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“The Xbox one needs quality exclusives and a lot of them to compell a lot more people to buy it.“

They need to get rid of Phil, Greenberg, and Major Nelson and bring in some fresh minds at Xbox. Then bring the exclusives back and build 1st party studios. Until this happens I don’t see Xbox going anywhere.

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“No Naughty Dog in Microsoft's Kennel”

Games speak for themselves. That’s why PS4 is top dog. No matter how much Xbox fans on here try and defend their platform it won’t change the facts.

Xbox literally has no exclusives. Xbox One is selling half that of PS4 and soon Xbox One X will be out this holiday sitting on shelves at a whopping $500 while PS4 Pro will likely be $350. Now Phil’s signing deals instead of building 1st party studios. I see Xbox goi...

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“this is about why Xbox is for the players.”

Gamers chose PS4 over Xbox so it’s obviously not for the players. Lol

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“Meanwhile other people have fun playing games. Try it, its awesome.“

Everyone’s having fun on PS4. Lots of exclusives coming. No time for Xbox.

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“Xbox Is For The Players”

PS4 continues to pump out amazing games and exclusives. Can’t say the same for Xbox. Therefore PlayStation is for the players.

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“It’s not currently known if the footage being shown off is brand new, or if it is just a recap on what has been previously released”

Please be new footage.

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“XBox-One in Numbers: PS4 had 33% (58 in number) more great releases than XBox One”

Exactly why I chose PS4. They always have the greatest games. Xbox doesn’t have many interesting games or any real exclusives for the matter.

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“Let's be honest here, we all know the XB1X will be a lot more thought out and planned than the other midcycle console upgrade“

Let’s be honest here, we all know PlayStation is where the exclusives are so it really doesn’t matter.

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“Rumor: Next Gen Xbox Is Being "Designed", A Codename Has Been Made Too”

They make more hardware than games. Smh.

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I think it looks pretty much the same but I’m watching on my phone so I’ll hold judgement.

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Here’s 10 minutes of free roam gameplay. Doesn’t looks that good at all to me. Very bland and repetitive.

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“Unlocked 304: Xbox One X's Impressive Benchmarks - IGN”

I like the performance but being a $100 more than a PS4 Pro and without any interesting AAA 1st party exclusives I just can’t bring myself to be excited.

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“I have a feeling that is more to do with the game and the way its programmed. All CODS do this for some reason.“

Call of Duty is definitely the worse. It’s like they eat up the resources reserved for the OS which should even be allowed.

I do have to say after using the browser on PS4 after closing it the dashboard becomes unresponsive until I restart the system. Crazy.

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Tell me about it. Forget using the Share button while playing Black Ops 3. It’s slower than molasses and the dashboard is also laggy as hell when playing some games. Their software department needs to step it up. I also hate the current PS Store layout. It’s a horrible design. The old design was much better.

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I figured Minecraft would’ve grabbed the number one spot.

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“3 Big Reasons Why the PS4 Pro will Outsell the Xbox One X“

1. $100 cheaper
2. Real exclusives
3. PlayStation brand more popular worldwide

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It’s mind boggling to me how after nearly 4 years of development that a damage model still hasn’t been properly implemented.

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When you have a Glacier White PS4 Pro bundled with Destiny 2 including digital content pass for $50 cheaper than a standard Xbox One X I’d say it will have a very hard time outselling it.

I wouldn’t doubt Sony also announces a GT Sport or CoD: WW2 bundle for $450.

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Beautiful. This should move some PS4 Pro’s.

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