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It in fact sold more than any PS4 exclusive that I know of. That's with over 25 million less consoles also. I'm just glad their games are doing so well. I can only imagine if the NX becomes a big success. #1.3.1
Ugh. Maybe we'll hear a bit about it tomorrow. I could care less about VR. #1
"A message from the Fine Brothers"

To late. Everyone seen how evil you greedy pricks are. The damage is done.

Enjoy:) #1.5
There's 1st party games sale amazing. The attach rate is pretty crazy.

Mario Kart 8: 7.24 million
Splatoon: 4.06 million
Super Mario Maker 3.34m
Animal Crossing HHD 2.93m
Yoshi's Woolly World: 1.31m
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes 1.08m #1
"Yes, The PSN Is Down...So Go The Fu** Outside, Please"

Real professional title there PSX. Maybe you should go outside instead of writing an article complaining about other people complaining. #2
I forgot it was for the Wii. I haven't baught a Nintendo console since the Gamecube. I just never liked the Wii consoles. I'll most likely get the NX since Nintendo says it's a new concept. #2.1.1
I'd like Super Mario Galaxy series. I never played them since I'm not interested in the Wii U. #2
Well that sucks. Hope they come out with a demo or I may have to pass. I like to try games before I buy them. #8.1.1
That's nice. If anyone has a Xbox One beta code PM me I'd like to give it a try:) #8
The video ends at the best part. #1
Those who disagrees obviously wants a f2p co-op Fable game with Microtransactions. How anyone wouldn't want Fable 4 over Legends is beyond me. #4.1
This is probably the best looking game I've seen on Xbox One. I just look at it and get sad thinking what it could've been if it was Fable 4. I'm just not going to play a f2p game in the end and you should know the reasons why. #1.2
If you have to look that hard the difference shouldn't matter in the first place. You guys just can't stand the fact that The Division on Xbox One looks and performs nearly identical to the PS4 version. #2.3.2

Yea FlipsSwitch is a troll. You should know that by his avatar and comment history. Also the f2p came from a job posting which doesn't mean anything. I think Sea of Theives sounds amazing.

Watch the IGN interview with Aaron Greenburg and skip to "41:30" if you want to hear his experience with the game. It sounds great with a side of humor. #1.1.3
"For example: Resident Evil Revelations 2 runs better on Xbox One - and that's what I got my copy for."

Well unless it's a pretty big difference it doesn't matter that much to me. You could put things into factor like the Elite controller on Xbox One. If you have one it's likely a better experience having those extra inputs and features then a tiny difference in the game. At least IMO. #2.1.5
The game looks and runs great on both consoles. It's so close it don't even matter. Period. #2.1.2
You're just nit picking now. They both run great and look amazing. #2.1
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Glad to see both consoles perform very well and look identical. The dynamic weather and lighting look very good. There's also has a great amount of detail in the gamepad. Definitely one of the best looking games I've seen this gen. #1
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