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"They're both good product, but the forced bundle is something I really dislike."

I have to agree. Having to buy both is kinda crazy. #2
Ye it did. Black Ops 3 is the best CoD I've played. The multiplayer is great and it has a ton of content. #1

Input lag is how fast the controller responds to the image seen on your TV. The most important factor aside from motion blur.

I had the Vizio M series also and its 18.5 not 15.4. The Vizio M series has a great response time but the motion is bad. So if you care less about how good the game looks in action and more about low input lag it's a great choice.

The Samsung ju7500 is the best gaming TV available due to very low input lag... #8.1.2
"We’ve had a really good uptake. We’re not sharing numbers today, but we’re very very happy with the numbers. The interest in the HoloLens since we announced it on January 21st of this year has been — I mean, the phone doesn’t stop ringing."

That's great to hear but how about give us the numbers? Until then I don't believe it. #2
OLED isn't better than LED for gaming until they improve the lag. It's between 40 and 50ms at the moment. Everything else about OLED TVs are amazing though will help you out a lot. Right now the Samsung JU7500 is the best gaming TV out there. #8.1
I'd love to have an OLED TV but until they improve the lag it's a no for me. Guess I'll wait a few more years. Maybe they'll improve by then. The only downsides are brightness and lag currently. #2.1
The sure wasn't quite last generation. They was always bragging. Aaron Greenburg was at it non stop. #2
"Quantum Break’s Cinematics Are “F***ing Stunning;” Game Is “Gorgeous” According to Remedy’s PR Head"

PR Head says their game looks stunning? Did we expect him to say different? Anyhow I do agree from what I've seen it looks good. #5
I like Black Flag best followed by Assassins Creed 2. I really like the pirate setting. #1.4
I doubt dropping to 900p would be enough to achieve an extra 30fps. #1.1
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Yea it want go away and you can't do anything about it. If these sites want to advertise they need to get these stupid banners in order. I can't count how many sites I've visited and can't get past a banner. #1.1
The best thing would be not to even use Ghost in the name anymore. That's a start. #1.1
I wouldn't say bombed but it didn't do well. #1.3.4
"Yeah, I'm not gonna click on a Eurogamer link - man's gotta have standards... and I KNOW The 360 controller isn't as responsive as my Elite."

You want a NX Gamer link? It's not just Digital Foundy. Also Digital Foundry shows the delay on video if that isn't proof enough I don't know what is. #1.1.4
Leave it to Microsoft to take Tomb Raider a game with a huge Playstation fanbase including double the amount of potential consumers and make it timed exclusive to Xbox One then release it on the same day as Fallout 4. That's just bad all around. #1.1
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"Just Cause 3 also makes use of the Xbox One controller’s impulse triggers"

Just curious does it take advantage of the touch pad or speaker on the Dualshock 4? #1.2
True but obviously remastered games look and play much better and some people like that including myself. #1


"The XO's version's controls are great"

Heres the quote and the link below.

"In fact, Rise of the Tomb Raider feels significantly more responsive here on Xbox 360. Pulling off headshots and manipulating the camera is a joy and the entire game feels more satisfying to play."

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I think they did a good job on the 360 version. The controls are also more responsive on 360. I don't like the feel of the controls on Xbox One. They feel to weighty as Digital Foundry and NX Gamer stated. #1.1
"bo3 is in all system compare to halo 5 plus had support from sony"

Halo 5 sold 1.46 million the first week on Xbox One while Black Ops 3 sold 3.7 million on PS4. It also outsold Halo 5 on Xbox One by around 700k. #4.1.4
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