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Exactly. Putting stupid articles like this out is the problem. You don’t need 16 reason to buy any console period.

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“16 reasons why now is the perfect time to buy an Xbox One”

When you need 16 reasons to buy a Xbox One you know there’s a problem. Lol

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How many of us even pay attention who we play with? We get on, we join a match, and we play games together. I’ve never had trouble finding anyone to play with.

Cross-play is going to make console gaming unbalanced. Mark my words when you get your a** handed to you by mouse players in PC.

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“Former Naughty Dog Employee Says He Was Sexually Harassed”

“Sony offered him $20,000 after being fired and to keep quite about the situation”

This industry is screwed.

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The dash cam in Driveclub was my favorite view also.

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“Come on man!”

I also played it myself. The visuals look amazing. Accept it and move on.


“The replays ared not the same, which is why they run at half the frame rate.”

There’s a toggle for 60fps replays.

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I went Digital this generation. I’m just too damn lazy to switch a disk or cartridge in Nintendo’s case. Lol

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“Which Will Win The Holidays: PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?”

Nintendo Switch.

With Super Mario Odyssey releasing they will fly off shelves.

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“How come the replays look so much better?”

They do look better than Forza 7. Glad you noticed.

Btw, the replays are identical if not the same as gameplay. It was proven of NeoGaf with pictures.

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“Crazy Justice For Switch Features Cross-Platform Play And Here’s A Video”

I could care less who I play with. This cross-platform crap is overrated. Also wouldn’t it be a tad unfair to go against someone using a mouse?

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“How is that? By answering a question asked in an interview?”

Maybe he should say no comment or do something besides staying on twitter and answering questions 24/7.

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“What's that, not answer anything and not get back to developers asking for it?”

They’re outselling Xbox almost 3:1 and we have games to play including real exclusives with more on the way. So they’re doing something right.

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“Totally agree, if it were up to nintendo the graphics would still be in the gamecube era in 2017.”

Yet Zelda: BoTW and Super Mario Odyssey will be two of the best and most highly regarded games this generation.

It’s good to have Nintendo and Sony. You get two different experiences both of which are great.

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“Xbox Boss Wants Sony to Clarify PS4 & Xbox One Cross Play”

He talks more about playing games with PS4 fans than anything. Nothing interesting over at Xbox to talk about Phil?

On a side note, I hope Sony NEVER gives into this crap. If Xbox was leading this generation crossplay wouldn’t even be mentioned. You’re desperate Phil.

You blew it this generation. Deal with it.

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Xbox is literally getting crushed by PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4 Monthly Sales: 740,648
Xbox One Monthly Sales: 282,239
Switch Monthly Sales: 692,183

And they give Phil a promotion for this? They should’ve shown him the door!

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Great to hear. The more support for Nintendo Switch the better.

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The lighting engine in GT Sport is unreal.

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Sony needs to put their foot down on PS4 PRO support.

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I just want The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds successor on Switch.

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“the more money they threw at scalebound.. the worse the game became... think about it...”

Yet you have no proof. Just a conspiracy.

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