Lvl Up or Die
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You're always first to comment but you make such short post. Trying make longer more complete post. Lol

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Looks amazing. Can't wait to march so we can finally have some better next gen games to play.

Off topic: What happened to Driveclub? I've not heard anything in a long time. I think it's time they give a freaking release date!

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Looks like someone used to much miracle grow on the garden!

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Driveclub will look great for everyone. Pcars will only look as good as these screenshots for the ones who have the hardware to push it. Driveclub looks more interesting to me.

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What can't they just charge a single price for the game? I hate "free to play" which really means "keep paying to enjoy the whole game"

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I was playing CoD: Ghost and a dog was killing everyone! It had to be a hallucination! No way there's a dog in the battlefield.

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"Only Xbox Owners Qualify"

What a shame for us Playstation fans to be missing out on this. Lol

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You complain about N4G and yet you're still here commenting.

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Thankful for this. If I don't die from food I die from sanity! I'm starting to think I just suck at this game. It's fun though for sure.

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Well to be honest Driveclub is more my type of game and looks better. I'm not into arcade and simulation is ok. Driveclub seems to blend those together for a fun looking game.

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Forza 5 ring a bell?

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I agree at least Driveclub looks amazing and looks fun IMO.

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Dualshock 3? NOOOO!! I want Dualshock 4 support.

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I'd say yes without a doubt. Playstation Plus, Playstation Now, and PS4 all combined are one amazing platform.

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Far in the future yes as of now no Sony is just future proofing their gaming business.

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Kaz wants us to WOW. I'm all in:)

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If you get free what you have now Sony would never make enough money to keep the service running don't you think? Maybe a discount or something would be good.

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"Has everyone forgotten how laggy Onlive was? Streaming is great if you have a super fast connection, not so much on broad band."

Playstation Now is optional it's not like Onlive where streaming is the only way to play games. So the ones with good internet can enjoy it and the ones who don't can play disc games or download.

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"I don't think console gamers are ready for a all digital gaming experience"

That's why Playstation Now is an option. We have a disc drive, Playstation Plus, and soon we'll have Playstation Now. We have the best of everything.

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Yea it's like $2,000 if I'm correct? Way to much IMO.

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