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"I can't see what all the fuss is about from my perspective, they're the same as the competition now"

It was nice having that advantage though. Now that's gone. There quality has also been shit compared to what they offered with PS3.

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I don't care if the quality goes up or not $60 a year to play online is BS! $50 was already bad enough enough.

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"That's because it's not Titanfall 1. Go play Titanfall 1 if you're sad."

You enter every Titanfall 2 article and basically tell everyone their full of crap that doesn't like the game. Most people don't like it as good as the original so accept that and move on.

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Nice. Smaller console and a cheaper price.

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Hands down the worst article I've ever read.

In fact, don't hit anything with your car in Forza Horizon 3. Australia's full of wildlife. Kangaroos hoppin' across the outback. Don't hit them either. Dingos scampering across the road. Swerve.

Crocodiles hustling back to their pond. Actually, go ahead and hit the crocs. They're an unholy affront to the animal kingdom.

Chances are they'll be unfazed and eat your ...

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After seeing how amazing Ratchet & Clank was with both visuals and gameplay I can't wait to see what Spider-Man will bring. Especially with Mike Yosh doing the animations.

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Either way it's very close. Taking into account this isn't even PS4 Slim we're talking about. PS4 Slim will still have more power under the hood in a much smaller package.

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"LOL.. What? There are multiple articles in and out of N4G that say the Xbox One S is smaller. I've included the links to two articles for you:"

I've included facts for you:

30.3 depth x 27.6 width x ~5.4 height.
30.3 x 27.6 x 5.4 = 4516 cubic cm

23.3 depth x 30.4 with x 7 height.
23.3 x 30.4 x 7 = 4958 cubic cm

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Pretty crazy that PS4 is still smaller than Xbox One S and now PS4 Slim will be even smaller.

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"Microsoft Exec On Xbox Scorpio: Not Every Game Will Run At 4K/60fps, Depends On Developers"

Here's the best explanation.

"1080p/30 games will be 4K/30 on Scorpio"

"1080p/60 games will be 4K/60 on Scorpio"

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I also think they should delay it. If they release this game and it's anything like it is now "which it will be" with only 68 days until release it want perform well.

People just aren't feeling it like the did with the original. There's not enough focus on wall running and to much focus on that stupid grapple. The map Homestead has to much dead space for pilots. Boomtown has nothing but snipers. The maps just feel really uninspiring.


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"After playing the Pre-Alpha test for around 24 hours total I can say your statement is completely false. Titanfall 2 feels a lot like Titanfall 1 just with a lot more polish"

Well me and probably 90% of the Titanfall forum disagree with you including the majority of Gaf and others I've talked to.

They all say basically the same thing that it feels nothing like Titanfall and that it's more of a disapp...

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Well to name a few the map designs are horrible. There's far to much open space in one map and there's not enough walls for wall running. It's almost as if wall running was an after thought and the grapple is where the focus went. Speaking of the clunky grapple. It's horrible. It's just flings you into everything. You end up flying into walls and all kinds of other objects.

The game in general just feels bland. The guns have nearly ZERO recoil and the Ti...

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I think it's more less because Titanfall 2 is a disappointment. Titanfall 2 is nothing like Titanfall 1 and that's where the problem lies.

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"Titanfall 2 Multiplayer is a Yawn Fest"

Tell me about it. It's nothing like Titanfall 1.

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Am I missing something?

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"What about all the PS4 folks who were going to throw a tantrum and not buy the game because of the timed exclusive?"

I recall most Sony fans saying they'll wait for the better PS4 version next year.

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Yes you are.

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Just played some of Titanfall 2. I'm just not feeling this game at all. This is coming from someone who enjoyed Titanfall 1. It just feels like a completely different game to me.

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Joy. Facebook still trying to take over the world I see.

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