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"40 minutes of play time isn't enough to judge The Last Guardian, of course. Yes, I'm worried about the controls and camera and framerate, but the more I think about my time with the game, the more confident I am of its soul. Still, The Last Guardian faces the perhaps insurmountable task of meeting expectations set by Sony almost a decade ago. Perhaps that's okay. Perhaps it isn't."

The game itself looks interesting and I'm sure it have a great...

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People should know this anyways. It's crazy how many times you have to clarify things because the media blows everything out of proportion.

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I wouldn't really say that but It does makes sense if you have a 4K TV then Scorpio would be an obvious choice since it's capable of delivering 4K gaming.

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I always thought it was 2017. Oh well.

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There is no mixed messeges. It's the media that's all over the place as usual. They nit pick anything they can and blow it out of proportion.

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Who's going to come out and say they don't want to win? Everyone wants to win but that doesn't mean you can't focus on moving forward.

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Here is an interview with Phil Spencer about Xbox One S and Scorpio. Maybe this will clear things up because these websites will spin everything.

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Sony has a bigger fanbase so it's pretty obvious which was most talked about.

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"Layden did, however, play down the importance of having the most technically advanced system on the market, with rumours pointing to around a 40 per cent performance advantage for Scorpio over Neo."

"It's not going to be the end-all, be-all of the gaming experience? No," he said. "I think more than anything else today, we're seeing the power of narrative move the gaming business forward more than ever before....

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Yea I should totally put down the controller on a console and learn to use a mouse and keyboard.

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This isn't about cross play. This is about mouse players on Xbox One going against controller players.

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"and to be honest the true winners here are the Playstation gamers (who are getting some pretty stellar games in the next few months)."

God of War - no release date
Detroit - no release date
Spider-Man - no release date
Days Gone - no release date

Define stellar games in the next few months?

All the games I mentioned look stellar but aren't going to be here until 2017.

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They better keep this crap from FPS and RTS games or it will be an unfair advantage for controller players.

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I said Xbox would become a service back when they brought Quantum Break to PC. Most didn't believe me.

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Now I've seen it all.

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That gun. Lol

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"To me, the point of buying a console is for exclusives. When a company comes out and says all the "exclusives" are on windows 10 also."

I guess it's more how you look at it. The games are still exclusive to Microsoft thus Sony there competitor will never get them but you have to accept the fact PC gamers will get the same 1st party games as Xbox from now on. Either way I agree exclsuives define a platform.

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"Whats the point on buying either xbox system if I have a PC?"

There kinda isn't a point for gamers to get a Xbox console if they have a great PC. On the other hand they're people that don't want a PC and enjoy buying a console going home plugging it in and start playing comfortably on the couch.

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Like mine for example. Lol

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The Eurogamer link you provided has nothing to do with a performance boost its just HDR.

Polygon on the other hand insist it's a performance boost based on what Fergusson said when talking about Gears of War 4.

"I promise, it won't even show up. It will have no impact on games at all. Literally no impact. They will be identical. It's nothing, it is literally nothing."


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