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Yea all those people who bought a Xbox One from January 3rd until now are just screwed. That's dumb to go back up take advantage of people then drop it back down to $349. #3.1
"Just wait until we partner up and become "dualcabin" - then you'll really hate us."

I never said I disliked either of the sites.

I heard Microsoft will continue supporting the 360 so an even slimmer one may be in the works but I'd much rather they make a Xbox One slim because it's to big and plain looking. #1.1.1
If there's a job listing you sure can count on thegamescabin and dualshockers to have you covered!

On topic: I was thinking they would release the Xbox Slim at E3 with a price drop to $349. Now that they've dropped the price to $349 "again" who knows what they will do. #1
Glad that's cleared up now. I'm glad people can still use the game titles. #1
Only in the U.S. and at $349. The world is a different story. Oh wait you never include the rest of the world.

On topic: Glad Xbox One is doing better. Things sure have changed since Phil Spencer took over. #1
Why do they never mention that in the headlines? #1.1.1
Isn't this just for the U.S.? #1
Well "One" could use a makeover. #2.1
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Yea Microsoft did great with Xbox 360 UI updates. I just hope Xbox One gets a overhaul of the dashboard and not just an update. No matter how much I try to like the current dashboard I just can't.

They need to make it much more simple with far less clicks to get where you're going. Also they need to make it more appealing. I'd like a dynamic background Instead of static with some background music to go along with it. #1.1.2
I hope a new dashboard UI for Xbox One. #1.1
I'd think the Gaikai servers are separate from PSN servers. #1.1
Sony is updating things as well. Maybe you should read into their SDK 2.0.

Also Sony is already doing things using GPU compute.

"By using the compute shader, it can be made 10 times faster than what a CPU can do." #1.1.1
Major Nelson deleted his tweet. He was just replying to someone and screwed up. So much for the hype train. #1.6
I love the focus on super cars. It's just a feeling of power no matter what you drive. I really want to drive this car on the Japan tracks. #1
"Wonder how the track will look in the weather."

In both videos of the 2 new Japan tracks it is raining. It looks amazing as usual. I still hope to see a city track of Japan in Driveclub

Japan Nakasendo

Japan Lake Shoji & Enzo Ferrari #1.1
This article headline is pretty bad. All they're saying is Microsoft has exclusive games to go against Sony' exclusive games. I think we all know this already. #1
Who cares? Being the most valuable company don't mean much. If Apple "the most valuable company on earth" made a gaming console would it automatically be better than PS4 or Xbox One? The answer is no and I would never touch an Apple console over Xbox or PS4. #1.1
"PS4 Will Only Get Better With Time, Devs Will Push The Hardware To New Limits"

Well that's pretty obvious don't you think?

We all know the ICE team will push it to the limits. I'd say 2015 and on we'll start really seeing consoles being pushed. Can't wait to see what's up both Microsoft's and Sony's sleeves at this years E3. #1

"3rd Forza game announced in less than 18 months lol this is milked more than Assassins Creed."

Yea because having more games is bad right?

On topic: I just hope they have better music in Forza 6. Also faster loading times, night/day cycle, real time lighting, and weather would be great. #1.8
All I hope is 2015 is better than 2014. Not that it could get any worse. #7
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