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So you're saying they copied Uncharted cover?

Not that it really matters. Both are amazing games.

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"Rise of the Tomb Raider Graphics Comparison - PS4 vs PC vs Xbox One"

Probably the worst video game comparison I've ever seen. Congrats IGN. Job well done.

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PS3 development kits were way to expensive.

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Yea I agree.

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That's crazy.

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"Why the haven't sorted an IP ban yet is beyond me..."

There's ways around IP ban.

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Don't really like the location. On PS4 you just hold the home button and the controls are right there.

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This is unbelievable. And to think one game did this.

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Except that PC isn't dedicated hardware and developers want take advantage of the specs as they will with Scorpio.

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It looks cheap and most of the time 3rd party controllers aren't up to the quality of 1st party controllers. Call it BSC if you want.

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Also you will have to hit 40TF for mass market not just one person's super PC. Can't wait to see the day though.

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I can tell it looks cheap yes.

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A work of art controller shouldn't be wired. Also they actually look like cheap plastic IMO.

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The graph doesn't look like much higher towards PS4 to me. It looks slightly higher.

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Yea @$75 I don't need it. They used to be $65 and that was bad enough. Good looking controllers though.

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The controllers look nice but @ $75 they can keep them.

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"Why wouldnt it be in game when there are no limits when its coming to pc?"

They're cgi models and they're limits to everything. Also not everyone has a supercomputer sitting in their living room.

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Lol @ people who disagree. Because we'd all love hordes of people outside our residence in the middle of the night.

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