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Those are really amazing sales. I really wish we could see a glimpse of GT7 or even a demo would be great. I can only imagine what it will look like on PS4. #1
Yea I would've been ok with a higher price. As long as it wasn't I big jump. #3.1.1
The game isn't coming to Xbox One far as I know so of coarse the wouldn't mention that. #1.1
"However, we ran into problems with the CPU as we have some very deep simulations running in the background which really pushed the CPU to the limit, especially when using the fast-forward feature."

I wish the consoles would've used much more powerful CPUs this generation. They seem to be one of the biggest hold backs. #3
I agree Xbox One store sucks bad. Can't wait to see the redesign though. Hopefully it's much better. I do like this redesign a lot better. #2.1.1
Yes it's quite funny Kojima is the mastermind and Konami is a big nobody anymore. Hope they know that. Haha #1.1
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"People are really jumping all over the supposed jags everywhere and I just don't see it"

I think it's pretty noticeable. It bothers me but the game plays so good I overlook it sometimes. #3.1.1
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Now you get 10Gb of online stage up from 1Gb. I also really like the new community area where you can meet people based on games, genre, and more. Also PNG screenshots. A lot of great features coming. #1
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Thanks for the answers. Sounds good. #2.2.4
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Just curious how long is the game? Also does it have any replay value at all? Thanks. #2.2
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As I posted above about the aliasing being bad. I took a screenshot finally. I just don't like their implementation of aliasing at all. #1.2
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All I know is it plays great. It just feels really solid and smooth. The handling is tighter than FM5 which I'm happy about. As I said in some previous post the aliasing is a little rough but not bad. The night and rain both look great. Can't wait until September 15th. #1
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I think I started playing at around 30% downloaded. I wish it was September 15th already. The game plays so good. #7.1
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"Glad I have a 4K TV that does that stuff on top of everything I plug on the TV."

I also have a 4K TV but it doesn't help with the aliasing you know that right? It just upscales 1080p to 4K using a spatial scaling engine. #5.1.2
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I've been playing the demo also and it's very smooth gameplay and the controls are tighter than FM5. I'm disappointed with the bad aliasing though. Hopefully it will be improved in the retail version. Haven't got to the rain yet but the night racing is great. #5.1
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Plays smooth and the handling is tighter than FM5. Loving the demo so far. The aliasing is rough though. Haven't got to the rain yet but night is pitch black outside of the track lighting and I like that. #5
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Both are great and run at a locked 60fps pretty much. Xbox One is 900p though but that doesn't bother me. Can't go wrong with either version. #1
I hate Konami so much. So glad after The Phantom Pain their dead to us gamers. Just a bunch of greedy a**holes. #1
"Big Scalebound news out of PAX reveals flyable dragon battles, 4 player co-op and more"

This is exactly what I wanted to hear about this game. This and the new Halo 5 opening Cinematic is to much to take in. #1.2
Wow. That was beyond amazing. That's the best opening I've ever seen and cuts straight to the gameplay when the Xbox logo comes up at the end. #1
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