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Great. More ways out of getting shot. It's already hard enough to kill the grasshoppers as it is. On the other hand the Sydney-based Perplex map looks great. #1
Looks amazing. Will it be avaliable in the U.S.? Just curious. #1.3
That's good to know. I really don't care for IE at all. #1.1.1
Anyone know if Project Spartan coming to Xbox One also? #1

"On the other hand, don't worry. I played the Xbox One version today, and it looks fantastic."

That's good to know. How was the performance? #1.1.3
Sometimes I wish Microsoft would just revise the hardware with Xbox One slim and make it more powerful. Early adopters would be pretty angry though. #1
Yea true. It was slow and I just didn't like anything about it. Spotify looks much better and runs much smoother. #1.1
Doesn't look that great. As far as performance goes it's a mess. While PS4 has framerate issues the Xbox One version framerate is even worse and has screen tearing all over the place. At least Gearbox is said to be tackling the performance issues which is good news. #1
Halo 5 beta run amazing. It was very fun and run very smooth. I love the way the gameplay felt. It evolved and feels great IMO. So yea I have faith in them and I'm not worried the least bit. #25.1
Man the latest audio log is crazy. The trailer was also amazing. Love the way this is turning out. Also Oct 27th! Can't wait. #1
Like they would ever release a video of people saying bad things about their games. Still I'm sure Bloodborne is a masterpiece. #1
That's awesome. Now we need a few off road tracks for the buggies. #3
Except triple the price of Sling TV. They have much more content, cloud DVR, and a sleeker interface but they really need to make it more affordable for it to take off. #4.1
Yea I would like to know if they're a lot of people having problems or just a few. Even if it is just a few people it's wrong to charge them. #1.1.1
What a bunch of crap. Sony needs to hire a new software team because these updates are getting worse all the time. #1
Yes it's free until the launch of the movie. After that it's only $10 which is what Storm Islnad should've also been IMO. #2.1.1
Not that's not good for business at all. Xbox One has a bad reputation and that want change until they launch a new console. It's like that bad reputation is attached to the console itself. #2.1
Glad Jaffe spoke up. Mitch Dyer and especially Ryan McCaffrey gets on my nerves. #1
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That's sooner than I thought it would be. Hope it's true. #1
I think you some of you think DX12 will fix everything. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it will help far as performance goes but it's not going to fix patch sizes and stuff like that. #9.1
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