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My goodness PS4 has sold 5,465,806 more than Xbox One. That's just incredible. #1
Pretty weak trailer honestly. Didn't expect much though being a E3 tease. The trailer is definitely CGI and not even in-engine. Her hair is to good even with tress-FX.

Was she seriously wearing shorts in that environment? That's a bit crazy.

Anyways I'm excited to see some gameplay! #3
Yea timed dlc and stuff like that kind of sucks for the other side but I guess it's just something we have to deal with. Just competition between the two and nothing more. #2.1.1
Most of the promises have been kept. Things have honestly changed so much since Phil took head of Xbox. Gears of War was acquired, Minecraft was acquired, Tomb Raider timed exclusive, Xbox Live requirements were dropped, Kinect was unbundled, more focus on games especially 1st party. Etc.

Now we patiently wait for E3 to see what's next! #2
I really hate the bumpers. I hate the feeling and the sound. I also hate the d-pad. The click is annoying and it being one solid piece drives me crazy. Everything else is ok. #1
I'm pretty sure he'd know the technical limitations and such of how it would be done using the cloud and according to him it would be very complicated. Maybe we'll see something using the cloud at E3 like Crackdown.

At least he said it would be really hard and not impossible;) #3.1
I heard it was the horse they reviewed. #3.1.1
Everyone has their opinions I guess. I laughed soon as I seen the score though. #3
Both are better now but Xbox One is providing a better framerate. The cutscenes especially towards the end of the video Xbox One does much better and yes the cutscenes are 1080p not 900p.

I still fail to see why this game is having so much trouble holding 30fps though. When you look at MGS5 which is also a huge beautiful... #2
I think the horrible Xbox One launch helped push lots of people to PS4 also. So that and the great job Andrew House has been doing it's driving PS4 through the roof. #2.1
The swamp is the worse area. I'm surprised Xbox One is running a higher average framerate than PS4.

CDPR still needs to do some more optimization. I'm glad they're working hard to improve things pretty quickly though.

https://... #1.1.1
At this point I don't think I'd believe it if I was playing it. #2

"Even potatoes knew this was a BS rumour."

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.... #8.2
You just love calling Xbox gamers fanboys don't you? You mentioned Xbox fanboys 4 times in one post! People were just excited Silent Hills could've been saved but now you're happy the rumor was fake and we all lose Silent Hills. Now no one will get to play it. #8.1.1
They're not morons and I'm pretty sure they're were more happy the game would've been saved than about it being exclusive. #7.1
So much for Silent Hills being saved. The deal in the billions and 80% of the game already completed had me thinking no way. There was always hope though:( #3
Watch Phil come on stage with wearing Silent Hill shirt. Then we will know the answer to this huge rumor. Haha #1

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but with no weather or night driving (not to mention the crowds in the stands), Forza 5 is also one of the least demanding racing games on 8th gen platforms"

You're right but I think the performance being a solid 60fps and 1080p is more important than having 3d crowds and day/night cycle. This was also a launch game on pre mature SDK. It's a very solid game especially for a launch title. #1.1.4
I'm sure Silent Hills movie and everything would be in the purchase not just the game though. I still think billions is way up there though. #17.1
With a source that has been spot on before reporting news about Microsoft releasing a Kinectless Xbox One in summer and guess what they did in June. #15.1
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