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“Cuphead won’t be coming to PlayStation 4”

We knew this from the beginning.

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“he doubled down on his previous statement, mentioning that there’s a “night and day difference” between Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro having worked with both.”

Interesting but not really surprising seeing the power difference is pretty substantial.

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“How a 4K gaming PC still beats Microsoft's Xbox One X and Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro“

Resolution aside I haven’t seen a game on any platform look as good “Visualy” as Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero: Dawn.

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“Dear Microsoft: thank you for the updated Xbox Avatars - they’re a step forward for gaming”

I agree. I think they look much better and have quite a Pixar look to them now. I wonder how they’ll be implemented into the dashboard when released.

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“God of War PS4 Wins Best E3 Trailer, Most Anticipated Game”

My favorite E3 trailer followed by Spider-Man and Days Gone.

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Does it hurt your feelings?

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The funny thing is, I bet it will sell better on PS4 regardless. Lol

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“PlayStation 5: What Sony's Next-Gen Console Needs to Beat the Xbox One X”

Simple. The best 1st party games and real exclusives. Hopefully PS5 launches with a new IP from Naughty Dog.

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“the one x will have more overhead which means more stable frame rates and higher render settings. possibly even higher rez textures.”

Well it’s $500 so I’d hope so. Downside is there’s no real exclusives.

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“Take our first party stuff,” he said. “Forza will be out, Crackdown will be out, Sea of Thieves, Super Lucky’s Tale, State of Decay 2, all will be launching before E3 next year. So we showed you big blockbuster exclusives“

You call that big blockbuster exclusives? You’re full of PR Greenberg.

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“Sony is so afraid about the power of the Xbox One X that they need to resort to these sorts of tactics”

I’m sure Sony is shaking in their boots about a $500 console with no exclusives. PS4 is 60+ million strong with tons of great exclusives and plenty more coming down the road. Can’t say the same for Xbox.

Also wouldn’t EA edit the button prompts then send the video to Sony for distribution?

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I think the main issue is no matter how powerful the hardware is they are still lacking 1st party games compared to Sony.

Playstation is where the best exclusives are and everyone isn’t going to run out and buy an Xbox One X for slightly better looking/performing 3rd party games and miss out on all the exclusives the competition has to offer.

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“Project CARS 2 dev on Forza & GT: "they're playing catch up"

Big talk from a developer that can’t get a locked 60fps on consoles.

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“just make sure you've got an able crew.”

The game looks good I just wish you could play without a crew and still have fun but I’m sure it would defeat the purpose of the game.

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“Phil Harrison on Platform Exclusives: "They don't work in as many cases as they used to."

Works great for PlayStation. Sounds like damage control to me.

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“Well if they brought Street Fighter 5 to the Switch and Xbox that would also help sales.”

Well they didn’t have to quitebtheir jobs and mortgage their houses to make their game. Big difference.

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“Cuphead Developers Quit Their Jobs And Mortgaged Their Houses To Make The Game“

Bring it to PS4 and you’ll get a lot more sales. Anyhow I hope for the best. That’s some dedication.

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“Xbox One consoles barely sell?”

Compared to the competition? Yes. 2:1 ratio isn’t that great no matter how you try to spin it.

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I’m not saying it will fail but they can barely sell Xbox One consoles now for $250. I can only imaging how bad it’s going to be at $500.

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