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Great review!

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I can tell that English is not one of your strong suits...

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I don't care how they do it, I just want them to step their game up. I just re-upped my subscription to PS Plus for a year on Black Friday because Sony has brought their A-Game with PS Plus. Microsoft has to do better with this promo if they want to compete.

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Yep. Once the promo period expires, the games aren't available to download anymore.

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Asymmetrical analog stick placement places the two most important inputs for 3D games (the analog stick and face buttons) directly under your thumbs. Symmetrical placement gets only one of those right (the face buttons).

Which was the point...

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If this app had been $10 up front with optional IAP, I would've been okay with it. As I've paid into other games/apps in a similar fashion, I would've supported it. As it is right now, I won't.

Some people chalk that up to entitlement. BS. I know I'm not entitled to anything, but that doesn't mean I have to like what I do get, even if it is "free".

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That's what it seems like. But I wouldn't (and wouldn't want to) count Japanese developers out just yet.

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Well said buddy.

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Nope. My experience comes from the iOS and generic Android versions. If it runs well on the Xperia Play, that's great, but I wrote my review for the majority, who will undoubtedly play this in much larger numbers across iOS and Android devices that aren't the Xperia Play.

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Interesting, seeing as I still had control over my account and I was in the room with my 360 as the hack actually took place.

Don't try to tell me something about my experiences without having some form of incontrovertible proof to back up your ludicrous claims.

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@Hicken - And that extra year GT5 had in development time couldn't have been used to fine tune its physics after Forza 3's release?

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Meh, I'd be surprised if Forza 4 wasn't the most realistic console racing game out there when it releases. While I think GT5's physics were slightly better than Forza 3's (purely on driving, the crash physics were terribly off in GT5), Forza 3 was damn close. With all of the improvements that have been made to Forza 4, Turn 10 will have to mess up pretty badly not to be better than GT5.

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Boy do you have me wrong.

Read this (or...hell, just about anything else on that site) to see how far from being a Sony fanboy. I just call things like I see them.

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So you have no comment as to whether or not I'm actually right?

Maybe you should read the article first...;)

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