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Is Nintendo ever going to announce NX? It's really getting old playing the waiting game.

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You get a pretty box to look at all day?

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"but lacks polish on the Xbox One"

I played the demo and thought it looked amazing. If you call that lack of polish then your standards are pretty high.

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"Albert Penello: Yeah. We had to pick a number. Why did you choose six teraflops? Why did you choose 384Gb/s in memory bandwidth?"

384Gb/s memory bandwidth? That's crazy. When did this change?

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"MS dropped a big giant massive humongous bombshell with this ultra amazing AAAA ultimate driving game nothing else in this entire universe comes half as close as this ultra amazing AAAA Microsoft exclusive. Microsoft is killing it with their iltra amazing AAAA lineup keep up the top notch work Microsoft!!!!!"

Guys, should we get this guy some help? Serious question? Haha

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This thing will sell like hot cakes this holiday and especially Black Friday.

This would've been amazing.

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Stop with these senseless articles. I'm pretty sure the heads at Microsoft know more about what they can achieve then all these random websites

When Scorpio is in our hands we'll know for sure. The we can all judge.

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Seems nobody can stay off the walls.

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"Did anyone read this article?"

Yea some are complaining about linking twitter account issues, slower download speeds, lower quality "share button" video recordings, and some app issues.

Why you asking? Just curious.

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"By the way, you have to HAVE a PS4 in order to make a comparison with download speeds."

Nice try though.

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Dualshockers and Gamersyde both crash the PS4 internet browser quite often for me.

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I downloaded the same size game on both Xbox One S and PS4 recently and timed it. It actually took 3x as long to download on PS4.

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"Kojima-san explained that he’s absolutely not involved with the idea, and that he sees Metal Gear Solid as political fiction and espionage, that aren’t really related to zombies."

You hear that Konami? He's right.

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"Andrew House says it is "very tough" to envisage a PlayStation console that would feature PC-like upgradable hardware components."

You start doing this crap and you're going to lose optimization. Dedicated hardware is the way to go where developers push it to the limits. Mid generation consoles aren't that bad but upgradable hardware would be.

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"That is another off-screen video tho...."

Except it's recorded at 60fps.

Edit: If you disagree make your argument. The previous DF analysis on this same track showed the framerate was all over the place. The more cars on the screen the worse the framerate was.

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I have a feeling this may end up being a misquote. If true though that's great news. I don't really have any interest in Infinity Warfare.

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"Wouldn't it be the same on Forza if they used the same location and car?"

Idk honestly. Maybe it's just the track but everything just looks so bland and lifeless. I still think the engine sounds and tire sounds are horrible though. The handling looks way to floaty also.

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Probably the best looking game I've seen this generation. Beautiful world, amazing graphics, and great animations. Hopefully we'll get to see some night gameplay and weather effects soon. This is definitely my favorite new IP.

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I watched the same track being played by gamersyde at 60fps. That's how.

Edit: Hopefully Digital Foundry will do a updated performance analysis soon so you guys can see the framerate is far from solid. That's what I mean by chugging along.

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@ 4:15. That was great. Lol

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