Lvl Up or Die
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I'll believe it when I see it. At this point I don't believe any rumors about NX.

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"What Advantage Does 1.8 Teraflops Have For In-Game Scenarios?"

Likely a big advantage. It's not just 1.8TF but it will also have an additional 4GB of memory that is also much faster. The CPU will also be a step up from jaguar.

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"PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Looks Pristine at Tokyo Game Show"

Prestine? That was the most bland and lifeless race I think I've ever watched. The framerate is chugging along and the gameplay looks sterile as ever.

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"What do you expect them to say?"

Nothing. Let the games do the talking.

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"Maybe the Pro will have the capture at 60fps feature though."

Sony already said it's only 1080p/30 for "games that support it" which again sounds weird.

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I find it odd we still can't capture 60fps videos. It looks horrible when you capture gameplay of a 60fps game and it only records at 30fps.

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You went to Scorpio? Being it isn't even out yet that's quite funny.

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"As always its going to come down to software."

Also price and brand loyalty will play a pretty big factor. Xbox just isn't as popular as PlayStation across the world.

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Agreed. I get the Onimusha vibe also. I just wish they had and easy mode for us amateurs like myself. I die so much I can't even begin to enjoy the game.

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When is the demo out in the U.S.? I need this now!

Edit: You know it's bad when you get disagrees for wanting to play a demo.

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"I had a similar feeling when I watched the gameplay reveal of Wild by Michel Ancel."

"It's a great feeling isn't it?"

"Back to Horizon, the village is definitely more populated than I had initially though it would be. And I love me a dialogue wheel."

I like how Aloy walks out in the open areas and you see trees swaying, grass blowing, watchers grazing, and birds fly...

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This is like the world I've always dreamed of playing a game in. I love how it's so alive. Can't wait.

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Wouldn't mind to wonder the forest with her.

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"Or maybe they wouldnt care that much. Graphics are more likely to blow minds that framerates IMO"

Take CoD and drop it to 30fps and tell me people wouldn't care that much or notice. We need 60fps more than 4K/30fps I can tell you that.

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Why do people keep doing this crap? It's not dedicated hardware where Developers are specifically coding it the metal so it's not the same.

Take Uncharted 4 for example. That game looks impossibly good to be running on 1.8TF. That's what dedicated hardware and developers leveraging that specific hardware will get you.

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I think it's a great update. Spotify being built into the quick menu was quite a surprise feature that wasn't fully implemented in the beta. I think they did a great job with that. Glad everyone gets to enjoy the update now.

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Link to where they say that? I haven't heard anything about it.

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I'm just talking about recording 60fps video directly on PS4 via share button instead of being stuck with 30fps which sucks.

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$450 for the slim and limited to GameStop and EB Games? Yea they can keep it.

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Never played a Kingdom Hearts game but this looks really good.

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