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Great to hear. I thinks that's a great move. I love great 1st party games. #4
I agree. I love Nintendo 1st party games but with NX they need a normal controller, 3rd party support, and good graphics. Then I'd love to purchase their console. #4.1
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Give us that new dashboard already! Yes I'm excited for the new UI. #1
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Great to hear. Xbox One is gaining some momentum and hopefully this holiday things will really take off. #1
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"Black Ops 3 Innovates on the Call of Duty Formula"

I've heard this about every CoD game. Not staying it can't happen but I doubt it will. I know I don't like the way Advanced Warfare went at all. I still want to go back in the past with CoD not the future. #1
And it didn't do well and caused half the studio to get laid off. That's why I says try a new IP or make another Motorstorm. #1.2.1
"PS4 Exclusive Driveclub"

What? Driveclub is a PS4 exclusive? That's like saying Forza is a Xbox exclusive in every article. We know this already.

On topic: I still think Driveclub is a pretty good game but I hope they go back to Motorstorm or try a new IP. #1
Yea it's great people can get this so us who love controller get our a** handed to us playing FPS games. Lol #7
Yea they look very identical to me also. #1.1
I'm in preview myself I'm just wondering when we'll get the NXE update. Hope it's soon because I hate the current dashboard. #3.1
Don't blame it for being the number one most requested game. I don't think many people like Advanced Warfare or Ghost so it's pretty much a waiting game until Black Ops 3 comes out. #1
Great music. I can't wait to see the game in action. Hope this becomes a great new franchise for Xbox. #3
A week later isn't to long of a wait. This game looks much better than Advanced Warfare to me. Hated all the grasshoppers. #1

"But we buy gaming consoles for games. And believe it or not the power level of a console matters."

You're right power does matter but that's not all that matters. Features, updates, and support also matters. #2.1.5
Xbox revenue is up 27% and that's good. Don't matter how they add things up they're in the positive which is great. #1.1.1
Great to hear things are getting better for Xbox One. The changes made so far are definitely helping things. #1
"Yes, it's true, except that PS4 is a more powerful system."

Well Xbox One gets much better updates. We already have external HDD support, we can change our gamertags, dashboard screenshot support, backward compatibility and coming soon is NXE.

Theres much more to being a great console than just power you know. #2.1.1
"Treyarch Explains Why Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Isn’t PS4/XB1 Exclusive"

More money. #1.6
Here what e said:

“I think so. There’s this idea that’s been named ‘parity clause’, but there is no clause. We’ve come out and been very transparent in the last four or five months about exactly what we want. ”

Seems like it's the same thing he just don't label it as a parity clause: #8
You be surprised how hard it is to revive consumer trust after so much damage has been done to the brand. I think when Microsoft reveals their next console things will be much better. #1
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