? I'd really like to play these but not at 30fps again.

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"honestly sony has a much stronger lineup this year. gears is good but it won't compare."

There's no need to bring Sony's lineup into a Gear of War 4 article. It's just trolling and no one in here cares.

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You buy Scorpio bring it home plug it in and start gaming. Some gamers don't want to fool with a PC.

You get to play all Microsoft exclusives on a 6TFLOP console. I don't see how anyone can complain about that. Maybe it's just fanboys?

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I'd always take something official over aftermarket due to build quality and such. So yes I'd say it's definitely worth it IMO.

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Supoosedly PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo due at TGS according to WSJ.

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I actually enjoy some streams of people just talking and entertaining. There's also a bunch a stupid crap on there but I usually just ignore most of that.

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Phil should buy some of these great indie studios that put out amazing games like Inside, Cuphead, and Ori and the Blind Forest. You want some great 1st party talent look no further.

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No need to be a negative nancy. The game looks amazing.

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"I just keep thinking why would you park a sports car on the beach.... it would rust and get sand everywhere.... or am I missing the point."

Have you seen the view?

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