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"NFS and Driveclub look better."

Haha, thanks we need a good joke around here ever now and again:) #6.2

"You should also check out the new Xbox One UI."

I've watched the trailer for the new dashboard many times over. I can't tell you how happy I am about this! I hope they let preview members test it out soon. I'd love to give it a go. #3.1.2
Yea and she looks very good. Like photo realistic good. #1.1
Wow. Very impressive especially being 1080p 60fps! Love the new tacks they're beautiful. The rain looks amazing and so does night racing. #3
Judging people because their avatar is getting old. I've had plenty of Sony game avatars also. I just thought their conference was weak. If you don't agree that fine. #1.9.2
Or maybe Microsoft dropped the partnership. Who knows I could care less about CoD anymore. I thought BLOPS3 looked like a PS3 game. Star Wars gameplay put it to shame. #2.1
Great news but Sony should've funded this game. It was really sad bringing kickstarter up on stage. #2
Yea that was one of the worst E3 I've seen from Sony. I hate to say TLG didn't look that great after all this time. Horizon was the best game shown. Uncharted 4 also looked great but thats about it. #1.9
Amazing new dashboard. The friends and messages are no longer apps they're built into the system. The speed of the UI is so much faster. Loving what I see so far!

Now when do us preview members get a taste? Major Nelson said it will be avaliable "very soon" which I'm sure he is referring to preview members. #1.3
I say they put on a d@mn good show. I was disappointed there was no Xbox One slim and no sign of a new dashboard. Other than that it was great.

Now I can't wait to see what Sony's got up their sleeves.

Edit: Just seen the new NXE for Xbox One. Great news! I really dislike the current dashboard. #1

"CG..., yea pump your brakes before you say that. More like year 2002 CG or worst. "

Pump my brakes? No thanks. I'll hit the gas because it looks amazing. #1.1.2
Dang this game looks CGI. The jetpack is awesome. Such a pretty world once your flying over it. #1
That camera drives me crazy. No way I could even enjoy the game unless the camera is more stationary. #2
Cute, New IP Unravelled Coming to PS4 "and Xbox One."

There I fixed the title:) #1
Never mind . No way I'm paying $150 for a controller! Should've been $79 to $99. #11.1
I agree less talk and lots of games. They also did a great job on keeping things like VR and AR minimal. #2
It will be 100s at launch. You don't pay twice for the games you own either. Idk about anyone else but screw streaming games. I hate the lag. Yes it's there no matter how anyone will try to spin it. #1.3
This looks so dark and amazing. #1
This is one beautiful controller! Definitely getting one. #11
I've seen people complaining about the graphics on Fallout 4 and that Doom doesn't look good etc. Is anyone every happy? I say quit nit picking every little thing and be happy we're getting some great games to play soon. #2
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