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I like the way everything is going. The universal apps area great and makes things much easier. Also the Hololens demo today was crazy. I'd love to use that for my TV like in the demo. Some crazy things are going to happen at E3 I'm sure. Can't wait to see more. #1
I'd really like a new dashboard that's much faster and lots more user freindly. #2.1

"Maybe just google something before you cry."

I own a console and dedicated servers are for PC Ranked matches only. #1.1.2
"Black Ops 3 – No More Panic Knifing, New ADS Mechanics, New Scorestreaks, & More"

Great news. To bad you still want give us dedicated servers. #1
Can you provide a link? Id like to see this myself. I'm so happy they're using dedicated servers. #3.2.1
These are hideous. I was thinking something more like the Apple Watch was coming. Oh well. #1.3
I agree. These p2p servers for FPS games shouldn't even exist anymore. There's always someone jumping all over the place lagging. The game lagged many times where I fell through the map. I could literally just walk around under the map for a little bit. #4.1
"BlackOps3 PC will use 100% dedicated servers for all ranked matches. (Same as previous BlackOps PC titles.) This is how we do it."

So screw console owners right? Do we still get p2p servers? If so you can keep the game I'll go play Halo 5. #1
I thought another studio was porting the game to last gen consoles?

"UPDATE 3: Black Ops 3 is a Current-Gen Exclusive Title" #1
The beta run great. The dedicated servers made things much better. I think I'm done with CoD and I'll turn to Halo for my FPS. Screw the p2p server crap. #2.1
"I'd like to know the reason why its cancelled."

Konami is the reason. Silent Hills want be good without Kojima. They've screwed everything up! #1.1.1
"Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be the first Call of Duty game in series history to get a demo"

Wrong. Call of Duty: World at War had a beta. #1
Hopefully it's a Halo 5 limited Edition Xbox One slim. #1

"You know what you will get and it always runs smoothly at launch"

Yea those p2p servers are amazing! How about they give us dedicated servers? That would be the single biggest improvement they could make.

Dedicated servers would really make the game much better and more fair for everyone. No host advantage and if someone lags "which they always do" want bring everyone else's connection down. #8.3.2
Edit: So much for no exo suits! I hope they controller the jumping and not let it get out of control. #1.1
No matter how much I try I just can't like this game. I really wish they would've made a proper Fable game. I don't care for a multiplayer only Fable. #2
No exo suits is great news. I don't like exo suits at all. Now I'm getting much more excited for the reveal Sunday. #4
Seeing a mech in the background. That's awesome. Also no exo suits in the screenshot! Great news for me as I can't stand them. Can't wait for the reveal Sunday. Hopefully the beta starts sooner rather than later. #1
It's on the Xbox channel now. #1.3
Well Gamespot said it doesn't look as good as the trailer. The lighting is worse and some other things didn't look as good.

At 1:50 they talk about the gameplay and trailer comparison.

Good news is according to them it looks really good reagardless.

Bad thing is they were trying to find good things about the game it seemed. They seen pre-alp... #3
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