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“Sony can’t compete with the Xbox One X“

Headline doesn’t reflect the article. Nice attempt though.

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“lol with PC you can have both performance and quality.
free reign!”

“Ain't no walls bih.“

And no Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us: Part 2, Death Stranding, Sucker Punch “new IP” and more.

Enjoy losing out on some of the best exclusives ever.

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“Is Having Every Console A Good Thing?”

Sure, if you have a money tree and unlimited time.

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“The Xbox One X is actually cheap for what's inside, according to Piranha Bytes, but it could get in trouble if Sony dropped PS4Pro to $350.“

PS4 Pro is already $100 cheaper than Xbox One X and has amazing exclusives on the way. If Sony drops the price to $350 its more less 2013 all over again.

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$40? That’s crazy. I wish someone other than Activision owner the CoD franchise.

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I remember this guy. Lol

"There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony."

I don’t think I believe anything he says after that nonsense.

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“Devs Like Power, Mid-Size and Indie Companies Will Utilize Xbox One X's Power, Says Albert Penello“

Developers will utilize the hardware in Xbox One X? Thanks for stating the obvious Penello.

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What’s the benefit or crossplay? I’m pretty sure most gamers have friends on the platform they play on or they go with the platform where their friends are in the first place.

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Microsoft just wants crossplay to build their user base up which Sony doesn’t need.

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“Uncharted The Lost Legacy co-writer Josh Scherr recently revealed that everything in the game is brand new, with no reused assets“

I expected nothing less from Naughty Dog. Can’t wait to play this gem.

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“Native 4k on xox and not native on ps4 pro..this is going to be the norm going forward.“
People will still likely choose PS4 Pro for $100 less. A little resolution bump isn’t going to change things going forward.

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“Devs are going to be showing their games running on the best version possible. Apart from PC that is.“

Wrong. What about Destiny 2, CoD: WW2, and Battlefront 2? Developers will most likely show their games where the marketing deals are.

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“Why do the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Exist?“

For people like myself? I have a PS4 Pro and I enjoy the better visuals, higher resolution, and more stable frame rates.

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“There will be vastly more Native 4K games then checkerboard overall if this list is anything to go buy.”

PS4 exclusives regardless of using checkerboard rendering will likely be much better any Xbox One X game running at Native 4K. Resolution while playing an important role doesn’t automatically make a game better.

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“Its a whole different world outside of here. People think for themselves and are actually rational.”

Exactly. That’s why there’s more than twice the install base on PS4. People prefer PlayStation over Xbox.

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“Aaron Greenberg“

And it begins.

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“Who won E3 2017? Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo”


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“More and more games are becoming service based games one way or another which is good.”

How anyone could ever say GaaS is a good thing is beyond me. Did Microsoft brainwash you guys? Single player games are fine.

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“Top 5 reasons to buy an Xbox One X over the PlayStation 4 Pro“

Lol 5 resasons? You just need one to buy a PS4 Pro over Xbox One X.


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“The Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer”

Tell me Phil, who ask for a $500 console with no exclusives?

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