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I want MGS: GZ for PS+. Maybe one day. Lol

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Stupid question. Why is there a limit? Because no one would need to buy a game if they could play them all for free.

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There's a downside to everything.

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I somewhat disagree.

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Honestly idk. I deleted it before I got the refund.

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Just call PlayStation Support and explain how the game is broken and you would like a refund.

They put it back on your PSN. The funny thing is I never received a confirmation of the refund I just happened to see $50 on my PSN account one day. I definitely think they could handle it better.

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"Its sad, but you are not entitled to a good game."

A bad game and a broken game are two different things. I got the game digital and got a refund so I'm not going to complain.

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He's not a fanboy guys remember that after reading the comments in the link below.

On topic: Both Dualshock 4 and Xbox One are great controllers. The only fault with the Dualshock 4 are the sticks wear down relatively quick and the battery life isn't great. Nothing is perfect though.

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I miss these days.

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Yea let's hope the gameplay holds up.

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According to the article Sony shouldn't put a limit on Share Play. Then why would anyone be tempted to even buy the game? You have to have limits somewhere.

You can practically demo any game using a friends game. That eliminates the need for demos which are rare now days.

I think Share Play is an amazing feature. People seriously needed to stop complaining so much and be glad we even have a feature like this.

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They're using cascaded voxel cone-ray tracing. They're tech is supposedly more subtle and effective than a Pixar style CGI movie.

Where they use one bounce of light The Tomorrow Children uses 3. By the looks of it I'd say it's the best lighting I've ever see. This game looks amazing and really fun to play.

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I'm going to have to go with 5. Lol

Seriously though those big tiles ruin the backgrounds.

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This game is so unique and the graphics are unbelivable. Screw Minecraft give me this game!

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This is so awesome! Sony did a great job giving us a feature like this. Hope it works well. Either way it site is great to have.

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"None of you have played the game and came here like this is some crap 900p exclusive game."

What if Halo was 900p or Uncharted? Would that make them a bad game? No. Why don't we get over this resolution thing already.

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Yea I edited it. I feel I shouldn't have been so harsh when I said I bet half of them done sold it.

And what do you mean nice try editing my comment? That's what the edit button is for isn't it? Lol

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Nothing is wrong and I'm not trolling I just don't like this game or the way they handled it at all.

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The game was horrible. A year delay still no weather, no replays, and no photo mode. On top of that no PlayStation Plus edition and servers issues.

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Better late than never I guess. Taking time and getting it done right is a good thing as long as it don't take to long.

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