Lvl Up or Die
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That's great but I've never understood why it has to be one or the other to be good?

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"Jack Tretton has been a strong leader in our industry for many years. Good luck to him whatever he decided to do next."

Phil Spencer good words. I like him and I will miss Jack Tretton:(

Edit: Who will do Sony's E3 press conference now?

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Microsoft talked about cloud power more than anything and they seem to be showing the least of all the other big players.

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It's more less the same parts we've seen 5 times already.

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Show it. I like to see it not hear it. Then I will believe.

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I must say the map designs look amazing.

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I thought it was Minecraft developer. Damn similar names I hate them! Lol

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After all those Xbox fans saying it runs better on Xbox One. More like 1fps better at 900p with better texture filtering of coarse.

Either way this game isn't optimized even close to what it should be on next gen consoles.

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Yea just look how crazy everyone's going over Titanfall a multiplayer only FPS.

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So it’s goodbye Microsoft and thanks for nothing."

The End...

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With recent sales PS4 outselling Xbox One in Europe 5-1 PS4 55,385 (-8%) vs. XOne 11,950 (+13%) and still outselling Xbox One in the US while being in very short demand. I only expect PS4 to do even do better once stock arrives.

As far as Titanfall goes I say there is no possible way it will help Xbox One sales as much as everyone thinks it will.

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Very good list. I'd like to see an island biome more than anything. Palm trees, coconuts, and monkeys!

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That's great news. Now I'm outta here before things get crazy. Peace:)

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I like this part best.

"Usually Ships Within 99 - 99 Business Days" lol

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At least it can do 1080p though:)

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You'd think this game could easily be 1080p/60 on PS4.

It's kinda funny reading the below article from OPM then seeing Dead Nation running at 30fps. Lol

"1080p & 60fps has to be the new standard, not a luxury for PS4 games"


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That's why you don't do a price cut. You simply sell Kinect as an option and then you're able to drop the price of the Xbox One to match PS4 without losing anything.

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Holy crap that's an incredibly low review for a AAA game DLC! Lol

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Sounds good. Please not Kinect or TV crap.

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Why thank you.

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