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"I wonder what video you watched..."

The same horrible trailer we all watched. The graphics weren't that good, the engines still sound like vacuum cleaners, and the horrible tire squeals still haven't been addressed.

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"Sounds good but why not just include the rest of the game with cross play support??"

They got to have some reason to sell Xbox One.

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"Will be best racer ever! Forza has nothing on"

I don't think Forza has anything to worry about. They're going to have 4 racing games 3 being great by the time the first GT game releases this gen.

I personally think Forza Horizon 3 will be the best and most fun racing game this year.

Forza 5: Metacritic - 79
Forza 6: Metacritic - 87
Forza Horizon 2 - 86

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I agree after watching the trailer the game looks underwhelming. Graphics aren't that impressive, same horrible engine sounds, and those stupid tire screeching sounds are still there.

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Those are horribly compressed screenshots.

Here better ones.

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Looking very good. The lighting is insane.

Some info.

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I give it to Doom. I'm absolutely loving the campaign. Good old school FPS at its best. Looks amazing and plays great.

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You've told N4G 500 times that you have all systems. We get it already. Do you want a cookie?

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Just got Doom on PS4 and it plays like a dream, looks amazing, and is fun as hell. Never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I do. It's my favorite shooter in a very long time. Did I mention the soundtrack is also amazing?

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This has to be a bug.

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Sounds like they partnered with Microsoft to boost sales since Xbox One has half the install base of PS4. Just a thought.

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"Call of Duty: Black Ops Proves Sceptics Wrong About The Popularity Of Backwards Compatibility"

Not only does this prove people want backwards compatibility but that people also really want the old Call of Duty back and not this future crap with jet packs, wall running, and double jumping.

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@Lou Ferrigno

"tbh i doubt it since arkham knight was 30fps.. that might taint the experience imo..even though i think it should be 60fps easily."

Yea I'm all for 60fps. It's so much smoother and makes the game more enjoyable. I hate 30fps because the judder when panning the camera, the blur, and the controller latency.

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"But I do hope they improve the game more than just making it 1080p 60fps"

Is it going to be 60fps?

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Shows you people really want a classic boots on the ground CoD game this gen.

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Let Uncharted go. It's been a great ride but we need to move on and let it end with a bang.

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Have you seen how many Nintendo pro articles they have? Hence they don't like PlayStation.

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"Give it up dude, youre just looking more and more upset. People are excited and youre mad"

Mad? I'm saying its a good thing if you'd read between the lines. Today's CoD games aren't like the old ones. Boots on the ground appeals more to me than the future wall running jet pack stuff.

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It's pretty sad when people get excited about being able to play a 5 year old game on current consoles because the new CoD games are future crap with grasshoppers all over the place.

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"It's not a Xbox site. It includes all consoles."

Then what does it stand for? It's kind of odd XO.TV and Xbox One TV are so similar don't you think?

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