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"Xbox Head Phil Spencer Frowns Upon Console War Nonsense"

Until they're winning then they become arrogant. Good guy Phil always trying to play the good guy.

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After trying Portal knights I don't think I'll ever play Minecraft again.

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Microsoft's E3 is June 11th not the 3rd.

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Looks amazing.

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I like the game but the controls just don't feel right. Feels like the game is build around M&KB and ported to the game pad without any optimization.

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There is no hope. RIP

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Me as "Hanzo" vs Genji. A fight to the death!

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Hanzo is fine, Genji on the other hand can f**k off!

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"These things have been sitting on shelves collecting dust since release."

Kind of like your comments.

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"Knack 2 could be the surprise hit of the second half of 2017"

I really hope so. The first game had a lot of potential but fell short. Seems they've fixed things in Knack 2 and made the game much more appealing. Can't wait to see more gameplay at E3!

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Well there we have it. The FPS counter would've been cool but most gamers wouldn't even know what it means.

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"Can you ask him if he needs my bank info again? I sent it but he never said if he got it or not?"

I give him my account and he was nice enough to draw the money out and put it into his account. He said it's much safer there. Very nice guy he is.

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I think we all work for Microsoft at this point.

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"My friend works at Microsoft/Xbox"

Never heard this one before. /s

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"So what you're saying as that Red Dead should be the only western game"

No. Far Cry hasn't been good since Far Cry 4 and I don't really have faith in a western setting either.

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Metroid Prime for Switch? Please be true! I loved Metroid Prime on GameCube.

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"Rumor: Is Ubisoft Working on a Western Style Far Cry?"

We done have Read Dead Redemption 2 coming and Sucker Punch is also rumored to be working on a western open world game. I don't know where Far Cry in a western setting would fit in.

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"Spoken like a single console owner"

I don't hate Scorpio I actually like the sounds it. I just don't like the fact they no exclusives or games that I'm interested in.

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"I will own a PS4 Pro, Switch and a Scorpio...because I have no time for weak-ass bullshit. "

Want a cookie?

"Real Gamers Game all Games"

So now we're fake gamers if we game on anything less than all consoles? Keep telling yourself that.

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"Scorpio is in. Currently it's poised to be the most powerful system ever made, its other systems that are in trouble"

That's the problem with Xbox fans. You guys think power alone will change everything. Powerful hardware is great but you need software first and foremost.

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