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You can really tell Xbox One is 900p. The water also don't look that good. #1
That's good. I hope they lock Xbox One version at 30fps. The frame pacing is horrible. Maybe I'm just sensitive to it but I can't really enjoy the game without getting a headache. #1.1.1
Anyone know when the console patch will be out? #1
On the cover of OPM? Anyways E3 is close so we'll know soon enough i guess. #1.2.1
I'm sure there are. I think it's a little late for the update anyways don't you think. #1.1
In a few more years. I feel like this game will never release tbh. I was excited for this game but my hype has almost completely died. #1.1
Wow. That sure changed a lot. #1
I think this is obvious and we all know this but ok. #1
Pretty awesome tech. I think this is a much better approach than game streaming. This is essentially you play the game locally without an Internet connection it will look ok but if you connect to the Internet the game will look much better like high settings. All this without controller latency since it's done locally and at 1/6 the required bandwidth for game streaming. #1
I love a co-op campaign. I just hope it's better than Advanced Warfare. I hope there's far les jet pack abuse than Advanced Warfare. At least for the multiplayer anyways. #1
That's and shadows need to be improved. #2.1
I'd say by the title and the site it's just some Playstation fan who's mad it's coming to Xbox One first. #2.2
Well that's your choice I guess. I'm sure lots of people will enjoy it on Xbox One when it release regardless if its not the superior version that'll come later down the road on PS4. #1
It's a plug and play experience that's why. It's also dedicated hardware so everyone has an equal gaming experience. There's lots of reason really. #3
Yea it sold more on PS4 and performed better. It's odd how it even ended up as a timed exclusive on Xbox One anyways. I guess they want a Uncharted competitor. #1.1.1
Figured it being a full blown exclusive was wrong.

Off topic: I have this feeling Microsoft will get Titanfall 2 as a timed exclusive like the first one. #1
On asked how the new API will impact the Xbox One, he stated, “The problem there is the Xbone is hideously GPU bound and while multithreaded performance SHOULD be good, the CPU is operating at a painfully slow clock rate.”

I really hate the CPUs used in this gen consoles. #1
Who's we? You don't speak for everyone and neither do I. I will say those sequels are from great games. #10.1.2
I love FH2 but movie tie ins hardly ever work with games. #1
I just can't handle unlocked framerates. It either needs to be locked at 30fps or 60fps so it's smooth. The PS4 NPC looks pretty sparse. #2
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