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Metroid Prime for Switch? Please be true! I loved Metroid Prime on GameCube.

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"Rumor: Is Ubisoft Working on a Western Style Far Cry?"

We done have Read Dead Redemption 2 coming and Sucker Punch is also rumored to be working on a western open world game. I don't know where Far Cry in a western setting would fit in.

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"Spoken like a single console owner"

I don't hate Scorpio I actually like the sounds it. I just don't like the fact they no exclusives or games that I'm interested in.

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"I will own a PS4 Pro, Switch and a Scorpio...because I have no time for weak-ass bullshit. "

Want a cookie?

"Real Gamers Game all Games"

So now we're fake gamers if we game on anything less than all consoles? Keep telling yourself that.

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"Scorpio is in. Currently it's poised to be the most powerful system ever made, its other systems that are in trouble"

That's the problem with Xbox fans. You guys think power alone will change everything. Powerful hardware is great but you need software first and foremost.

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Forza Horizon 3 is a great game but saying it blows Horizon: Zero Dawn out of existence is just nonsense. They're both amazing games.

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"Phil Spencer Clarifies Horizon Zero Dawn, SP Games Remark"

Everything he says he's got to go back and clarify. Maybe he should just keep quite!

He had to mention Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zelda: BOTW because Microsoft literally have nothing in comparison.

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"The more companies the better the industry will thrive."

Not entirely true. There's always a chance of over saturating the market.

Honestly at this point with Phil being head of Xbox I wouldn't miss it. They don't have any interesting games or exclusives and it doesn't look that's going to change with Phil being in charge. I'll always miss the 360 era. It was one of the best.

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Overwatch pulled me away from Call of Duty. It's really fun and addicting. I like how you must work as a team to win.

I think I may give Call of Duty WW2 a chance though. Sounds like they went back to their roots finally!

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I can't stand Zarya! All she does it get in the way and blow bubbles.

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"Turns out there’s an input lag issue on the PC version of Overwatch that is affecting particular displays."

It feels like there's input lag on the console versions also. You can feel it when moving the camera back and forth.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zelda: BOTW are fine examples single player games are healthy.

Phil doesn't know what he's talking about. I don't think I'd ever buy into Xbox with this guy running the division. He's as bad as Mattrick, maybe even worse.

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Loot Boxes!

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A Nintendo fan passing on a PS4 game? Why i would've never guessed.

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"Sony E3 Media Showcase dated"

Good: Can't wait!

Bad: 40 days of no sleep:(

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Looks like a big Xbox One S. The little OLED screen is pretty awesome.

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Who says they're right?

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"Switch’s ‘Artificial Demand’ Claims Aren’t Just False, They’re Crazy"

Who would've guessed.

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I haven't heard of him either so don't feel bad.

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