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"why is it always polygon"

I wouldn't say it's just polygon. Although most reviews are pretty good.

Trusted Reviews 2.5/5

Metro GameCentral 6/10 #1.7
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Thanks Konami. We're so thankful of the microtransactions. /s #3
If the Uncharted collection runs at 60fps during the campaign why can't this? A bit disappointing but I'll live. #1.2
First comment in an Xbox article and already bringing up PS4. All Phil said if I remember correctly is he wants to focus on bringing new games more than focusing on remasters so much. #1.1
Just curious what do you hate about Black Ops 3? I was hoping it would be much better than Advanced Warfare. #4.1
How to be a Sony fan:

Come in an Xbox related article complaining about Xbox fans. #2.3.1
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Good job being 1080p Konami. Still a big jump from 720p last year though. The game is still the same regardless of the resolution. I don't think 900p is going to bother anyone as long as the performance is solid. #1.6
I had no doubt Bluepoint would do a great job. Props to them for a great remaster. #1.5
"Why the Xbox One is losing to the PS4, according to the guy who made Xbox matter"

1. Don Mattrick
2. Horrible reveal "tv tv tv" and "always online"
3. Kinect included
4. $499

That's all changed now. Phil has really turned around the Xbox division but they will never beat PS4 in sales so let's just enjoy the new Xbox and play great games. #3
CoD has never been a beautiful game. Just a short campaign with an addictive multiplayer. Ghost and Advanced Warfare really pushed me away. Here's hoping Blops3 will pull me back in but if it's like Advanced Warfare I doubt it. I hate the movement system that everyone abuses the hell out of. I just flat out hate it. I like it to be more grounded. #2
"As great as DC looks, they did make sacrifices to do it. It's not really fair to compare them."

Project Cars may be 60fps but it fluctuates and I hate that. Driveclub is a solid 30fps and Forza is a solid 60fps. That's what matters more to me. #4.5
I still think Driveclub looks better. It just looks more natural and realistic to me. #1.6
Ori was one of the best games in a long time and Cuphead may be even better. I agree with you it's very unique. One of the most interesting games I've seen lately. #2.1
Haha I like a change ever now and then;) #1.1.1
"Microsoft is steadily catching up with Sony in terms of the quality of games they are providing for its Xbox One users, and thus staying relevant in the longer run."

Quality games is what it should be about and not just sales sales sales. There's lots of things that make for a great console. Features, software updates, great games, etc. Both consoles have there ups and downs. Competition is good. #1
I want to see gameplay so bad I can't stand it. Something about that trailer really got me excited. I really hope Microsoft keeps investing one 1st party games. #4

"Thanks for that link.These guys are pretty hilarious sometimes i think they are just little kids with access to the internet."

No problem. I hate to post links to comment history but some people should be called out. I've made some fanboy remarks myself but some people are straight up trolls.

Anyways back on topic. I really hope Quantum Break does well. I think it looks great but I see some people have their doub... #1.1.7

You're just one big troll. All you do in every post is put down Microsoft. Sony fanboy at his finest.

On topic: Quantum Break looks great and the live action cutscenes should make for a good tie in. I hope at least. #1.1.3
Halo sacrificed split screen for performance hence being 60fps. Gears 4 is 30fps from what I've heard. That gives them more resources to enable split screen gaming. I like split screen but I'd still take 60fps. That's just me though I don't know about anyone else. #1.9
I think we should start comparing how good games are and not just which is prettier. Driveclub is much better than project cars. It may be 30fps but at least it's solid unlike Praject Cars. #1.3
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