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If only everyone understood this. Fixed hardware will always give huge boost over time especially for what it is. #2
Why not invest 2.5 billion in Xbox One from the start? Could you imaging how much better the hardware would've been.

That or like you said spend the money on 1st party studios. Maybe they will still invest heavily in 1st party studios eventually. Who knows. #2.1

Does Sony have Forza? It's exclusive to Microsoft platforms. #1.1.2
What exclusive does Sony have to counter Halo: MCC, Forza: H2, and Sunset Overdrive this holiday? Just curious being a PS4 owner. Driveclub is ok and I'm not really interested in LBP 3 so what does that leave? #1.1
This is a whole lot about Ben. Lol #1
I figured it would do well the way Sony was marketing the game for PS4. How is Destiny btw? I'm on the fence about getting it. #1
Yea you hate Destiny because you like Halo. You're the Xbox fanboy. I bet you don't even have Destiny #5.1.1
I've seen a ton of people that don't like the game at all. I was pretty excited but i don't know now. I think I may just pass. The game seems like Titanfall and Watchdogs which were both way over hyped. #4.1
I get so use to putting that. Fixed it now:) #6.1.2
You have no idea what you're talking about.

You want have any bubbles soon. After reading through your comments I realized you're just a troll. #6.1
Yea right. Mostly just Developers making crappy games with tons of in app purchases to suck every last penny out of you.

I'd much rather enjoy AAA games or great indie games from Developers who have a passion for gaming and actually try to bring us great experiences. #1

"It's baffling how offended you people get, no matter what MS does."

I'm not getting offended. What I said is true.

Here's an article just posted stating exactly what I said. #1.14.2
So Microsoft pulls this when Sony has Marketing rights with Destiny but yet it's ok when Microsoft does it every year with CoD? Microsoft such hypocrites. #1.14
Like the Destiny beta right? Both networks took a beating. #8.1

So much truth in one paragraph. #1.1.1
What new screens? The compressed ones everyone went crazy over? Here let me put that to rest. These are Beta gameplay btw. #1.1.1
"DriveClub was “grittier” so to speak. It didn’t seem to have that visual punch that Forza Horizon 2 had."

Yea ok. Anyone with eyes knows Driveclub looks far better visually than FH2. As far as gameplay, features, and content that's debatable. #1
Finally. I've been waiting forever it seems like. #3

I just took it as if you was rubbing it in that PS4 owners don't have it yet. Yes the article mentions the Xbox One version but the title is solely about the PS4 version being delayed. Anyways sorry I took it the wrong way. #5.5.3
"There is no mention of anything Xbox."

This article is about PS4 being delayed so I don't know why you feel the need to mention Xbox One. I feel as if you mentioned it to rub it in PS4 owners faces. #5.5
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