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Still salty neither console chose your overpriced hardware? Lol #1.3
People could be more civil about the problems. This was way to far. I quit playing the MP because the constant lag and the Ping is all over the place all the time dropping to one bar most of the time. Either they use true dedicated servers or I'll never place it again online #1.5
It means we dodged the question. Another words we don't have fully dedicated servers so we try to spin the answer to make it look as if we do. #2.2.1
I'd rather have dedicated servers. #2
Didn't Phil say don't expect a big jump with Dx12 on Xbox One though? #1.2
That's pretty obvious being limited. #1
"When Will We Get a Real Next Gen Experience?"

Uncharted: A Thief's End #2
Most of them are on Xbox at least a few I've encountered myself. I've not had any issues on PS4. I own both versions. Yes dumb idea buying 2 copies but oh well. #3.1

"Can't wait for the Halo MCC comparison too..."

I can't wait for those Uncharted 4 comparisons either. #12.2
Just curious which one I'd like better between the two far as controller, performance etc. Which I made my decision pretty quick. #2.4.2
I got both versions "dumb decision" but I'd give it to PS4 it just looks better especially without the horrible crushed blacks on the Xbox One version. That alone makes a big difference. Also the higher res MP looks better on PS4. #2.4
Why can't they fix the crushed black on Xb1 games? What's causing this to happen? #1
Lol Destiny don't hold a candle to Advanced Warfare. This CoD is actually very good. #4.2
They'll be 10 after tomorrow I bet. Gets old hearing the same crap over and over. #2.1
I thought it was pretty good except for the very repetitive combat. #3.1
Yea AC: Unity looked amazing up until leaked gameplay footage which looks maybe as a little better that Black Flag. It's just sad how it went from beautiful to meh at best. #1.1.1
No parity don't mean anything if your game never looks like what you show! #1
Got mine. Very nice of them. Never beat the game so I'll definitely give play it through. #1
I'd just rather had a new LFD game from them. #1.2.1
Well that's good to hear. I hope its that way for the majority of people. I haven't tried it myself. #1.1.1
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