Lvl Up or Die
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I see comments complaining about "only 55 cars" a lot. That's because they aren't putting hundreds of crap cars in the game. Driveclub is about driving the best and most exotic cars in the world. So those 55 cars are just fine with me.

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There's going to be a gameplay video Friday. The game sounds amazing though from what all the preview says.

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An open world horror game without zombies? I must be dreaming. This could be a great game! Sucks no E3 reveal though.

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It's starting to seem most games are doing horrible lately other than Mario Kart 8 of coarse.

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I think Games With Gold will be better this way. They should be able to get better and more popular games now.

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What are you talking about? /s

Naughty Dog is one of the best game studios in the world if not the best. They're not going anywhere.

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"it won't be long before they do have the power to out perform a PS4 or XB1"

Here we are in 2014 and I've still yet to see any mobile game come even remotely close to a game like The Last of Us.

The App Store is and full of casual money grabbing games. A developer want put a $60 AAA console quality game on the App Store regardless of how powerful the hardware is. They would simply fail no matter how powerful the hard...

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Quit wasting your one bubble just to say anything! Make a good argument and communicate better. Possibly actually finish a sentence and maybe you could get a few extra bubbles. Just some advice.

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It's not only the graphics that's the problem of mobile/tablet gaming. It's not the same as playing a console. You're girlfriend or friends can't sit and watch you play a game on a tablet like they would on a big screen unless they're hanging over your shoulder which that's not gonna happen.

Simply put touch screen gaming sucks. Yes they're 3rd party controllers but still no dedicated controller and never will be and mostly all games were desig...

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Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, DK Country: Tropical Freeze, etc. are all great games and rated very well. I'd say yes it's the time to own one or after E3.

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Awesome news though if true. I'd play this over getting Watch Dogs.

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So says Mr. Xbox.

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In Ghost it makes no difference any unskilled noob can kill you easily. You should have to put a few more bullets and actually hold aim on your target to get a kill. Ghost is crap.

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I ask for no more instant kills. Makes people actually have to try. Improvement on lag. Better maps and less BS.

Ghost has so much stupid crap it's not even funny. Predator, Michael Myers, Aliens, Maniac. All that crap shouldn't be in a shooter like Call of Duty.

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This is obviously Drake in Uncharted PS4. Lol

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"I feel bad for any human that would pass up playing Sunset Overdrive because it isn't 1080p. That game is gorgeous."

I think he's referring to 3rd party games not exclusivs. I agree Sunset Overdrive looks great.

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It mentions new PS3 and PS4 models. I was referring to the new PS3 model.

"New PS4 and PS3 Models Revealed by Certification Request Filed by Sony"

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I'm sure this will be part of the new model along with smaller form factor and cheaper price.

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"Low-level access to the GPU really makes you understand why using DirectX is slow and why it is really just in your way."

Well there it is guys. This is coming from Naughty Dog themselves. The ones who push limits and set standards.

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Seems Crytek and Microsoft are working together a lot this gen. Surprised Microsoft hasn't bought them yet.

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