Lvl Up or Die
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I can tell it looks cheap yes.

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A work of art controller shouldn't be wired. Also they actually look like cheap plastic IMO.

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The graph doesn't look like much higher towards PS4 to me. It looks slightly higher.

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Yea @$75 I don't need it. They used to be $65 and that was bad enough. Good looking controllers though.

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The controllers look nice but @ $75 they can keep them.

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"Why wouldnt it be in game when there are no limits when its coming to pc?"

They're cgi models and they're limits to everything. Also not everyone has a supercomputer sitting in their living room.

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Lol @ people who disagree. Because we'd all love hordes of people outside our residence in the middle of the night.

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@4:00 the difference is staggering.

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She looks awesome. When is she coming to the console version of Overwatch?

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"Warner Bros. Failed to Adequately Disclose It Paid Online Influencers to Post Gameplay Videos"

Failed to disclose you paid for positive reviews? You should've never did it in the first place!

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They keep making this kind of money on mobile who's to say the want abandon console gaming?

Honestly I wish they'd just put their games in Playstation and Xbox because I haven't cared for their past few consoles at all. They would make a lot more money selling their games on PS4 alone than they would with their own console. Unless they hit it out of the park with the NX. I doubt they will though.

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"Evolve Playerbase Jumps 26,000% Since F2P"

It's free what did you expect?

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This whole PC argument thing is really getting old. Some of us like consoles regardless of the matter. I can buy a Scorpio go home plug it in and play knowing everything just works.

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Yea I guess I could agree. I'm just impatient and want to know the official specs.

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Saying Xbox and PC gamers could be forced to buy a PS4 to play their game "a masterpiece" as they call it is just something you shouldn't say as a developer.

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If you're going to keep mentioning Neo just reveal it already.

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I'll take 1080p/60 "with improved graphics" > 4K/30

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"After Uncharted 4, I don't understand why people still doubt the PS4's capabilities."

Maybe because Naughty Dog are in a league of their own?

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