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"Microsoft’ And Their Exclusives: Why I’m Moving to ‘PlayStation"

Wise choice. Welcome to PlayStation.

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Thing is you'll never have quality high budget games on mobile like you do with console exclusives. Power means nothing without the right software support.

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Someone bookmark this page and we'll see how wrong they are come 2020.

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I get what you're saying but we need competition. Nintendo Switch didn't impress and Xbox isn't doing great. I at least hope Scorpio impresses and Microsoft can get some good games in the making so they can turn things around.

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"was that a smart business decision and luck?"

Ask Nintendo.

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"Reggie: Nintendo's History Is To Make Smart Choices and Get Lucky, We'll Do It Again with Switch"

What a cocky thing to say. Glad I want be supporting their trash console.

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Bring back Age of Empires!

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"This whole generation has been about graphics and personally, I'm tired of all of it."

Well graphics are part of a natural evolution in games. It should evolve just as gameplay should. You don't need one or the other when you can have both.

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Sounds good but please make a new Age of Empires game next!

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I'm so tired of hearing this. How about both?

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Agreed. This is nothing more than a pipe dream. As much as I wish this was true it's almost certainly not happening.

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This console is a joke. Get with the times Nintendo.

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"Wow, then Switch's reveal and PS shutting down a whole studio must be detramental right?"

Sony shut down Evolution after the past few titles failed to impress. Microsoft cancelled a game before it even had a chance.

Nintendo Switch hype will die after a year or so and it will become a slightly more popular WiiU.

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"It's his opinion! Why are you bothered by it"

Where did he say in his opinion? Looks to me like he's making a statement not an opinion.

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"Cause just maybe its the console he prefers and if its the console he prefers their no need for him to even care for any other platforms no matter the thoughts or opinions of others"

Yet he made sure to let everyone knows Xbox is the best. Smh.

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How's it the best if you don't mind me asking?

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"You're always so quick to disparage any positive Xbox announcement. How do you know the full extent of the changes? Oh right, you don't...but a lack of insight has never stopped you before so I'm not surprised at your reaction."

I'm talking about the quick menu layout which Mike Ybarra showed off during a live stream. So yes we know what the new quick menu looks like.

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New UI is coming to preview members this week

It's the same design with a different layout not necessarily a new UI.

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