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“You just want to feel that there is an insult there because it's Microsoft.“

You just want to give this a pass because it’s Microsoft.

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“While Uncharted 4 probably looks better overall, the fact that Horizon looks as good as it does while also being a massive open world means that it comes out far ahead on any scale grading technical impressiveness.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn graphics are better than Uncharted 4. The facial animations and realism undoubtedly goes to Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4 though.

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I agree. Don Mattrick was a better leader than Phil. At least going by how he handled Xbox 360. I can’t stand Phil, Major, or Aaron Greenberg. They’re all bad for Xbox going forward if you ask me.

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“MS mistake was to put their hands in a Canadian leader.”

Expect Phil isn’t any better. He was part of the team that embraced always online. Since that failed now he’s pushing GaaS. The only way Xbox is going to change is to clean house.

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Looking great so far. Can’t wait to see more.

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“It should be an insult to Sony and Sony should be embarassed to come up with such outlandish claims as to why they are refusing crossplay with other consoles.“

You want to hear an insult?

Microsoft requiring everyone to sign into Xbox Live on PS4 with the Minecraft better together update. So basically they can add millions upon millions of MAUs through Sony. Hell, I don’t blame Sony for not giving in.

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Seen this on NeoGaf earlier. By far the most realistic graphics I’ve ever witnessed.

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You're unstable. Maybe you need a stability update.

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Microsoft needs to drop the damn requirement to sign into Xbox Live on PlayStation! That’s what’s holding everything back and I can’t blame Sony for not giving in. I would really love the update to happen though.

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I’d say with all the stability updates we get PS4 could survive an earthquake! Lol

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Speaking of 5.0, when will the beta launch? It’s been two weeks since signup.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll definitly be choosing the 60fps mode.

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“Thank you Ninja Theory, my Pro investment is paying off.“

Is the game going to run at 60fps on PS4 Pro?

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“Hellblade Director: It's Us And The Players, Nothing In Between; Gives Us More Creative Freedom”

True but it’s also great to have more available resources if you had a publisher long as they give you creative freedom you should be fine. That’s just a chance you’d have to take though.

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Wouldn’t be a bad game if you didn’t need to eat 10,000 berries per minute and take hours upon hours to tame a dinosaur! The game is ok but way to time consuming.

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I understand somewhat but you do realize once the updated version of Minecraft is released the old version will be taking down leaving PlayStation entirely without Minecraft? This isn’t going to end well.

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What the hell Sony? At least let them push the Super Duper Graphics Pack update on PS4. I don’t want to spend $500 just to play the game with the update!

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“Or what?“

I might be forced to spend $500 just to play the damn thing with the update!

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“Minecraft Cross-Play Beta Now Available, Coming To Xbox One Soon“

All I can say is Sony better allow the Super Duper Graphics Pack update later this year!

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