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"That moment when your tablet has double the RAM as your X1... O_o"

The moment your remembered One is $349 and the other is $899. #5.2
Yea he said they're adding new preview members in everyday until everyone is in so hopefully soon. #1.1.1
Awesome. Guess who's still doesn't have NXOE though. Me! Hopefully soon :) #1
Can't say they didn't warn you. After all it's a completely new operating system with lots of bugs to iron out. #1
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Keywords are "we hope"

Anyhow hope I get in soon. A lot more people got the new UI tonight. #1
Just my opinion but I'd definitely choose Fallout 4 over Star Wars Battlefront. #1

"I don't think so, will most likely require kinect. Unless people request that it doesn't."

There's a huge request on the preview forums to use Cortana without Kinect so I think it will happen eventually. #1.1.3

"You now want to police state gaming communities?"

"What next... Wanting us to sign in on the console every 24 hours?"

No I'm saying they can change the community in a better way. That's not controlling IMO. They would still be letting everyone communicate about things except in a manner where stupid stuff like porn and other non gaming crap isn't everywhere. #2.1.2
Sony should've known better to just let people create communities in the first place. They should've made a community for each game and such like Miiverse and also filter out the comments and such from profanity and bad crap people post. #2
It's amazing how much better they did with the new UI. They went from the slowest UI to the fastest. On top of that it looks really good. #2
"I hate the current dashboard"

You and me both. #1.1
Looks great even though the footag was recorded with a potato. #1
Looks good. May get it just for the campaign. Treyarch usually does a good job. #1
The game sounds so good. Can't wait to see more of it. #2
Scalebound, Recore, and Quantum Break are all new IP and Spencer is not milking anything he's actually bringing new IP in. #2.1
Fist off ADS doesn't increase accuracy like CoD it's just zoom that's all. Next it doesn't have CoD controls and you don't die instantly. Last quit trolling #14.1
"Our performance analysis of the two campaign missions we've played showcases a near perfect frame-rate at the expense of image quality."

Good. That's what I like to hear gameplay first. Being solid 60fps is great news. #3
You can't deny Evolution studios really supports their game very well. I wonder what their next game will be? I bet it will look incredible whatever it is. #1
"MGS doesn’t need Kojima"

Haha ok. We'll see how that works out for you. #1
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Scalebound: Here’s How Exclusive Deal With Microsoft Was Born: “We’ve Always Really Loved the Xbox”

Well you can't get more real than that. I'm glad Scalebound is being made. It looks great from what I've seen so far. I just want to see what co-op is like flying dragons together. #1
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