Lvl Up or Die
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I wish it had a 60fps mode.

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WiiU all over again.

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I love the different levels shown in the trailer. So much variety. I'm a little iffy on the city level but I'm sure it will turn out great. So far the game looks really fun and I'm happy it's 60fps.

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No more accidental double presses sending you back to the dashboard! It's a miracle. The quick menu looks a lot better now also. More streamlined.

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Yea I'm sure the first thing everyone thinks about when getting a new console. "I can't wait to play it on a bus or plane!"

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"Reggie on Switch Paid Online Service: The Amount of Servers We Need Is Not A Small Investment"

Maybe if you got with the times 10 years ago Reggie!

You don't even have that many popular online games like PS4 and Xbox. You have basically no big 3rd party games coming that's popular online either. Destiny, Call of Duty, Overwatch? And you have the audacity to charge for online services.

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"I am not as Doom and gloom as the @The_Infected is, I want to see Nintendo succeed. I also want to support it."

You think I don't want them to succeed? I love their 1st party games. They're one of a kind and some of the best out there. What I can't stand is what Nintendo have become.

They think they need gimmicks to sell consoles and a portable tablet design for the casual market. They don't kno...

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I'm just telling it the way I see it. If you don't agree that's fine but there's no need to stoop to the level you did and be disrespectful.

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Switch Producer: Platform A Success When People Playing “At Various Places & With Different Styles”

I think multiple aspecs such as brand recondition, price, hardware, and software make a platform success.

Look how successful PS4 is and it does neither of what Nintendo claim to make a platform success.

This is just Nintendo being Nintendo as usual.

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"I feel Nintendo fans will quicker pick up the newest nintendo console than xbox fans will pick up a luxury upgrade that doesn't have any exclusive games."

But Nintendo Switch will be significantly weaker than Scorpio and doesn't have full 3rd party support either. It's going to be interesting seeing which does better.

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Honestly I think Scorpio will do better than Nintendo Switch. Scorpio is aimed at a wider audience and will have full 3rd party support while Nintendo Switch is aimed mostly at Nintendo fans and the casual crowd.

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Sony must be trolling us. There's no way they can be serious.

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"Have you heard about all the issues and underwhelming performance of the PS4 Pro? Looks like game devs have, too, and Sony is not pleased."

It's a mid generation upgrade what do you expect? The performance is fine and the price is right. You will see a massive increase in performance once PS5 comes.

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"New Xbox One S Ad Boasts Xbox Live as the Network that Won’t Let You Down

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I grew up with Nintendo like many others and the consoles they made were great and didn't rely on gimmicks. Now they make weak consoles that are a generation behind competition and rely on gimmicks to sell them.

I really want to play Zelda: BOTW and Super Mario Odyssey but I'm probably not going to get the Nintendo Switch because I don't want a tablet or any gimmicks. I just want a console that isn't a generation behind competition. Then I'd have a reaso...

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"Microsoft must fix the issue of exclusives before Project Scorpio's arrival"

You can't just snap your fingers and exclusives appear. They take years to make. Hopefully they have some big exclusives they been holding back. If not they're in trouble.

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"Yea! MS should just reveal their entire hand in the middle of January on a YouTube video. Months before E3. Real smart."

Sony announced PS4 on February 20th 2013 at a special event and look where they are today.

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"Nintendo Got A Lot Of Things Wrong With The Switch- But This One Thing Could Kill Their Chances"

There I fixed that title for you.

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