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this news is BEYOND disappointing #42
I know that feel. I've been dying for a VF6 for so long now! #4.1
It's my favorite word. :D #4.1
Yeah, it could be a risky move. Worst case scenario (hypothetically, of course) would be if their next game bombs on the market, thus having their studio fold if the initial investment was too high. I don't wish this for any independent developer, but it IS possible. Regardless, I tip my hat to Playdead studios for seeking both creative and financial freedom. #3.1
That's exactly what I've been wondering too. #4.1
Seriously, it's like Capcom is doing everything in their power to fuck up the DMC franchise. #4.1
Who the hell approved this story? The link doesn't direct to the story, but to the thumbnail of Ted Price. No quality control?

Whatever, besides that I am disappointed to see Insomniac go multi-platform. This generation is all kinds of effed up. >__> #5
Oh-mah-gawd! Are you serious!? The sky is blue?

All kidding aside, I am just glad BF3 is coming out this year. One of the most anticipated titles for this upcoming fall season. :D #2.1
I'd feel sorry for the girl #6.1
John Rambo agrees: #5.1
You speak the truth, J-Killer. I just wish Capcom will stop being fucknuggets and remake RE2&3 just like did for the RE remake. #2.1.1
Wow, I've never pieced together that connection between the two franchises. Very perceptive. +bub #7.2
Wow, I never really noticed that until you pointed that out. Kudos. #2.1
Same here, buddy. I've been begging for ZOE3 since 2006. It's killing me. #4.1
It's funny because Dead Aim is horrible. #4.3
That's exactly what I was thinking. It's a bit of an oxymoron, no? #4.1
wtf??!! lmfao >,< #2.1.1
That my favorite line in the whole video: "I know."

U3 is gonna be nothing short of amazing. In ND I trust. :) #10.1
It's quite convenient then that LeeRoyJenkins's avatar is of a stinking pile of poo hovering over poopstains's avatar; which says a lot about one's competence. #3.1.1
Either you're really dumb or really funny. I'll decide soon... #7.1
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