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"And I see alot of salty kats who when PS4 had everything going for it loved talking 1080p this 1080p that..
Now Xbox gamers are talking native I get it, no such talk for you guys til PS5."

Scorpio will have the best 3rd party games, then PS5 will have the best 3rd party games, then Scorpio 2 will have the best 3rd party games, and the cycle continues.

Where people choose to play now is likely wher...

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So far “it’s going pretty well.”

I would've rather hear it's going "great" but I guess things are fine. I feel like PS5 will be out by the time Death Stranding releases but that's ok. Plenty of games to tide us over until then.

I really hope we see just a snippet of gameplay rather soon so we can get a feel of how the game will play.

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"Nvidia's Dual 1080 Ti GPUs Push 8K To The Next Level"

I think foucusing on graphics and AI is more important than this resolution fad. They're far more important things than resolution.

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Tried it on PS4 Pro. Horrible input lag, jaggies everywhere, 30fps, and mediocre graphics. Think I'll pass on this one.

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I'm addicted to Overwatch. I really like the teamwork and characters of the game. I do however wish there was a single player component after seeing some of the stories behind the characters.

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No matter how good the p2p connections are or the netcode behind it that type of connection will never compete with dedicated servers. Period.

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"If it had dedicated servers, millions of players wouldn't ever have a chance to play in a lag-less lobby, just for living away from a data center."

That's why you also have p2p connection for backup. At least the majority of us could enjoy a solid connection via dedicated servers.

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I couldn't even play the demo. The input lag is extremely bad. Add to that it's 30fps which made things even worse.

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"Xbox head Phil Spencer states that story-driven games such as The Legend of Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn are losing their impact."

Phil, we know you have nothing comparable to either of these games. Scorpio will only give you a 3rd party advantage but it want be enough to sway gamers away from consoles with real AAA exclusives.

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"COD: WW2 needs to fix the series' increasingly poor multiplayer by improving map design"

My take on the situation.

"COD: WW2 needs to fix the series' increasingly poor multiplayer by using dedicated servers"

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Funny how Zelda outsold the Switch by over 1 million.

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"I read somewhere that every single Project Scorpio console is customized to ensure no power is wasted--and no extra heat is generated."

Correct. That's called the Hovis Method.

Scorpio Engine:
With 6 Teraflops, 326GB/s of Memory Bandwidth and advanced, custom silicon, the Scorpio Engine is the most powerful console g...

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"Add missiles, machine guns and some defensive weapons and I'm down."

This I disagree with. I think what they've done is great and there's no need to get too unrealistic as this is still Horizon.

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I would've never expected this. Looks amazing. Playground Games really know what they're doing.

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"Dear PS4 Controller: I’m Sorry I Threw You"

My poor Dualshock 4. I've dropped it, punched it, threw it, twisted it, hit myself in the leg with it "limped for two days" and even headbutt it "nearly knocked myself out!" Thanks Overwatch! Anyhow It somehow survived and I'm still using it as we speak.

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"Do consoles really need more power?"

Power will only go far as the talent behind it. You need great developers to push the boundaries. There's obviously 3rd party developers but 1st party is able to really push the hardware. Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games are great examples.

I seriously doubt there will be a single exclusive on Scorpio surpass the visuals of Horizon: Zero Dawn or Uncharted 4.

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Yea there's no competition when it comes to exclusives.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Days Gone
The Last of Us: Part 2
God of War
Detroit: Become Human
Sucker Punch: New IP
Death Stranding

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"Project Scorpio vs Xbox One S vs Xbox One: should you make the upgrade?"

I'd say if you have a 4K TV then definitely. You get 4K resolution and gameDVR will record at 4k 60fps. I'd also assume Games will get improved graphics also.

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"i have put in more than 40 hours into forza horizon 3, how about you?"

Close to 20 hours. Feel free to view my profile if you like. It's "Lvl up or die"

Horizon 3 is honestly my favorite racing game believe it or not. The Forza series is actually the only racing franchise I like. I also think FM7 will be a much better game than GTS.

I also really like the Halo franchise but Halo 5 ...

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