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It's funny how PS4 sales are 2.57 million rounded down to 2.5 million and Xbox One sales are rounded up from 2.26 to 2.3 million. I guess it's typical coming from vgchatz. #2
Kim Dotcom helped out but he still give in to them. Give them something free and they'll be back for more and more. #1
There's one thing can be done. Catch the losers. Hire hackers to take down nerds using DDoS. #1.2
If it's IW they can keep their trash game. Ghost was the most horrible CoD I ever played. #1.1
Well of coarse SCEA took their sweet time. SCEE did their job and got it approved on time. #1.1.1
It's sad he is giving them this when they should be taking down instead. #3
First thing is why don't Twitter delete their accounts? All there out for it popularity and no one does anything about it. #1.6
If TU19 was already handed over to Sony for certification doesn't Sony control when they release it and not 4J Studios? #1
Great trailer. I love the atmosphere of this game. Good reviews or bad reviews I'm going to enjoy this game regardless. #1
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As much as I love Jack and Crash I'd still rather see ND make a new IP. There's nothing more exciting than seeing what they can come up with next. #4
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I'm not against them. I just like a mix between Indie and AAA games. Not one or the other. You can't go wrong with both. #2
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Yea these little nerds are really getting on my nerves. Why can't the FBI catch them? Is it that hard? #1.2.1
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"Framerate will always be more important than resolution."

I don't think that's the only factor in gaming. Resolution isn't the only thing holding frame rate back.

Developers may also choose to push graphics, animations, and physics harder and need the extra room. So they go with 30fps over 60fps. #1.2

That's the biggest load of sh** I've ever read on here. Completely off topic and trolling.

On topic: This is great news. Now add a good subscription to the service. #3.2

"Only Circuit Maps"

I'm so tired of this hearing this crap. Everything don't need to be open world! Especially a racing game.

Every time I go to a Driveclub article there's that one troll who always mentions how supposedly Forza Horizon 2 is a much better game. I laugh every time. #1.1.10
Driveclub is not a disappointing game. It was a disappointing launch was all. The game as of now is amazing. The weather is jaw dropping. I love the handling and sense of speed is great.

It's honesly my favorite racer. #1.1
You're right. It's 720p at 60fps. #2.1
Yes Sucker Punch used some GPU compute but I was referring to Developers such as Ubisoft with Assasins Creed: Unity in which DF used as an example that the CPU is in fact holding the consoles back. They didn't use GPU compute. #1.1.3
"I wouldn't say that AC: Unity is prove that the new consoles' CPU is what's holding them back. That game was littered with other problems."

I agree. Especially when I've not seen anyone using GPU compute yet. #1.1
I've been playing it and it's pretty fun. It's far from amazing like most would put it. I'm guessing the ones saying that are just Halo fans so I can understand. It's a beta but as of now the aliasing is horrible and the resolution just makes it worse. The sword charge is ridiculous and sprinting makes it feel to much like CoD IMO. Then again maybe it's just not for me. #3
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