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"Project Scorpio vs Xbox One S vs Xbox One: should you make the upgrade?"

I'd say if you have a 4K TV then definitely. You get 4K resolution and gameDVR will record at 4k 60fps. I'd also assume Games will get improved graphics also.

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"i have put in more than 40 hours into forza horizon 3, how about you?"

Close to 20 hours. Feel free to view my profile if you like. It's "Lvl up or die"

Horizon 3 is honestly my favorite racing game believe it or not. The Forza series is actually the only racing franchise I like. I also think FM7 will be a much better game than GTS.

I also really like the Halo franchise but Halo 5 ...

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"Zelda: Breath Of The Wild outsells Horizon Zero Dawn in US"

A very well established AAA juggernaut outsells a new IP from Guerrilla Games? Who would've guessed.

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"i guess 12gb of memory is too much for you"

Yea having exclusives or games in general is more important to me:)

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"Stardock CEO Brad Wardell"

If it's not Gamingbolt it's wccftech. This is "Brad Wardell" that one that hyped the living sh*t out of DX12. I'd take anything he said with a grain of salt.

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Can't wait for Days Gone. I kind of wish they'd drop Unreal Engine 4 and use Decima though.

Here's some rendering of their new location.


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"Who counts as a gamer?"

I'd assume someone who plays games as one of their hobbies?

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"the world clearly wants to know more about the PS4 Pro killer."

PS4 Pro Killer? Lmao.

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Xbox DX12 Cloud Powered Mega Moster Beast

Thank me later Septic :)

Seriously though, Scorpio sounds fine.

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Boots on the Ground Multiplayer

"Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer engages players grounded, fast-paced combat across many of World War II’s most iconic locations. Players will also enjoy exciting new ways to interact and socialize with their friends and the Call of Duty community."

Finally! Thank you.

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"why write up an article based on lies?"


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"Now drop season passes and stop putting weapons in supply drops and I'll be interested."

I highly doubt this will ever happen.

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"IW was awesome"

"I hope they also continue that timeline!"

Sarcasm? If not you're like the only person I've heard say that. Lol

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Gamingbolt and DX12.

Here we go. Again.

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"[email protected] Is The Easiest & Most Helpful Submission Process of All Platforms, Says Tequila Works"

Didn't Microsoft turn down Rime before Sony picked it up? Then Sony dropped Rime and now you say [email protected] is the easiest and most helpful of all platforms? Lol

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"A Deep Dive Into Why Microsoft’s Offering Is Superior"

Are the games superior? That's the question everyone should be asking.

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This can't be right?

Microsoft said Xbox Live is "The Network That Want let You Down"

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"Ghost Recon: Wildlands Sells an Estimated 1.62 Million Units First Week at Retail"

Funny it sold less (1.62 million) on a combined 85 million consoles than exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn at (1.8 million) on 56 million PS4's. Tell me exclusives don't matter.

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This looks better and they're actually in game models and playable today.


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"Xbox Scorpio Tech Analysis: Can It Deliver A “Uncompromised AAA” 4K Gaming Experience?"

Let me fix this title.

"Gamingbolt Analysis: Can It Deliver A Decent Article?"

Seriously Gamingbolt leave the tech analysis to DF.

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