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"Konami Will Be Making New Metal Gear Games After The Phantom Pain"

R.I.P. MGS 1998 - 2015 #1.2
I understand this is an opinion peice but where did the rumors Microsoft is still looking for a buyer come from? #1.3
"Metal Gear Solid Will Continue, Says Konami, Hiring Developers For Next Game In Franchise"

Well you can keep it. You can't replace Kojima and expect the game he practically created to continue. Just let it go.

R.I.P. MGS 1998 - 2015 #2
"Dedicated Only: No P2P Servers in Halo 5: Guardians"

This is great news. Screw that P2P crap. Thank you Microsoft and Bungie! #4

"Where, when is this site you speak of good man?"

I don't know honestly. The site owners are working on a new version of the site that want use the bubble system. Could be a soon or months away. #5.2.2

"He earned them.. Stop trolling and you will earn some as well."

I agree. Sometimes people up vote themselves with multiple accounts though. Not saying he does just in general. Also some people love to vote people down for the hell of it. I kinda hate the bubble system to an extent. Good thing they're workkng on a new site without the bubble system.

On topic: I never thought I'd see an article on top of N4G discus... #5.2
I think the flat cigarettes look even better. /s #4
I hope wherever he goes he gets the support he deserves. Screw Konami.

Edit: Anyone know what happen to Silent Hill now? #2
I remember them saying they didn't think they would even be ready to show the game at E3 2015 so I don't know if reaeasing the game this holiday is even possible. #1
“The main difference between Halo and Call of Duty is that in Halo, when you’re shot, you have the ability to turn around and fight back”

One more reason I like Halo far more than I'll ever like CoD. I also love the dedicated servers. The Halo 5 beta was great and run smooth. The only thing I thing they should take out is the ground pound or whatever it's called.

"One thing we learned from the beta is that some areas have too many entry points,”... #2.1
Sadly I knew this day was coming. Hopefully with the studio being restructured things will get better. #1

The funny thing is he's got 9 agrees as of me typing this and shows no proof. That shows you how people click those buttons for the hell of it.

On topic: I think it would be great to have Alan Wake remastered to hold everyone over until Quantum Break comes out. #6.2.3
So would this be an addin peripheral or come standard? I'd hope it would come standard so everyone would have one. That would really push VR onto the heads of millions. #2
Who wouldn't want that. Question is how far off is Quantum Break if they're asking if we'd like an Alan Wake remaster? #2
It got a 4.6/5 since they didn't include the rating on here. #1

"edit: Yes, and you know how that will end. We really don't need the console wars bringing into every thread ... do we?"

Well I was just curious about which performed better. You have a point though. It's sad you can't ask a question about which performs better without sparking a console war. #1.2.2
I'd just like to know how they compare if that's ok with you? #1.2.1
Yea they've had it since launch I believe. #1.1.1
How long does it take on Xbox One? Just curious in comparison. #1
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They're going by how good the developers are and the previous ICO games they created would be my guess. #1.1
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