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All you do is hate on PlayStation fans. Before calling others fanboys maybe you should take a look at your own comments.

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I don't know what the percentages are now but as of 2013 it was the 4th most profitable division.

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I still don't see it happening. If it does I hope it gets in the right hands.

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"Industry's Goal in 2015 Should Be Performance, Not Graphics"

I'd like both to be a focus.

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I'm a fanboy because I like Driveclub and consoles? Why does it bother you I choose Driveclub as the better looking game? I don't just care about eye candy either or I wouldn't be talking about the controls and handling.

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"DriveClub looks NOTHING like it's own photo-mode."

Well here's actual gameplay. Doesn't get anymore real than that.

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Driveclub plays just fine. The controls are also very responsive for being 30fps.

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I agree. Driveclub just looks so realistic and the atmosphere is amazing. The lighting and weather effects are the best I've ever seen by a mile. The only thing I hope Evolution adds is fog and morning mist.

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That's where ND needs to listen to the community. All I ask for is Uncharted 2 type multiplayer with maybe a few surprises.

I don't want perks, boosters, weapon mods, load outs or any of that CoD crap. It should be fun and fair between players. It's much more balanced and enjoyable that way.

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"What Would You Like To See In Uncharted 4's Multiplayer?"

A beta for us to help shape the multiplayer.

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Still shows up on my PS4 so I'd assume you can get it just fine.

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If Evolution makes Motorstorm for PS4 I bet it will match their CGI trailer back in 2005. I can't even imagine go amazing it would look.

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As much as I love the Playstation Anniversary theme I ended up changing to this one. This theme just looks amazing.

Sony also has this theme listed as static and It's actually dynamic.

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If only all Developers thought this way.

"Having that said – we treat all three platforms with same degree of importance. All versions of the game are developed in-house and we make sure each platform is pushed to its limits. We want our players to have a great experience no matter what platform they prefer,” he added.

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Good. All those games are is f2p with non stop microtransactions. I hope gaming gets back to its roots and consoles continue doing great.

There nothing like sitting on the couch holding a controller in your hand playing on the big screen. Also the quality of console games like Uncharted: A thief's End, Halo 5, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, etc. are breathtaking.

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Weather makes things more immersive. I guess the way you think is make it bland as ever with no beatific scenery, weather, day/night cycle, or anything other than the car and handling features.

I like the immersion myself and the cars handle great imo. Also forget upgrading supercars. Those cars we're built to perform from the ground up.

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People have to understand Sony has to keep the servers up and running and pay licensing for those games etc. I don't think its a bad deal. I wish it was $15 a month and $30 for 3 months. That or at least a deal for PS+ subscribers.

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I wish they would've put a mic built into the controller so ones without Kinect could use the Cortana.

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"XO is not weaker than the Ps4.It has just more complex structure than PS4."

Wrong. PS4's GPU is more powerful. DX12 isn't going to change the physical hardware and no matter what Microsoft does with the CPU inside Xbox One it will never make up for the weaker GPU.

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I'd have to give the edge to gameplay. I have to enjoy what I'm playing while I could overlook a not so good story.

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