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Seems a lot better especially the 3D now able to be viewed at an angle without any compromises. Sucks it want be available in the US in 2014. #1
Well you're developing a pinball game it's not like you're pushing the consoles technically like AAA developers do. #2
I think some of the advantages you speak of are just in your head. The rumble triggers are the only difference. #1
Still N4G shouldn't be flooded with 10 articles about what IGN is playing. Make one article about throwback Thursday. #1.1.2
Yea honesty getting tired of seeing IGN plays articles over and over and over. Who cares what IGN plays. #1.1
No I don't just play a game for the frame rate. I do however enjoy games especially FPS games significantly better if they run at 60fps.

Destiny overall didn't feel like all it's made out to be IMO. It's fun to explore places and looks pretty good but it still feels pretty bland and repetitive.

The enemies respawn after killed in same spot every time. Why can't they just randomly roam around? That'd be much better. Also the beacon miss... #1.1.1
Although Destiny is something new and different I'm gonna have to give it to Halo: MCC. The reason is the package is much bigger with 4 full games, all multiplayer maps, and new content like the gungoose. The game also runs at 60fps twice as smooth as Destiny which is a huge plus IMO.

Now on to multiplayer. Halo: MCC will run circles around Destiny. I thought Destiny multiplayer was dull and pretty boring and not to mention it only runs at 30fps while Halo: MCC runs at 60... #2
After playing Metro Redux at a solid 60fps I don't know if I can enjoy Destiny or not. Just being honest and while Destiny will be an amazing game no doubt it being 30fps makes the decision to get it or not very hard for me. Also the PVP multiplayer is very dull and slow. #1
"PS4 More Powerful Than Xbox One, But Microsoft Always Improving -- Metro Dev"

"But Microsoft Always Improving"

Sony is also always improving so your point? #4
Naughty Dog is much more talented than Crystal Dynamics. I'll put my trust in ND especially with their track record of making amazing games. They push graphics and technology to a new standard. Also they do a very good job with story and gameplay. Technically speaking their games are amazing in every aspect. #1
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Yea I hope certification for PS4 goes much after this time. #1.1
"Working On The Xbox One Has No Challenges Out of the Ordinary, eSRAM Posed No Issues - Dev"

Maybe for you but other games speak for themselves. #2
Don't worry it got me the first time also. Lol #1.1.3
Exactly. The account is fake and usually post funny things. #1.1.1
I can understand from a business point but as far as consumers this has to work near perfect unless it's an option aside from the console.

Some key points of cloud gaming over local is ability to upgrade hardware on the fly so there is no waiting for next gen and also being able fix hardware issues behind the scenes saving you from having to ship back your console to Sony to fix. Big problems are latency and internet infrastructures.

It's great to hav... #4
Not gaming related but I love this one best. Tried to find it on youtube but couldn't. #1
I remember them saying they hit 1080p right off the bat with PS4 and how excited they was about the performance. #2
Dang 6 years later and we're still going on with this game? Yes it's a much prettier same game. #2
You Xbox fanboys are all over this article I see. Lol #15.1
Heres some entertainment for everyone. Enjoy and try not to laugh to hard. #14.1
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